Sunday, December 13, 2009

Walgreen's Shopping 12/13/09

Back from my Walgreen's shopping for this week. I did spend some time on the list...looking through the ads and reading blogs. I printed out some coupons, used some Walgreen's coupons and the $9 in Register Rewards (RR) I had from shopping with Steve the other day.

I bought:

3 cans of Hunt's tomato sauce using Walgreens coupon to get them 3 for $1. I then used a manufacturers coupon for $1 off 3. (free)

2 Boxes of Jello, used Walgreens coupon to get them for .39 each. I then used a manufacturer coupon for .50 off 2 (.14 each)

3 pairs of Ravinia knee high pantyhose with Walgreens coupon making them 3 for $1.

Pantene 24.5 oz shampoo and conditioner in one...on sale for $5.99, I used $2 manufacturers coupon from vocal point. I got $2 in RR's for buying it.

Bag of Walgreens peppermint patties, not on sale... .99 ( I had intended on using the 2 for $1 Walgreens coupon for 4 cans of Campbell's Gravy and then using $1/4 coupon but my store doesn't sell it, so I had to replace the $1 with something else to use al 3 of my RR's in the end)

Ziploc 25 count storage bags, $1.99 with Walgreen's coupon

72 package of paper plates, .99 with Walgreen's coupon

In total I saved $6.46 with Walgreen's coupons, $3.50 manufacturers coupons and used $9 in RR's. I paid out of pocket $1.14!! .90 of that was sales tax. I have the $2 RR to mess with next week.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Don't Miss It!!

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Please visit CMMS Exclusive 2009 Black Friday Sales to see all the specials. I am there with both my own website Gifts Galore and More and Jerky Direct!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I am Still Alive

I was doing so well with my blog...posting daily for the most part. Yes, it was mostly boring stuff about my plans for that day and that type of stuff, but at least I was posting.

I'm just stopping in today to say that I am going to try to get back to posting daily!

It's been kind of crazy around here with so many things to do, so many places to go etc. I am still working on quilts for Christmas. Right now I am in the process of cleaning to get ready for out of town company coming in for Thanksgiving.

Once Thanksgiving is over I want to get out my gift tote and start going through to see what I have for who and get presents wrapped.

I want to change my blog up to include a freebie link each day as well as include my coupon shopping trips and things like that. I want to make it interesting.

If you have any tips for me, please leave me a comment. Thanks!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Grocery Shopping 10/28/09--Savings 72%, Spent $15.26

I only had a little to spend, in fact, I came so close to what I had that I came home with .26 left in my pocket!

The store (Kroger) is having the special of when you buy 10 of the certain products you get an additional $5 off your grocery bill. I did this twice today (plus bought 1 1/2 gallons of milk)

I used coupons on every item (except the milk) I am going to list the sale price, then the price minus the .50 for the bonus, and then the price after coupons. My store doubles coupon up to $1 in value, meaning a .50 coupon is $1 off, coupons over that are taken up to the $1.

4-Brown N' Serve sausage, on sale for $1.39 making them .89 each, I used 4-.35 coupons making them just .19 each!

2-Tombstone Pizzas, on sale $2.99 each, making them $2.49 each. I used $1.50/2 coupon making them $1.74 each. And, I have 2 of the 17 UPC's I need for the Help Pay Your Bills mail in offer.

4-Chex Mix at $2.19 each, 1.69 after discount. I used 4-.50 coupons making them .69 each bag.

3-Keebler cookies on sale for $1.49 each, .99 after discount. I used 1 coupon for $2/2 packages and 1 .55 off one. Making them just .49 each!!

4-Sunny Delight, on sale for $1.49 making them .99 after discount. I used 4-.25 coupons making them just .49 each! (we need the vitamin c right now!)

3-Betty Crocker boxed potatoes on sale for $1.49, making them .99 after discount. I used 1- .40 coupon and 2-.25 coupons, making them .19 and .49 each!

Milk is not on sale and has risen some in price. Gallons now are $2.69 and half gallons are $1.79

I saved $15.10 with coupons, plus the additional $10 off for buying the 20 products.

My receipt shows that I saved $12.76 on sale prices for a total of 72% saved :)

I am very happy with today's shopping!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Walgreens Shopping 10/18/09

This shopping with sales and coupons and trying to get the best deals is, like someone else on gather stated, a full time job.

I spent about 2 hours going over the ad, looking through coupons, reading other's blogs about the deals.....and trying again and again to find the best way to get the best deals. I was reading ways to do it in one gals each transaction she only paid pennies plus tax. However, she was buying items I really had no use for, and apparently had many multiples of coupons, which I don't.

Anyway, I did 3 transactions today. The photo I've done with each transaction items in one group.

First Transaction:

I used my food stamps and bought 2 bags of m&m's on sale 2 for $5 and rec'd a $1 Register Reward (RR). I also bought 2 packages of Trident Layers gum on sale for 2 for $2, used 2-.75 coupons and got $1 RR.

I paid .11 tax and used $5.50 in my food stamps.

Second Transaction:

1-Fusion MVP razor at $8.99, used $4 coupon and got back $6 RR

2-Oral B Cross Action toothbrushes on sale 2 for $6, used 1-.75 coupon, and got back $3 in RR

2 pairs of stretch gloves, used Walgreens coupon to get them 2 for $3

Walgreen 22 ct pantyliners, used Walgreens coupon to get them for .79

1 Aleve 75 ct bonus box, on sale for $4.99, used $1 coupon

2-Sure Deoderants, on sale with Walgreens coupon $1.50 each, used one $1 coupon and 1 $1.50 coupon

1 Halls Refresh on sale for $1, used .50 coupon and got back $1 RR

I also used $7 in RR's I had from last week and the $2 in RR's I got from the first transaction.

I paid $10.98, of which $10 of it was my $10 gift card I earned from

Third Transaction:

Quilted Northern 9 roll pack on sale for $3.99, used $1 coupon

2-Glade Tin refill packs on sale 2 for $5, used $2 coupon and got $1 RR

3-8 1/2 x 11 bubble mailers on sale 3 for $1 with Walgreens coupon

Bic Comfort razors 4 pack, $3.99, used $2 coupon got back $1 in RR

2-Pert Plus shampoos, on sale 2 for $5, used 2-$1 coupons and got $2 in RR

I then used the $10 in RR's I had gotten in the 2nd transaction.

I paid $3.34 and I have the $4 in RR's to use next time around.

In all: I paid a total of $5.50 in food stamps and $14.43 in cash or $19.93 ($9.93 if you subtract the gift card that I used) I saved $16.25 with manufacturer coupons, $7.16 with Walgreens coupons and $20 with register rewards for a total savings on $43.41 not including sale prices.

I would have been happier to have spent less, of course, but all in all I think I got a LOT of stuff for less then $20. There were just some things that we needed this week like the Aleve, the toilet paper, the pantyliners, deoderant, and the gloves (Jasmine and I neither one had gloves for this winter) (some of the items, toothbrushes, men's deoderant, and all the razors are added to my gift tote)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mail Call! Week of October 11

I feel like I had an exceptional week this week, and sure would take this kind of week each week!

I rec'd:

magazines: Elle, Seventeen, soap opera digest and Ladies Home Journal

$10 McDonalds card from videosquares

$10 McDonalds card from gsn

$10 Walgreen card from mypoints

Kashi coupons from vocalpoints

EmergenC samples

Burt's Bees acne sample

letter from my doctor saying my mammogram shows no sign of cancer

Not free I rec'd:

My Jerky Direct autoship

Blockbuster movie Mama Mia

In my email:

$25 paypal from gather

$1.42 paypal from cloudcrowd

If you are not a member of videosquares and would like to join, please contact me, I will gladly send you an invite. It's a lot of fun games and you earn points to cash in for all kinds of prized and/or gift cards. It's free to join!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday October 17, 2009-freebie link included

oh my my my! It's been over 2 weeks since I've written my blog!
Life's been pretty crazy away from home with extra doctor appointments and such...and I am fervently working on completing these quilts for Christmas on top of that.
As far as the doctor appointments for doctor tells me that all my bloodwork, x-rays and lab show everything is normal with me. My mammogram showed no signs of cancer.

My youngest daughter also celebrated her 13th birthday in my absence from here. She is officially a teenager now and she had one awesome birthday!!

I've been trying to rethink how I want to do my blog to make it more interesting for my readers. One way is to list at least one freebie each time I post.
Today's freebie is Brunswick free bowling passes to print out. These can be handed out on Halloween night as an extra treat, or used for yourself. I printed out a few pages of them to add to my candy I am handing out. Brunswick Happy Halloween Free Bowling Passes There are 6 passes per page you print.

