Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday January 17

Good Morning. It already looks like it's going be a decent day outside. The sky is blue and there is no of yet anyway.
I don't have any real plans for today. I would like to find a ride to the hardware store to pick up some specials.
I did work on my coupons last night, but still not close to having them the way that I want them.
Tomorrow is the annual meeting and carry in dinner at church. I may not post tomorrow as I doubt I will be up early enough to get it done and we won't be back until a little later in the afternoon. I have one more year on the church council, then I must take a year off. If then asked to run again I'm just not sure. I suppose it depends on what all is going on in my life at that time. I missed the meeting this month. It was the week that I worked all week not expecting too and I totally forgot to call for a ride.

Let's see what we have to feature today at squidoo. How about my book review lens on WWJD For Kidz. Cute book, worth the look see. WWJD For Kidz Book Review
I got a couple of lenses updated yesterday. I will update our unschooling journey one this evening. I really need to get busy building the other 9 that I need to build.

I was just reading an email which looks like I missed a great Wife Swap last night. One family used coupons! they switched the show to Friday's at 7, which is he same time as I watch Ghost Whisperer. Darn them for doing that! Wife Swap is not one of the shows they offer for you to watch online. Ok, this upsets me!

I guess I will quit rambling and head out to do other things. Have a great weekend.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday January 16

Good Morning and welcome to my 300th post on blogspot!
The snow is outside but they aren't calling for anymore. They are calling for a bit of a warm up each day over the next 4 days.

I didn't get my coupons done yesterday....sigh.....I got off the computer and worked on them while I watched Gray's Anatomy and will do the same this evening while I watch Ghost Whisperer.
I did get my federal income tax refund filed online, but not without a lot of frustration in trying to get it done.

I haven't really been posting much on gather other than my daily Investing for the Future and daily Helen Steiner Rice poem. I did put in 3 photos yesterday.

I need to get busy building more lenses over on squidoo. Since I was talking about Helen Steiner Rice I will feature that lens today. She has wonderful and inspirational Christian poetry. I share several in the lens. I hope you will take a look and enjoy. Helen Steiner Rice

I've done all my housework this morning so woo hoo! I have the rest of the day to do as I please past supper and some dishes.

Until tomorrow, have a glorious day!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday January 15

Good afternoon! I am really late posting this today.
My morning started out by looking out the window and finding snow. It's still coming down too.
I had to get a ride and pick up commodity food first thing this morning. Once home I started doing some housework. I then played a board game with Allen and Jasmine. Allen is out of school for conference time. Man, then it was time for lunch. The morning just flew by on me.

I did get some coupons cut out last night, but not many. I won't be working on any crafts today. Instead I am going to get done what I can with these coupons.
It's my payday though, so soon I need to find a ride to the bank, to pay on the cable bill and get just a few things at Family Dollar.

Now I stopped typing here and started filing my income tax refund. Yes, this is just what kind of day I am having.

I recently featured my squidoo lens on Hannah Montana, but I am doing so again today. I took a picure of the girls modeling their Hannah Montana shirts. When I went to add it to the lens I realized how dull the lens was, so I also added a couple more larger photos. I hope you will take another look. Hannah Montana for Ariel

Ok, really publishing this. You all stay warm, I am seeing it's super super cold up north.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday January 14

Good Morning!
As I suspected, I did not get to my coupons yesterday, but I will today! I got 2 headbands crocheted yesterday and have 1 more to day today to list a set of 3 on blujay. I won't start crocheting on the shopping bag until my coupons are all cut and sorted.

Tomorrow I will put in my info to e-file my taxes. At least I will know how much I am getting back even though the e-file won't go through until the 19th. I picked up a state income tax book last night too, and that can be mailed in as soon as I have the figures from the federal to put in. I look forward to getting this money in hopes of buying some sort of vehicle. I don't even care what it is, how large it is, what it looks like, as long as it runs and gets us from point a to point b and back again.

I need to get busy and get some more squidoo lenses built. I want to get my other 9 built by the end of February at the latest and get my application in for giant squid. Today I am featuring the lens that I made on the book The Vision Board. I just got this back from a friend at work, and want to read it again to inspire me to keep pushing. The Vision Board book review

I better move along here, so have a great day!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday January 13

Good Morning! The wind really picked up yesterday 40-50 mph the news said and I would believe it as it was almost strong enough to knock me over.
I didn't get my coupons worked on at all yesterday. I got involved in cleaning the house and other things on the computer. I won't get to them yet today either. It's bowling night so that takes away hours. I ended up being called in to work last night to do child care for a meeting. I enjoy doing the child care though so I don't mind.

Yesterday I looked up patterns to crochet headbands. I'm going to give those a try and see how they do. I'm thinking making 3 to put up for sale as a set, in 3 different colors.
I need to get the rest of these bags cut and made into plarn today for making my next shopping bags.
Even the best laid plans go awry as they say and I know it's true. Sometimes it's hard when you know what you want to do but things get in the way and you don't get them done.

I did 2 extra posts on gather yesterday, one for a daily instant win game and another for free sunflower seeds.

Today's squidoo lens in the one I made on crafts that I have made for gifts. I've updated it to add the quilt I had made for my mom for Christmas. Although I didn't make it myself it was still a craft that I gave as a gift (and that I still owe money on!) Crafts As Gifts

Until tomorrow, stay safe and warm,

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday January 12

Good morning! The weather is still nice, with a high of 50 today. I sure am loving it!
I got up and cleaned house for about an hour. I have lots to do though. I slacked off last week since I had to work, plus I didn't hardly do anything all weekend. I will pay today. I have a on the computer a bit, set the timer and clean for 15 minutes.

I didn't get to my coupons yesterday. I did get an ear warmer crocheted and listed on blujay. I also got 20 bags cut and made into plarn. I have about 20 more to do today, but won't start crocheting on the shopping bag until Wednesday. I will get coupons cut and sorted into my book today no matter what! I want to get some photos taken to add to my coupon/refund story lens on squidoo to make it a bit more interesting.

speaking of squidoo, today I want to feature the book review lens on the book Superdove. It ended up being a quite interesting book. Superdove Book Review

I'm still working on my gmail from back to front. I will have it all deleted and ready to start fresh by the end of today. It will be a relief, but then a challenge to see just how much of it I can get done in a day. It's hard when I get in over 1,000 emails a day, over half which are notifications of posts and such from gather.

I better go and do some more cleaning. So, until tomorrow, have a safe and happy day.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday January 11

Here it is Sunday. It didn't get as cold as they predicted, in fact, this morning there wasn't even any frost on the cars outside.
We started out this day watching a Karate Kid Movie eh? We are still on the first movie.

I didn't get to my coupons yesterday but really hoping to get to those today. Then again, I want to get to a lot of things. I got all the bags ready to cut for another shopping bag. I want to get those cut and strung together too. Plus, I am giving making an ear warmer a try. I am already crocheting on that this morning and want to finish it.
Alas, I also have housework to get done too.

I did my weekly mail call post on gather yesterday. I didn't get much, but have been working harder since the first of the year to pay attention to the posts and get things sent for. Mail Call! Week of January 4

I've gotten involved over at squidoo this mornng. I've been getting some of my lenses added to different groups. Today I will feature a lens that I made which is a book review of the children's book Crash! Crash! Book Review

Until tomorrow, I hope your Sunday is very blessed!
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