Thursday, October 22, 2009

Walgreens Shopping 10/18/09

This shopping with sales and coupons and trying to get the best deals is, like someone else on gather stated, a full time job.

I spent about 2 hours going over the ad, looking through coupons, reading other's blogs about the deals.....and trying again and again to find the best way to get the best deals. I was reading ways to do it in one gals each transaction she only paid pennies plus tax. However, she was buying items I really had no use for, and apparently had many multiples of coupons, which I don't.

Anyway, I did 3 transactions today. The photo I've done with each transaction items in one group.

First Transaction:

I used my food stamps and bought 2 bags of m&m's on sale 2 for $5 and rec'd a $1 Register Reward (RR). I also bought 2 packages of Trident Layers gum on sale for 2 for $2, used 2-.75 coupons and got $1 RR.

I paid .11 tax and used $5.50 in my food stamps.

Second Transaction:

1-Fusion MVP razor at $8.99, used $4 coupon and got back $6 RR

2-Oral B Cross Action toothbrushes on sale 2 for $6, used 1-.75 coupon, and got back $3 in RR

2 pairs of stretch gloves, used Walgreens coupon to get them 2 for $3

Walgreen 22 ct pantyliners, used Walgreens coupon to get them for .79

1 Aleve 75 ct bonus box, on sale for $4.99, used $1 coupon

2-Sure Deoderants, on sale with Walgreens coupon $1.50 each, used one $1 coupon and 1 $1.50 coupon

1 Halls Refresh on sale for $1, used .50 coupon and got back $1 RR

I also used $7 in RR's I had from last week and the $2 in RR's I got from the first transaction.

I paid $10.98, of which $10 of it was my $10 gift card I earned from

Third Transaction:

Quilted Northern 9 roll pack on sale for $3.99, used $1 coupon

2-Glade Tin refill packs on sale 2 for $5, used $2 coupon and got $1 RR

3-8 1/2 x 11 bubble mailers on sale 3 for $1 with Walgreens coupon

Bic Comfort razors 4 pack, $3.99, used $2 coupon got back $1 in RR

2-Pert Plus shampoos, on sale 2 for $5, used 2-$1 coupons and got $2 in RR

I then used the $10 in RR's I had gotten in the 2nd transaction.

I paid $3.34 and I have the $4 in RR's to use next time around.

In all: I paid a total of $5.50 in food stamps and $14.43 in cash or $19.93 ($9.93 if you subtract the gift card that I used) I saved $16.25 with manufacturer coupons, $7.16 with Walgreens coupons and $20 with register rewards for a total savings on $43.41 not including sale prices.

I would have been happier to have spent less, of course, but all in all I think I got a LOT of stuff for less then $20. There were just some things that we needed this week like the Aleve, the toilet paper, the pantyliners, deoderant, and the gloves (Jasmine and I neither one had gloves for this winter) (some of the items, toothbrushes, men's deoderant, and all the razors are added to my gift tote)

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