I made Giant Squid on squidoo!!! I also graduated Rocketmoms as well. I have been doing a lot of updating over at squidoo, but have a lot more to get done. It's been so much fun being part of the Rocketmom's and I look forward to this next session to start. Keeps the creative juices flowing, so to speak.

I'm still working away at gather too. I just got in another $25 in paypal!! I'm heading out the door to the Goodwill store and Wal-mart for final quilting supplies to finish the quilts.

For now, I will close, but I will try my best to post a little something each day again. Need to get back into my habits here.

Have a great Saturday, and if it's too cold where you are, stay warm!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday September 28

Good Morning!
I used to do so well, typing into my blog it's only 2 or 3 times a week...
I've just become so busy these days!

Yesterday was a FULL day. We went to church...after church I got m Walgreens lists and coupons ready to go and then went shopping. Once home we ate some ham and beans....then we headed to my mom's for her birthday cake and ice cream. Right after that we were off to church for youth group meeting. Whew! Run, run, run, and run some more.

This morning started early running my son a few places. Right now I need to be upstairs getting Jasmine up. I really want to get going on her schoolwork for the day and get that done.

I just updated my Our Unschooling Journey 4 squidoo lens. I think I would like to continue these lenses, but we aren't really unschooling so I am thinking on a name change. It's nice for me to keep a running journal of the work that is being done.

I got in my Mail Call! Week of September 20 and my Walgreen's Shopping 9/27/09 posts on gather. I've still been putting in 3 photos a day from the Kansas State Fair. I hope to get in a photo essay today along with 3 more photos, my usual daily post for my group, and a video.

We are to have a yard sale this next Saturday. According to the forecast, as of right now they aren't calling for any rain that day but the high is 64. I will keep watching it. In the meantime I have a box of clothes yet to price...a bag of misc. to price, and 2 small boxes of books to get priced. I do hope the weather holds up and that I can make a few dollars.

I better run and get Jasmine up and her day started. Have a great Monday.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday September 23

Good Morning!
I got up early due to my son calling and needing to get in for his jacket and clean clothes, but that was ok. It means I've gotten some things done.

I've worked on a lot of commenting in gather. My latest post (other than my daily one) is Putting In A Sidewalk--Photo EssayI can make my goal today too of another $25 paypal redemption!

I haven't looked to see what this weeks Rocketmom's assignment is for squidoo, I need to do that today. Yesterday I updated Blankets For Christmas with another finished quilt.

I've spent 2 hours sewing on another quilt today. Including the one I am working on I have 4 more to make to make my goal of one for all my children and grandchildren for Christmas. Think I can get them done by then?

Bowling was fun last night. We won't know if we won or lost since the opposing team has to make up the games.
Tonight is choir practice for Jasmine. I'm not going to forget to take her this week!! I am working on making placemats, coasters and hotpads for our new table. I will work on those while she practices.

No other real plans for the day :) I like it!
Have a great Wednesday,

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday September 21

Good Morning...almost afternoon here.
I woke up this morning to a thunderstorm. Two days in a row now. And, guess who 2 nights in a row didn't roll up the windows on her car.

Yesterday was such a busy day. After church we had a luncheon, then I had to go to a church council meeting on the constitution. Almost 2 hours that meeting lasted. The constitution is an interesting piece but I was frustrated!

I came home and got my list and coupons ready and did my Walgreen's Shopping 9/20/09
It just seemed a whirlwind yesterday of running here and there.

I am in hopes of staying home today....all day! I've been piddling around getting some things done on the computer and some things done around the house, and doing schoolwork with Jasmine. Good ol Monday.

Yesterday Steve was playing with the cat and ran into a chair leg. Half of his foot is black and blue. Safe to say he broke his toe. I've been wondering how he is doing at work today unloading and loading his truck all day into stores. I am also wondering how it will be for bowling tomorrow night. I think he should go see a doctor, although they don't do much for broken toes.

I'm trying to get back to updating or building one squidoo lens each day. Today I updated Forever by Judy Blume--a Book Review.
I've applied for giant squid again...I am hopes that with the help of being accepted into the Rocketmoms training I will be accepted this time around. Will the 3rd time be a charm?

I am doing a yard sale in less than 2 weeks and don't even have one tote of things priced yet. I need to get to work on that. I will also take the crafts that I have made to try to sell. I hope it goes well as I need to make some money so I can start shopping the thrift stores for quilting supplies.

Guess I better run for this day. Here's to a great start to your week!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday September 19

Good Morning!
I am not past my disappointment and all about the refund, but all I can do for now is move on and pray it works out and I still get it.

Time to share what I've shared on gather since last posted here as well as things I've done on squidoo.

I just finished updating Our Unschooling Journey 4
I added another blanket done on my Blankets for Christmas lens.
This week's assignment with Rocketmoms was to build a lens around Travel the World with the Rocketmoms. I built mine on Dillon's Nature Center--Hutchinson, KS

Flower Photo Essay--Last One This Season
Two More Blankets/Quilts Complete
We Got a New Kitchen Table
and 36 Odd Things About Me
I'm also sharing 3 photos a day taken at the state fair in an album Kansas State Fair 2009

In other news...I survived the week. I'm feeling really tired but I made it. My son is still staying with us. We are working on getting the swimming pool emptied and taken down for the season. We got in trouble with the city for emptying it onto the street. They say it's human contamination and against the law. It had to be emptied into a sewer, and that didn't mean the grates in the street either.
I got my middle daughter to the dentist for her partial impression, now we wait for them to call and say they are done.
Tomorrow is the first day of Sunday school at church so I am keeping all the grandkids overnight tonight. I actually look forward to it....just hope I can get to sleep at a decent time.

I think that's it for now. Have yourself an awesome Saturday.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday September 18

Good Morning...although so far it's not.
I had to start out early running....then the mail comes and I get a card from the Kraft $20 rebate saying I didn't submit proof of purchases from 20 valid items frm the offer. It doesn't tell me what I am missing though, or how many. It says I can resubmit by Oct 2 with what I need. It gives me a toll-free number but it's not valid.
So...I'm on the phone with Nabisco and this gal can't tell me anything...or give me a valid toll free number to call. Yes, I am upset...I NEED that $20!! I didn't buy all those Oreo Cakesters, etc, Capri Sun pouches, etc because I wanted them. I bought them to get the $20 rebate.

Anyone have any idea what I would have done wrong?? The post card just states that I did not include proof of purchase of at least 20 valid Kraft products. It tells me to submit the missing/valid items by Oct. 2 to the address on the top of card, and include the card with my submission. However, how can I do that if I don't know what was missing. It gives me a toll free number to call for questions but the number tells me it's not valid.

I called a toll free number from the website of the offer. This gal is telling me that I needed to send in the UPC's. I read her what the offer form says which is Send: original, store-identified cash register receipts dates between 7/1/09 and 12/31/09 with dates and prices of all 20 items from the participating products circled. She then read that too online and told me she didn't know what to say then. All she can do it forward it with my phone number to the promotions department and they will call me within 7 to 10 business days.

If they make it the 10 business days that will put me past the Oct. 2 deadline so either way I am screwed.

I had taken all the UPC's off the products, but then read the form and didn't mail them in with the cash tape. The really sad part is, if that is what is missing, I cleaned my desk off a few days ago, throwing away the UPC's...and the trash has already been taken.

If anyone has any advice, please let me know. I really was counting on getting that $20...and as I said, I need it!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Did You Think I Got Lost?

Good Morning! I can't believe it's been over a week since I blogged, but it's been so busy.

Steve was on vacation last week. Even though we really didn't go anywhere, we still stayed plenty busy..
On labor day I started and almost completed a quilt. All I had left was the tieing, which I am working on now.

Steve and my son, Johnathon put in a sidewalk beside the garage during the week. I haven't gotten to posting the photos or videos on gather yet.

The Kansas State fair started Friday, the 11th. We spent ALL day Friday there, and a lot of the day Saturday. My legs ache!! I am going back today with my granddaughters to walk around with Araya's Headstart class. Then, my daughter, Jasmine, will spend her $13 riding rides since it's $1 day.

As far as Squidoo: I updated this morning Our Unschooling Journey 4
I updated Gather--The BEST in Social Networking
And, this weeks Rocketmom's assignment was a fall recipe lens, so I chose to make one on Meatball Subs

In gather I shared my every day featured posts for my own group as well as:
Walgreens Shopping 9/6/09
Happy Labor Day Friends :)
Laboring On Labor Day
Araya's 4th Birthday Photos--August 29, 2009
Mail Call! Week of September 2
Walgreens Shopping 9/13/09
You can see that I love to stay busy on gather. I got my last $25 paypal redemption in Sept 11, and have a goal to cash out again by the 25th.

