Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday June 6

Good Morning! It's yard sale day. I am so thankful to have this laptop so I can earn on here with the little bits I am earning at the sale.

Yesterday I totally forgot to write my blog until it was after supper time. It was my usual day of late with going here and going there. When I wasn't running I was still looking through all I could to get ready for the yard sale.

Nothing productive going on. I did get into reallysmart deals and get 100 of my blujay items listed to rotate while I looked through books on the bookshelf. Reallysmartdeals is geared towards what you have for sale on auctions and other such websites. If interested, it's a great exchange.

I need to go through and upodate my homeschoolbuy auctions. I even found some more books that I want to get listed too. That won't get done into next week. The bathroom is being redone here at least Monday and Tuesday and we aren't allowed to be home 9-3 each day due to them taking down lead based paint.

Guess I will move along...and try to find a way to plug in this laptop before the battery is totally gone.

Have a great Saturday!
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