Guess I will move on for the day before it's time for me to leave...time flies by!
Have a great Monday,

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Winner of Contest Announced and Other News

Good Morning!
First of all, the winner on my contest and a bag of Beef Jerky is Bonnie.
Thanks to those of you that entered.

In other news, I've been busy on both squidoo and gather!
Here are the squidoo lenses that I have built, or updated this past week:
Living the 80's
Our Unschooling Journey 4
Nickel and Dimed Book Review
My First Quilt

Here are the gather posts I've done:
Sewing Club August 09
Mail Call! Week of August 23
Walgreens Shopping 8/30/09
Ariel's 5th Birthday Party at the Waterpark 8/13/09--Photos
Willo's 2nd Birthday 8/15/09--Photos
August 2009 Earning Stats
Second Quilt is Done--KU Quilt

I told you I've been busy!! Gather I also shared photos and videos too. I am just a little over 100 pts away from another $25 cash out. I have lots more to share too.

Today is my mom's payday so computer time is limited, but I'm hoping for pretty much a full Friday to be online.

Thanks to those of you who take the time to read my blog.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Contest! Win a Bag of Jerky Direct Jerky

I'm holding a contest. The prize will be one bag of Jerky Direct Original Beef Jerky!

How to enter:

1. Get one entry by leaving a comment here, including your contact email.
2. Visit my Jerky Direct Business Opportunity squidoo lens and leaving a comment there.
3. Twitter this contest and leave another comment here on the blog, letting me know you have done so.

Contest will run from today 8/27/09 until 9/2/09. Winner will be drawn from all entries. Winner will have 3 days to reply. If not, another winner will be drawn.
Sorry, but contest is only open to residents of the United States.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday August 26

Good Morning, almost afternoon.
Bowling was a blast last night as usual. We lost 3 out of 4 though.
A huge huge storm decided to roll in just before we were done bowling. That was scary for me driving home as the lightening seemed to be coming straight down in front of us. I didn't roll up the windows on my car before we left either.

I stopped at a Redbox yesterday and rented Hannah Montana The other words I spent most of my morning watching it before Jasmine got up because she can't stand Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus.

We are in the middle of doing schoolwork right now as we wait for Steve to take a break from work and take us out to Arby's for lunch. Today is a free beef n cheddar when you buy soda. I guess he is ready for us to meet him there.

I'm in hopes of getting a lot of things done on gather today...already put in 3 posts. I was just barely on the computer yesterday at all...I didn't get a squidoo lens made, but our next Rocket Mom's assignment is up.

Off I go.....have an awesome day,

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday August 24

Good Morning!
It's the first day of public school here. I guess my daughter got my grandson off to school without a hitch. Ariel doesn't start kindergarten until Wednesday...and Araya doesn't start headstart until next Monday.
Jasmine isn't up and around that I know of. She needs to be as Steve's sister is off work today and she already doesn't approve of the homeschooling. Plus, I look forward to the time each day that I sit and do schoolwork with Jasmine.

I've spent the morning unloading my car slowly and getting books and movies unpacked, washed up and put on the shelves.

I updated Our Unschooling Journey 4 yesterday.
I also did several posts on gather yesterday... Walgreens Shopping 8/23 and Mail call! Week of August 16 I also put in another video from our trip to the Dillon's Nature Center. I earned 132 pts on gather between yesterday morning and this morning! I would so have it made if I could earn that much daily.

I have to take my son to court this afternoon. His ex girlfriend put a restraining order against him. Oh boy! Like he would ever bother her, or has he since he moved out. She made it at work too so she ended up getting her hours cut way back since they couldn't work at the same time. My son's been there for years, she should have known that her hours would get cut and not hers. I pray she just chooses to cancel it today when they go to court.

Tomorrow will be busy, so I doubt I will get a blog written. The morning starts out with Jasmine having a dentist appt. It's our first night of bowling league so I will need to have supper all figured out. My mom will have her usual Tuesday afternoon dr. appt.

Until next time...take care and be happy,

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday August 23

Good Morning.
Yes, it's been a few days since I've blogged yet again. It's been a busy week with me mostly working on that quilt, but also moving more stuff out of my mom's house.

I just got done shopping at Walgreens where I used $14 in register rewards and paid just $4.09 for all my purchases, so I'm pretty happy with that. I also went to Dillon's and used coupons on Bic pens. I got 4-10 packs for just .14 tax!! Now, what we will do with 40 pens I don't know. We surely can always find one LOL What I should do is find some cute notepad craft to make.

I won a 3 month club Pogo membership at so that's been taking time away from what I should be getting done online too. The games that I really like are all in club pogo, and I enjoy going for the different badges.

I mailed off for the $20 Nabisco refund and just put the $10 Kellogg's refund in the mailbox for the mailman to pick up in the morning. I should have a $3.99 refund coming any day from the Goody Ouchless headband. So, there will be a bit of money coming in from those.

The weather is still unseasonably cool here, with highs only in the low 80's. It's really sad as we are not getting the use we should be out of the swimming pool.

Bowling starts Tuesday...I can't wait! For one thing I love to bowl and for another it's something Steve and I do together.

I will close for now, just wanted you catch those of you that keep up with me on what's going on.

Have a very blessed Sunday,

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday August 20

Good afternoon.
I didn't get to post a blog yesterday, I just got so busy I wasn't hardly even on the computer.
Our refrigerator and deep freeze were delivered in the morning. That prompted me to want to go shopping to fill them. I had my Walgreens list ready. Then we went to Dillon's and then to Aldis where I bought the most. Once home I started putting things together for the deep freeze which took most of the afternoon.
I chose to make ham and scalloped potatoes for supper last night, which takes at least 45 minutes to just put together.

I did get a squidoo lens built yesterday. It was to be my first one for Rocket Moms and it's called Blankets For Christmas (another work in progress as I get blankets done) However, after I built it I read on the website that we have an assigned lens, which this week is Our favorite childhood toy. I didn't know we had assignments, and to graduate as a Rocket Mom we must complete each weeks assignment. I'm going to start working on that lens at some point today.

I didn't get much done on gather yesterday for sure!

Today I started the day off doing laundry and working on my 2nd quilt. I had a problem with my sewing machine which put a delay on how much sewing I got done. I'm also getting serious today about schoolwork with Jasmine. She wants to unschool, but I can't just allow her to do whatever she wants all day, educational or not. I have a problem with that...(even though I am making the unschooling journey lenses)

I will have to take my mom to the dr. this afternoon...that time will sneak up on my quick. I'm doing easy supper tonight...spaghetti!

Have a good day,

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday August 18

Good afternoon from a still rainy Kansas.
I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday. I soon realized I skipped Tuesday.
We have our bowling league meeting this evening and then next Tuesday we get to start bowling. I can't wait!

I worked on that other quilt this morning and will have to each day Tuesday through Friday....can't work on it when the gift recipient is home. I have a new squidoo lens in mind...Blankets for Christmas. Speaking of squidoo, I updated my Crafts as Gifts lens this morning. I will be hopefully building a new lens tomorrow, the first of the 8 I will be doing during the 8 weeks of Rocket Moms.

Yesterday Walgreen's photo special was 25 prints for .25. I did that special...I plan on getting more and more photos done, buying an album and that being Christmas for my mother. She used to take tons of photos but hasn't now for years. I cashed out some of my coke rewards points for a $5 Walgreens photo card.
Today's Walgreens special in photos is a free poster using the code FREEPOSTER. I ordered a copy of the 5 Kittens In A Row . I plan on giving that to my 18 yr. old for Christmas.
For now I am out of paypal so I won't be able to take advantage of Walgreen's other photo specials this week. My store doesn't offer pick up for online orders so I have to pay shipping.

I think that's all for my news today.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday August 17

Good Morning from rainy and stormy Kansas.

It's been a really good weekend. Saturday was good all the way around. Sunday was great too...we went to church, once home we just pretty much hung out around the house doing whatever we felt like. I like Sunday's like that. In the evening we had my son, his girlfriend and her kids over to swim and bbq. Right after that we headed to Sears for friends and family night. We had to stand in line 2 hours to get checked out but our fridge and deep freeze are ordered and will be delivered on Wednesday :) After that, even though it was late I went to my mom's and packed up the rest of out books.

This morning I updated Our Unschooling Journey 4....a couple days late but it's done. I also finished My First Quilt this morning and updated that lens as well. I'm excited that it's done and I can move on to making the next one.

I have LOTS of stuff to get shared on gather. I did cash out for another $25 paypal at gather yesterday.

Today is my son's payday but I shouldn't have to take him around this time. It's also my middle daughters boyfriend payday too. I'm sure I will have to take them a few places later this afternoon.
I'm planning on making ham and scalloped potatoes for supper...and speaking of that I need to get the ham out of the freezer. Off I go to see what else I can accomplish this day.

Have a good start to your week,

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday August 15

What happened?? I have not found the time to post for just over a week now. It's been such a busy, crazy, hectic week!!

My mom had extra dr. appts, Avon to deliver etc. My son left his girlfriend so I had to go help him get his stuff. Ariel turned 5. Willo is 2 today.
Heather got into the dentist again. We bowled again on Sunday. I had my grandson come stay over a couple of nights. We tried to stay up and watch the meteor shower. My daughter, Heather, has been over a lot. I had sewing club at church.
I'm just hoping that I get to stay home today!! Ok, I know I don't as my 12 yr old, Jasmine, is begging to go to the store for blueberry Pop Tarts. If I go to the store then I will want to shop. Yesterday I shopped just for the items on the Nabisco $20 rebate.

I have tried to keep busy with both squidoo and gather.
I was invited to join Rocketmoms at squidoo, so I'm excited about that. Otherwise.... I got the Our Unschooling Journey 4 lens started. I updated My First Quilt lens. I updated Our Unschooling Journey 2 lens, I updated the Dora the Explorer lens, Gather--The Best in Social Networking to add the latest I've gotten. Whew! I did more than I thought!

On gather I added 3 videos this week....I put in 5 photos, including my new icon I posted 14 posts this past week including Raving About Covergirl Outlast Lipstain! Mail Call! Week of August 2
Ritz Crackerfuls Review

So, I was busy off the computer, but also on the computer, just didn't get the blog written due to a lot of the things had me leaving in the AM when I usually post it.

I am off for now, and hopefully it won't be another week before I get a chance to blog again :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday August 7

Good Morning!
I've already been out and taken my son's girlfriend to court...home and got myself all ready for the day....and all of today's designated housework is complete! That means that pretty much the rest of the day is mine to accomplish whatever else I see fit.

I just posted on gather My Daughter and Her Boyfriend Got Their Laptops Stolen! The full story is there, but I guess it was pretty wild.
Yesterday I got one of the book review lenses done on squidoo too. Forever By Judy Blume Book Review

I didn't have to take anyone anywhere again yesterday so it was a productive day. We got all of Jasmine's stuff that is moved over here so far up into the bedroom upstairs. I did all of my online stuff. I fixed breakfast for supper which was really good.

Today I have to take Jasmine for shots this afternoon and we will eat out for supper tonight. I wonder where we will go tonight? It's supposed to get up to 101 today and tomorrow so looks like we should be able to get in swimming both days. I sure hope so. It's a good time spent in the I do exercises in there.

Off I go for the rest of the day. Here's hoping your weekend starts off great.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday August 6

Good Morning!
Yesterday was such a nice day. I actually got to spend a lot of family time over running everyone around.
This morning I've been booking along both on the computer and on the house. My daughter finally broke down and decided she would use the bedroom upstairs until her room down here is complete. We are working on getting her clothes and stuff taken up there. I'm so happy to get this futon mattress out of the middle of the living room floor down here. It also means more room in my closet so I can work on getting the rest of my clothes moved over here as well as the rest of her clothes.

I got both of the book reviews in on gather yesterday: Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich--Book Review and Forever by Judy Blume--Book ReviewI will get the squidoo lenses built on them when I can. The lenses take longer since I put more research into building them.

Clixsense, hits4pay and dealsncash have all been having lots of paid links lately. Please check out my banners at the bottom of my blog for banners on these programs.

I think all I might have to do today is take my mom to the dr. this afternoon. I will go to her house a bit early and see what else I can pack to move. It's a stormy day so far. I plan on making breakfast for supper tonight so one thing I need to get is my large griddle to cook on. I love breakfast foods any time of the day.

Guess I better get my daily post up on gather and then get back to taking Jasmine's clothes upstairs. We have a bookshelf that I also am in hopes of getting painted today.

Have a great Thursday,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday August 5

Good Morning!
Look at me actually posting 2 days in a row LOL

I got up early this morning and got the bedding to washing. We then went out for breakfast to a small cafe. That was really nice. Here in about an hour we are heading to Arby's for lunch. Today's special is buy your drink and get a free roast beef sandwich. I think we are planning on grilling chicken for supper. So much for that 8 lbs I had lost!

It was supposed to be 101 degrees today. I actually looked forward to a hot afternoon to get in the swimming pool. It's still in the 70's though with much cloud cover out there. Can't predict the weather!

I just updated My First Quilt squidoo lens. The next update will be once the quilt is finished!

I spent over an hour on the phone with Lexmark yesterday. I couldn't get my scanner to work since hooking it up to the laptop with Vista (ggrrrr). They took remote of my computer and got me all fixed up. I will be posting 2 book reviews to gather later today, I hope. Then when I have the time I will get those book reviews made into lenses on squidoo.

Off I go to get the bed remade before we head out for lunch. It's been a good day so far. I hope you all have a great one.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday August 4

Good Morning!
Sunday was a good family day. I went to church. Afterwards we got the nephews on their way home and I took my grandson back to my mom's. After all that we went shopping at Wal Mart and then went bowling. After bowling we went out to eat at Fazoli's It was a really great day.
Yesterday (Monday) was just an exhausting day. It was my mom's social security dy which always means about 4 hours of running her to places. However, it was also my son and his girlfriends payday and my middle daughter's boyfriends payday as well. I also always run them on their paydays too. It was a very full...very long...very hot day. To top off the payday running my middle daughter had a dentist appt and my mom a foot dr. appt. as well!

I was so tired last night that I fell into bed and went to sleep immediately! I even slept through all of the midnight alarms. I can't believe it, but I hope I got the rest I needed.

I've been busy with housework and computer this morning and feeling pretty productive.

No internet things to share today. I didn't post but 1 thing in 2 days on gather. I did do a quick update on Our Unschooling Journey 3 squidoo lens. This next Saturday it's time to start part 4. Later today Jasmine and I will be going through all the school books and such getting ready for this school year.

Back to work for me.
Have a great Tuesday.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday August 1

Good Morning!
It's been kind of a whirlwind week with the company here all week. They leave tomorrow afternoon.
I've thought about my blog then got busy with other things.

It's been harder to keep up with the housework with the extra 2 nephews here plus keeping my grandson for the week as well.
We've also been busy entertaining them...suppers...going to the Cosmosphere and the nature center.
We haven't been able to swim much this week due to rains and cooler weather. Sure is strange to only see highs in the 80's in July.
I've also had extra running over the usual with extra dr. appts this week. I'm tired!!

I was able to cash out a couple of days ago for another $25 paypal on gather. I've been able to share the rest of the Bible school videos on gather and now working on getting in all the videos I took at the Bible camp. I have lots of photos to share both individually and in photo essays. I should get on that.
I have been doing what I can each day at clixsense so will have a check from there this month.
I need to get all my paperwork in order for July to see just what I earned. It was a fairly good month though.

I stopped on my quilt for now since I'm not sure how exactly to pin it and stuff. I figure I am better off to wait until the 11th when we will have sewing club at church again and let those lady's show me how it's done. I should be working on cutting out squares for my next one but with such a busy week I've just not found the extra time.

I better stop boring you now, just wanted to get something written so you know what is up with me.

Have a good weekend,

Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday July 27

Good Afternoon. I don't know now noon crept up on my so fast, but it sure did.

I've been working on my fact, I updated My First Quilt lens on squidoo with an update and another photo. I'm anxious to get it done and start on my 2nd one.

My grandson will be over and most likely spend the whole rest of the week here. We have their nephews in town for the week. In fact, short and sweet blog post today as they are wanting to swim and need adult supervision outside.

Have a great Monday,

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday July 26

Good Morning :)
An early morning phone call woke me up and for some reason I decided to just stay up. I've vaccuumed all the carpets, worked on the computer, started laundry and sewn on my quilt and it's not even 9:30 am. I even walked and bought a Sunday paper.

I got my Mail Call! Week of July 19 in on gather this morning. I didn't get it in last night. We watched A Haunting in Connecticut (I pinned quilt squares while we watched), then we went to Wal-Mart and shopped until after 10 pm.

I updated Our Unschooling Journey 3 squidoo lens yesterday. Not a lot going on school wise in the summer but I can still think of things that she does that are on the educational side.

One more dish scrubbie and I am done with the one lady's order. I've still not rec'd her money order so I need to email her. Then I will start on my friends order. She says she is anxious for me to get them done for her.

The weather is cooler again. We had more rain yesterday. Looking at the 5 day forecast the highs are only in the 80's all week. Very strange for July. I can tell you who won't be in the pool this!

No other real news for today so I will end wishing you a very blessed Sunday :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday July 24

Good Morning.
Since I no longer work it's hard for me to say Thank God It's Friday. (I didn't use to work on Friday's)
Today's plans include taking my middle daughter to an appt at the health dept....taking my son to work this afternoon....eating out with Steve and his family this evening...then taking my son's girlfriend to work....and picking my son up from work shortly after that.
In between I will do a little housework...not much to do today other than clean inthe kitchen. I will be working on my dish scrubbie orders, and I want to work on my quilt to get all my squares pinned to sew tomorrow. I will, of course, be on the computer too.

I got a Bible School Photo Essay put in to gather yesterday. I did my last Investing for the Future post on gather yesterday and I woke up this morning with this feeling of what next. I've been in gather working in my friend feed and then working on post from my group. I'm a little less than 300 points away from my next $25 paypal cash out.
I also updated my Homeschooling lens on squidoo.
I worked on updating my homeschoolbuy auctions.
I even got more of my blujay auctions in rotation at reallysmartdeals.
So...I did do some actual work on this computer yesterday!!

I'm off for today. Here's to an awesome start to your weekend!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday July 23

Good Morning!
Whew! I've been busy this morning....mostly around the house getting little things done. I suppose I will have to pick my son's girlfriend up for work and pick him up when he's off. The only other thing I know of today away from home is to take my mom to her dr. appt.

I met my goal yesterday! I made it through all of my cards in my file box!!! I was fortunate that Steve was able to do most of the running yesterday since he wanted his Durango worked on.
It was also nice that my daughter brought all the grandkids over to swim. The water was still cold after the chilly rainy weather, but it was still fun.

I did some work last night on my quilt. I can't wait until I have the whole top together. I also worked on the dish scrubbies order. I am working on them while on here this morning too.

Yesterday I updated my Rich Kid Smart Kid squidoo lens. I put in another video on gather from Bible school. Today I posted my last Investing for the Future post on gather. I've posted the entire year now. I guess now I can get some of these other things in that are saved on my computer since I don't have those to type in daily now.

I joined a couple of fun sites yesterday...winspinwin and slots4cash. Just little time wasters that only take a few minutes each day to do both.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday July 22

Good Morning.
I didn't sleep in quite as late this morning. It's going to be a busy day. Soon I have to leave and get to the courthouse to transfer the tags on my car. I hope that goes ok since I am now insured with Steve and the title and tag both have me and my mom as the owners. This afternoon the kids are coming over to swim, plus I have to take my 18 yr old to the dentist. I don't think there are any plans for the evening other than picking my son up from work when he gets off.

Yesterday I got out my quilt and worked on it some more. I finally have my pattern figured out and a few more times of getting out the sewing machine and I will have the whole top sewn together. However, I need to concentrate of making the other 18 dish scrubbies I have yet to crochet for orders before I work on my own projects. Or, find the time to do both!

I didn't accomplish much online yesterday. I can't get my scanner to work and the way help tells me to get to it through Vista isn't working. ugh!!! I did get a video put into gather with my 2 posts. I am just under 500 pts away from cashing out for another $25 in paypal. I didn't get anything done on squidoo yesterday. My goal today is to make it through all the file cards in my box. That is the goal every day but with the craziness of moving and then running everyone around all day it's not been done for a long time.

I will quit for now and get busy on all my projects. Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday July 20

Good Afternoon!
I've already been on the run this morning. I took the laptop and wrote up my 2 book reviews though while I waited. I also got my Walgreens shopping done for the week.
Yesterday we went to Office Max. I got some good deals on school supplies and we took advantage of getting the reusable bag and then getting an additional 15% off our purchases using it. Steve got a new wireless router for here at the house and a flash drive with good discounts.

I did my update at Our Unschooling Journey 3 squidoo lens yesterday. I didn't get to it on Saturday. I also got my Mail Call! Week of July 12 post on gather yesterday. Usually a Saturday post, but Saturday turned in to a day that I had very little time online.

I still have more running around to do this afternoon but right now I am going to get some packages ready for the mail.

Have a great day!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday July 18

Good Morning!
Yesterday I started out the morning leaving to take my son to court. I then got the title to my car finally. I wasn't home long when my mom called wanting to go back to the dr. Again, not home long before it was time to take my son to an appt. then to work. By that time I realized I hadn't written my blog but it was later in the afternoon.

I got an order for 10 more dish scrubbies yesterday. This is in addition to the 10 I need to get done for my friend here in town. I will need to make a trip to Wal-Mart for materials. The first order has been done for days but so far there is still no invoice in my craft mall account so that I know where to send it to. I'm feeling bad...I like to be prompt with sending out orders.
Speaking of that...I also got an order on blujay yesterday too. It's for something that's in a box I haven't gotten moved over here yet. That means that while I am out today a trip to my mom's and bring more things is also in order.

Gathers pages are loading so slow since the upgrade Thursday evening. I would think it's the wireless connection except that all other pages are loading fine. I did get my 2 posts done yesterday as well as put in another video from our Bible school. I did a lot of commenting despite the slow loading pages.

I updated 2 lens on squidoo yesterday.. My Coupon/Refund Story and Kansas--Our First Lapbook.

We've not been able to swim since Tuesday because of the rains. I'm hoping it stays clear today so we can get in. I started doing exercises in the water and I think they were doing me some good.

Guess I better grab my shower and get my own running done before someone calls for me to take them places. I also want to get the sewing machine out and work a little on my quilt.

Have yourself one great Saturday!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday July 16

Good Morning.
It's almost afternoon. My day started off early because it's my mom's commodity food day. Then she needed to go to the grocery store and dollar store too.

I will have to take my mom to the dr. later today, otherwise I've not heard from my son on their work schedules. They should let me know them ahead though instead of calling me 30 minutes before their work time to pick them up.

I got a little busy yesterday on here. I posted Allen's 8th Birthday Photos on gather.
I updated My First Quilt Lens with text update and photos. I also added a photo to Our Unschooling Journey 3 lens.

I am to be cleaning out the storage cabinets down here in the basement today so that we can take them out for the waterproofing. I guess I better stop my online stuff for a moment and get that done.

Have a good Thursday!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday July 15

Good Morning!
Sewing club yesterday was great as usual. I need to have all my squares sewn together before next month's meeting so they can show me how to pin and tie it.
I had massive running around to do for a couple hours in the heat after sewing club. The evening was good...swimming,leftovers for supper, then to Bogey's for shakes, then we watched a movie before bed.

I didn't get much at done online yesterday. I will get more done today. I have photos I took yesterday to get in to a couple squidoo lenses to update those.

For now I am off and running to take my son to an appointment. I'm going to take my crocheted quilt blanket to work on while I am there. And....I did it again...didn't finish this before I left.

I have these days every day LOL
Have a good one,

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday July 13

Good Morning!
I slept in later than I wanted but have been busy ever since between house work and computer work. Oops, started writing this then ended up going back to hanging up all the clothes.

I did some Walgreens shopping again finally and posted it to gather Walgreens Shopping 7/12/09
This morning I also got in my Cover Girl Lipstain Review as well.
If you follow me on twitter you noticed that yesterday I also got a few of my lenses updated. I hope to stay busy on squidoo and really need to get my other 2 book review lenses done.

So far it's a good Monday of getting things done. All that I know that I have to do today is get my mom's water bill paid for her, pick up my son's girlfriend and take her to work, and pick up my son and take him home from work.
Tomorrow is a busy day and I doubt I will be posting here. It's sewing club at church from 10-3 followed by getting my son from work and taking my mom to the dr.

See how my days are? I stopped typing on this again and went up and washed dishes and put supper in the crockpot. Sheesh LOL

Guess that means I better close this for the day and actually post it this time!

Stay cool!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thursday July 10

Good Morning!
I slept in until 9:30..I've been busy with housework and computering ever since.
I have to take my son to an appt. at 1 pm and take him to work at 5 pm. Other than that the only other place I should have to go today is to the closing of the Bible school the grandkids have been attending this week. That will be nice. They are even serving us supper.

Yesterday I got notice that Squidoo Locked my Mycoolcontests lens
I really don't know why! I have other lenses that are promoting programs and they are fine (unless squidoo just hasn't gotten to those yet.) What I need to do is get my book reviews lenses made.

I almost can't believe that it's Friday already. It's been such a busy week. I still have lots to get moved, mostly books. I am still working on the dish scrubbie orders too.

Here's to a great start to your weekend!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday July 9

Good Morning!
I didn't get my blog written yesterday morning before the wireless went haywire and wouldn't let me access any sites. I think I have it figured out...unplug the wireless router, plug it back in, have access again. It's a pain but it works.

My time is so limited online right now so I don't have time for it not to be working when I do have time to sit here. I am still in the process of moving and putting stuff away among other things like taking others to work and home, others to the doctor, or the store etc.

I don't really have anything to share today. I am still working on the order for 10 dish scrubbies. Then my friend also wants 10. I need to get busier on all of those!

I am off the computer for a bit now to unpack some of the boxes I brought 2 days ago so that I can go fill my trunk with more to bring over. This is one heck of a way to get rerganized LOL

Have a great day,

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday July 7

Good Morning!
I slept in just a bit this morning but have been productive since getting up.
I walked next door to the school ad center to have paperwork filled out for my food stamps, then walked back home and got started trying to get my life organized again!

I just posted my June Earning Stats post on gather. I am sure hoping for a LOT more in July...and I won't have that little paycheck as that was my final one.

I've been getting some of my business cards printed out this morning...I've been cutting out coupons....and working online. Go me!

My son is coming over today on his day off. He's going to see if he can get the Durango going for us. Hopefully it just needs the water pump replaced. It seats more than my Thunderbird so I'm hoping we can get it going again. The next thing he needs to work on is getting the heater working in my car before winter.

I got a good start yesterday on the dish scrubbie order. My friend in town also wants 10 as well. We had trouble staying online yesterday with the wireless so I didn't get much done online. I did pull out the prayer shawl I had been working on and completed it. This way, once I get done with the dish scrubbie orders I can then work on completing the crochet quilt. I bought pins and a pin cushion yesterday too. I need to find a place where I can set up my sewing machine and leave it out to work each day on the quilt I am sewing as well.

Think I can get my act back together? I'm praying I can!

Have a spectacular day.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday July 6

Good Morning!
I got up early, put away some more stuff from camp, washed dishes, took a shower and now I am on the computer. Soon enough though, I am off and running because today is my son's payday.

I didn't end up on the computer too much fact I don't even think that I opened my email at all. I sat outside in the cooler weather a lot working on that blanket I started putting together at camp.

I just got an order for 12 dish scrubbies! Now, it's through the craft mall, so my profit goes to pay for my hosting until the year is paid, but that's ok :) I hope this is a good sign that I can actually get back to business!

I hope to get quite a few things posted to gather today to share here tomorrow :)
For now, I am off and running for the day :)
Have a great one!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday July 5

Good afternoon!
We got in from camp Friday after supper...then we had a birthday party for my grandson.
It was a nice week away from it all...and in the learning of the Word. I was happy to get home.
I was able to access the internet from camp (but not from our cabin). However, there was little time to actually get away to be online around all the activities so I didn't do my blog.

I have lots of photos and videos from camp to share on gather. I also still have most all the stuff from Bible school the week before to share.

I hope you all had a good 4th of July holiday. We cooked and swam all day. Family members were in and out all day eating and swimming. We watching the fireworks from the fairgrounds, and then still had homemade ice cream after those were over. It was a long day, but a great day with family.

I got my Our Unschooling Journey 3 squidoo lens updated for the week this morning.
I went and picked up my mail for the week from my mom's yesterday and got my Mail Call! Week of June 28 post done on gather too.

I'm going to do my best to get myself back into the routine that I need to be in for myself. I was able to get a lot of my coupons organized while at camp...I need to keep that up! I also got started on a crocheted quilt blanket. I need to work on crafts each day also.

We are supposed to be having our church picnic this afternoon. I want to go, but it's all cloud covered outside, raining off and on, and chilly in the wind. I think we will end up staying home and eating what I bought to take to the picnic.

Until tomorrow...have a blessed Sunday!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday June 27

Good Late afternoon.
I couldn't get this to open for me all morning. I wouldn't normally post this late in the day but I know I won't be posting tomorrow as we are Leaving for Family Camp Tomorrow. I'm not sure if I will be allowed to get online at camp or not.

Today was the $1.10 sale day at the Goodwill store on all donated clothes. We shopped..I am happy as I was able to get some things for myself for a change. I just need my mom to add up how much I owe her.

I just posted my Mail Call! Week of June 21 on gather. I sure didn't get much in this past week. I have been sending for things again. I'm still waiting on a prize pack from gather too.

Well, back to sorting and packing for camp...and to get supper too! Have a great remainder of the weekend. If you don't hear from me for awhile it's because of no internet access at camp.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday June 26

Good Afternoon. I have to say that today. I woke up early this morning just to watch the Michael Jackson tributes. Then I was off taking care of my food stamp case...then to the cable office to return equipment and downgrade my account. (something I should have done 3 months ago)

Tonight is the last night for Bible school. Sunday the kids are supposed to come to church and sing some of their songs and wear the pirate wear they've been making in crafts. I hope most are able to come.

We are in no way prepared for going to family camp on Sunday. I have nothing packed. I bought the bug spray and the sun tan lotion. Yesterday I bought us drinks and snacks to take with us. That is as far as I've gotten.

Not sure what else to say today so I will close for now and see if I can get something good listed tomorrow morning.

Have a great start to the weekend,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday June 25

Good Morning!
Once again I didn't get a blog post done yesterday. I got busy again in the morning and didn't realize until late that I didn't get it done.
We went to Alltel yesterday and Steve added me to his family plan so YAY!! I have a cell phone now. I feel so much better having one so I have communication when I am out and about.
One of the first things I did was sign up with!! They pay out weekly no matter how much you make which is awesome, and every penny counts. I earned .61 just yesterday. I hope you will join me there.

Bible school is going well. Not the best week for me to be gone every evening, but I guess that's how it goes. I really need to get the basement cleaned and organized and things packed to move. I'm not having much luck getting anything done. For one things its muggy hot in the basement. Another thing is just time. No one allows me a day to just stay home and get anything done. When I am home, on the computer is the only place I want to be, trying to earn money.

I am going to attempt to find someone to loan me the $130 I need to keep the cable on and then downgrade my services. I just can't see leaving my mom next week and her not being able to even watch her soap operas.

I've been twittering here and there some of the things I have for sale. I'm hoping to pull in some orders to help out.
I'm still gathering all I can! And, of course, doing the paid to clicks as I can in hopes of reaching payout. I have banners on the bottom of my blog here on the paid to clicks I do on a regular basis.

My son just called to get his girlfriend to work. I better get going..and hopefully no where else to go until it's time to take my mom to the dr this afternoon and then Bible school tonight.

Have yourself one awesome day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday June 23

Good Morning!
I am at the doctor with my daughter again! This should be the last time on this infection. They have wireless access here that says it's unsecured, but when I try to go to a website it tells me a need a clinic username and password. No one around here knows what that is.

As soon as I am done here I will be taking my son and his girlfriend around to pay bills. In other away from home plans: grocery shopping, taking my mom to her dr. appt, and Bible school this evening.

Bible school went smooth last night for it being the first night. The theme is Veggie Tales, the pirates that don't do anything. The kids enjoy Veggie Tales. I took lots of photos and videos that I will be sharing on gather.

So far they have't turned off my cable, but that will happen very soon. Then I will be relying on this laptop and anywhere I can pick up someone's wireless connection.

I typed the above this morning, not realizing I wouldn't get home until about 1 pm!
The mail already came today and I have to make the $275 somehow before Friday in order to not lose cable. It's not possible at all! I guess I will try twittering some of my items for sale throughout each day, and gather like crazy (however I can't cashout and get paid before then).

For now I am going to post this and wish you a good day. It's so hot, I hope that you are being able to stay cool somehow!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday June 22

Good Morning!
I intended to do a blog post yesterday, but once again it was bedtime when I realized I hadn't.

We had a large celebration and carry in dinner at church yesterday to celebrate our retired pastor's 50th year of being ordained. It was really nice. He was brought to tears many times. The food was great. As a congregation each family made a quilt square for him and 2 of the women at church put the quilt together.

After church we all headed to Steve's and spent the day in and around the swimming pool. We got home around supper time.

It's so humid hot! It's really hard to handle. We have storms that come through, then the sun comes out...this has been going on for a couple of weeks. It's horrid!

I've been posting at least 4 things a day on gather and my points are about the same as they have been lately. I have to get busy on doing 2 or 3 updates on squidoo lenses each day. I did a couple on Saturday.

I have to run now and take my son to an appointment and then take him to work. It's Bible school week with our church, so evenings are full each day from 5:45 to 8:45. Jasmine is too old now to attend Bible school so she is going to help with games. I am with the 4th and 5th grade group.

Have a great day and be sure to stay cool if you can!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday June 20

Good Morning!
First thing this morning I finally got the anti-virus downloaded on the desktop downstairs. In the meantime while it loaded I got a lot of papers looked through on my desk.

Steve bought a salt water filtration system for the pool yesterday so I had to meet him at Wal Mart to get it to his house as well as 280 lbs of salt. I had him get the smaller kids one of those blow up pools while we were there. He's invited some of his cousins over tonight to swim and have a bbq. I told the grandkids they could come and swim too. However, it's been raining non-stop since I woke up. I hope it stops soon and the sun makes its appearance.

I re took the flower closeups of Starlas flowers and got the pics posted in a photo essay on gather. Flower Close-Ups--Photo Essay
I also got my other $25 in amazon in the mail from gather yesterday.
I need to look through my email for my $5 amazon from quickrewards, and I have a code for a day pass at winster which should get me enough today for the $5 there too. Then, I will get my bookshelf ordered!

I need to also get My Homeschoolbuy Auctions updated today too.

I'm off to get these things done. Have a good Saturday!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday June 19

Good Afternoon!
Oops, just realized I never got to my blog post this morning.
I started out the day doing a bit online before taking Heather back to the doctor. They put her on anti-biotics for a UT infection, but also said her blood tests showed signs of strep....they were dumbfounded when she told them she's not had a sore throat recently at all.

I am sitting at Wendy's right now on the laptop while I wait for my son to get off work. Places that offer the open wireless internet are awesome!!

Nothing much else going on. I am in hopes of staying up later tonight to work on the almost 13,000 emails in my gmail. I don't have any place to be early tomorrow morning so I can sleep in.

I'm still working here and there on getting the basement cleaned and reorganized. It's so humid hot down there you can't do much at one time. The grandkids are only allowed down there for now if they are going to be helping put all the toys back in their appropiate places.

I'm still trying to click away and earn what I can by Monday to pay on the cable bill. I know they won't work with me too much with as much as I owe.

Speaking of that I better get back to things on here while I can.

Have a good day!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday June 18

Oh my! I didn't realize until late last night that I didn't get my blog post done in the morning! The Past Two Days Have Been a Whirlwind! (click to read my gather post if interested...I've included a few photos with it)

It's another busy day today! I am getting my coupons worked on while out and about. I will get to work on those more while the girls are at the dentist this afternoon.

It's been so stinking hot with yesterday hitting the triple digits. Not pleasant when you are out in it all day. The morning shower does NO good except to keep you from not stinking the very first place you go! We've been having storms that seem to come in from nowhere...come and go leaving a mess behind.

gather is making some changes to the way you earn points...not that anyone had it figured out before, but now it's more confusing than ever. Seems you will earn the most now by bringing in views from people that are NOT members of gather. They outright do tell us that you will earn very little for viewing others content now. I just hope I can keep posting and earning!

I think I better go take a nap before taking the girls to the dentist. If I don't I will be falling asleep while they are in there!

Have a good Thursday,

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday June 16

Good Morning!
Last night I was playing at and had 4 spins left and had just spun the last winnie I needed for a jackpot when the tornado sirens went off. I unplugged the laptop from the power, cashed in my jackpot, and spun my last 4 spins....then we lost electricity. Good thing for the light of the laptop as we searched all around for any candles we could find. We didn't get power back until after midnight...and I wasn't smart enough to turn off the light switches, so about the time I was finally able to get to sleep.....BAM! all the lights come on LOL

I am about to head out to sewing club. I must remember to grab my camera on the way out the door to get some photos.

Looks like now possibly they will start the work on mom's bathroom tomorrow...I sure hope so! I'm glad it wasn't today since I will be 10-3 at sewing club and no one else was comfortable about staying at Starla and Steve's without me there (well, other than Jasmine)

I better run and get a few more things done before leaving (can't take the laptop with me, already tried twice and no wireless connections available from my church at all)

Have a good day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday June 15

Good Morning! I have my laptop set up here in the basement hoping to get some things done down here. I already washed some dishes upstairs and have a load of laundry started down here. (Just wait until my mom comes to bring her daily load down to start and finds out I already have mine going.) It's so humid hot in the basement though and that doubles when the dryer is going. In the winter I freeze down here and burn up in the summer, go figure.

I don't have any plans today, but I'm sure my son will be calling saying "come take me to work" I should get my little last paycheck from work in the mail, and I should go cash it and spend half of it transferring the tag over.

I've got to do my 8 week video on using the Revitalift today. Just in time too as the campaign ends tomorrow!

Ok...I need to make some money...I now owe the cable company $275! I didn't sell not one craft, nor one book for 6 weeks now. I need to figure out how to get back to business and get my stuff promoted! If I don't pay at least the $127 that is from last month in the next few days I won't be making anything because there will be no more internet. Any grand ideas??

I've not worked on crafts other than the prayer shawls for church in weeks. My thought is to find a way to get back to making the crafts that I sell, then after I complete each one, post it to twitter....and post a photo to gather.

Tomorrow morning (well 10-3) is sewing club at church. Depending on what time I get up and around in the morning will depend on if I get a blog post done. I've put my sewing machine, supplies and quilt squares in the trunk of the car already. They are going to teach me how to sew the squares together tomorrow. I look forward to it, even though there is no wireless connection available in the area of my church so I won't get any clicking done.

I better get the clothes into the dryer. They won't be starting now on mom's bathroom until possibly later this week. I wish they would get here and get it done, it's needed badly.

Have a good Monday!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday June 13

Good Morning!
Jasmine and I got up early and headed to church to help set out the rummage sale items. We found some pretty cool things to buy cheap too. I got plenty of craft supplies.

We are heading out now to my great Aunts. Today is her 89th birthday. She's not seen baby Jacob yet. How many of us are going?.....10 of us! After we visit there we will go back to the church and help pack up what doesn't get sold. They will take it to the Goodwill store, but it's also then up for grabs to take what we want since they are just giving it away. I don't think I need to take anything, but who knows.

I didn't learn my lesson last time for not keeping up with my homeschoolbuy auctions. I let 42 auctions lapse that I had to relist. That took me about 4 hours yesterday but it's done! I have a weekly card in my card file to update the auctions there, but haven't kept up with my box for about a month now. You can check out the books I have for sale if you would like Marsha's HomeschoolBuy Items

Off we go! Have a great Saturday!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday June 12

Good Morning! Thank God It's Friday...and I mean that because I get to go pick Jasmine up from Bible camp this evening. I've missed her and I'm anxious to know how her week's been with all the rain we've had this week.

I've been up early today, grabbed a bath, delivered some Avon for my mom and then did some grocery shopping. It's 10:20 am and I am just now getting on the computer.
I'm about to get the download done for the homescan scanner here on the laptop. My computer just isn't right.

I got a couple more videos put in to gather last night. Today I will go ahead and put in my shopping trip even though I only used $3 in coupons. I still did get some good deals.

I could wish for no phone calls for someone needing rides today but I'm sure it won't happen. My mom has her first night of her class reunion this evening. She's nervous about going. Then, they have another night of the reunion tomorrow. Guess I better get busy getting what I can done before someone does call for me.

Here's to a great start to your weekend! (It's still supposed to rain all weekend here and we are having the church yard sale tomorrow.)


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday June 11

Good Morning. I still can't get the monitor right on my old computer. Why would it be fine on one system and whack on another? No matter what I put it on the screen is too light and the words are blurry. I've messed with every monitor setting and the setting on the screen settings.

I'm installing my printer to it right now, but thinking I also wish I knew how to network the printer to work from here on the laptop.

I cashed out at linkgrand yesterday again. The money was in my paypal yesterday too! I love the reliable paying sites like this.

I got a couple more of the Kansas highway videos put in to gather yesterday evening, but didn't get any updating done in squidoo.

I'm in hopes that taking my mom to the dr. this afternoon is the only place I need to go. Well, I would like to go to Walgreens as I have a $1 register rewards taht expires today. I need to grocery shop but my coupons are just in a mess! Hopefully I can get a list of the good deals at the store today and go through coupons this evening to shop tomorrow. I also really want to get busy on getting the basement reorganized too. Wish me luck on all this!

Off I go...have a great Thursday.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday June 10

Good morning...or so I suppose. It's chilly and rainy like it has been all week so far, and expected for the rest of the week. I'm sure Jasmine is still having a good time at camp but I wonder about and miss her.

I got my morning post done on gather then went up for breakfast. When I came back I can't get in to gather to see posts, others profiles etc. I can see my email and delete, but not open the ones I need to open. I am still getting notices in my email that others are posting so now I am wondering, and worrying that it's just me!!

Otherwise I have been busy with laundry and such this morning. The only plans that I have for today is a Bible school meeting this evening. However, I didn't have anything planned yesterday but taking my mom to the dr and ended up running from lunch time to supper time non stop with others. ugh!!

Hopefully I can get things done today that need to be done.
I'm off here for now, but I hope you have a pleasant day.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday June 9

Good Morning!
I am back on my original computer. My son got it reformatted and came to pick his up. There is nothing but the basics on here so I have a lot to get it back. I am having a problem with the screen though. The words are blurry and I can't seem to figure out how to adjust my monitor to change that. Weird how it can be fine...hook something else up and it's not. So, if I mistype, excuse me....

In other news, I've decided this is the day to get back into my regular routine! I've neglected my card file box for well over a week while we got ready for a yard sale, and had a new baby. It's time to get my act back together.

I have my coupons out in the car and got a lot of them cut out yesterday. I will work more on that this afternoon when I take my mom to the dr. I am spending the evening at Steve's....not sure what any plans are there. Jasmine is at camp again this week so it will just be us (and his sister) at the house unless Liz decides to come with her kids for awhile to visit too.

Nothing much else going on right now...not like me trying to get back in to routine isn't enough! LOL

I will try to get my blog back in to order too...which means getting busy doing the things I need to do online to earn.

Thanks to all of you that read my postings :) Have one awesome day!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday June 8

Good Morning. It seems anymore I only get my blog written every other day. I really need to get my routine back in order.....I just don't know how to go about doing so.

They were supposed to start on my mom's bathroom today with orders for us to be out of the house from 9-3 today and tomorrow. The plan was to spend that time at my boyfriend and his sister's house. The company called last night and now won't be able to start the job until next Monday.

My daughter, Elizabeth, wants to get all the excess out of the kitchen today and put a shelf in there instead. That way we can reorganize the food. The pantry is over flowing. I didn't think I was going to have to go anywhere today but then my son told me him and his girlfriend needs rides around since this is their payday. I think, instead of taking the laptop I will take my coupons to cut out while I am out and about with them. My coupons are in such a disarray its not even funny. The other day I even woke up to find that the kittens had knocked my abc file box off of my desk. Some got mixed up.

I did manage to get in an update on Our Unschooling Journey 3 squidoo lens over the weekend.
I've barely been getting anything done in gather....which means I am barely getting any points either. Two days in a row I didn't open my email at all...and now I have over 11,000 in there. See what I mean about needing to get it back together??

My daughter, Elizabeth, added more photos to her gather. She needs some help with views. If you have time, check out her photos for me. Liz's Photos Thanks! So far I am the only one who has even viewed the ones she just put in.

I guess I better run and get my coupons gathered and such before I have to leave.
Have a great Monday!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday June 6

Good Morning! It's yard sale day. I am so thankful to have this laptop so I can earn on here with the little bits I am earning at the sale.

Yesterday I totally forgot to write my blog until it was after supper time. It was my usual day of late with going here and going there. When I wasn't running I was still looking through all I could to get ready for the yard sale.

Nothing productive going on. I did get into reallysmart deals and get 100 of my blujay items listed to rotate while I looked through books on the bookshelf. Reallysmartdeals is geared towards what you have for sale on auctions and other such websites. If interested, it's a great exchange.

I need to go through and upodate my homeschoolbuy auctions. I even found some more books that I want to get listed too. That won't get done into next week. The bathroom is being redone here at least Monday and Tuesday and we aren't allowed to be home 9-3 each day due to them taking down lead based paint.

Guess I will move along...and try to find a way to plug in this laptop before the battery is totally gone.

Have a great Saturday!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday June 4

Good Morning!
Short and sweet as I need to run out the door soon and take baby Jacob to the pediatrician. When we took him for his 2 day newborn check at the hospital they had a little concern over the weight loss and jaundice so scheduled him in to the doctor this morning.

After that appointment I should be able to stay home the rest of the day. I sure hope so! I have 2 more shelves of books to look through and then I want to start getting toys looked through. The sale is Saturday so I'm really running out of time.

I didn't do much on the computer yesterday. I did find some internet connection as I drove my mom around but she was never in any one place long enough for me to earn more than a few cents here and there. If no connection then I entertained myself playing solitaire.

I've put my sewing machine away. Sunday at church I was telling the lady's of sewing club that I am having trouble putting my quilt squares together so they got together and set up June 16 for a sewing club. I will wait until then and get some instructions from those who know what they are doing!

I better run...don't want that baby to be late :) Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday June 3

Good Morning!
Just getting in a few things online before leaving to take my mom around on her payday.
With any luck I can find wireless sometimes along the routes, although it's mostly useless because she's not in any one place for very long.

I didn't get too far looking through books last night. I started on the educational shelf and seems most of those I still want to keep in hopes of using them with Jasmine.
When the pastor came to visit Liz and Jacob at the hospital I told him I needed to use a few of the older tables from church again and he said that was fine.

Speaking of Liz and Jacob...I got them home at 2 pm yesterday....sheesh, she only had him at 11:05 am the day before. I did post a few more photos in a post on gather... Jacob After His Bath 6/1/09 I took a few photos yesterday...maybe only 2. It was a wild day with others needing my transportation too. I was torn between here and there until supper time.

Today won't be any different with running mom to 10 or so places, then we take the baby back to the hospital at 2 pm for another check up.

The 8 glasses a day challenge ended yesterday on gather. It's been fun, educational and healthful. I'm going to continue to buy the Crystal Light. If you are interested, here are each of my 8 journals that I posted:
8 Glasses a Day Challenge Journal Day 1
8 Glasses a Day Challenge Journal Day 2
8 Glasses a Day Challenge Journal Day 3
8 Glasses a Day Challenge Journal Day 4
8 Glasses a Day Challenge Journal Day 5
8 Glasses a Day Challenge Journal Day 6
8 Glasses a Day Challenge Journal Day 7
8 Glasses a Day Challenge Journal Day 8

One other thing I did yesterday was to update my lensography on squidoo. I added in a photo of Jacob and added in the lenses I've built since last updating that page. Marsha's Lensography

With that I am going to say to have a nice Wednesday...I'm off and running!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday June 2

Good Morning! I wanted to get a post in today before another long day starts.

Yesterday was a big day! Up early to take my daughter to the hospital to have the baby. I have the following post and videos on gather so far and more to share today. 11:05 am 8 lb 12 oz New Born Jacob Alexander 6/1/09 and Newborn Jacob with Mommy.

I'm heading up now to take my bath, then I need to take my son to Wendy's to talk to his boss. After that it's back to the hospital to be with Elizabeth and Jacob. I think Chris was going back to work today. They are doing the circumcision today..probably it's already done.

I miss Jasmine terribly while she is at camp!! And, I'm sad to think she is also going next year. Yes, I need to let go and let her be a kid, make more friends and have a good time. I'm hoping Steve and I can go to the movies tonight. I have 2 free passes and I want to see the new Night at the Museum at the Smithsonian.

I better be off and running. I should be able to be home most of tomorrow and on through the rest of the week, but we have very few days left to get more things found and prices for the yard sale coming up this Saturday.

Have a good day!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday May 30

Good Morning!
Man I could really use a day of rest, but don't see one of those coming until after the neighborhood yard sale on June 6th.
My laptop came in yesterday about supper time so I spent the rest of the evening getting it set up, downloading things etc. I'm so happy to have it!

I got a terrible headache early afternoon. Indications are showing my headaches are being caused by the aspartame in the Crystal Light. Today is day 5 of 8 in the challenge with gather. I won't make it if that is what is causing the headaches. I did have one day without a headache though, so I'm not sure. I can not drink plain water though...yuck! There is a lot of stress right now with getting Jasmine ready for camp, trying to clean, attempting to make some money online and getting ready for this yard sale too.

I built a squidoo lens yesterday called My First Quilt I've been wanting to make a quilt for months...started then nothing. I thought going ahead and making the lens would inspire me to work on it..then I can take pictures along the way and keep updating the lens.

I better run, lots to accomplish yet today before we head to Steve's for the evening...but hey, I have my laptop now so as long as their wireless doesn't screw up (like it often does) I should be able to do some things online.

Have a good Saturday,
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