Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday November 29

Good Morning! We are having our first snow. It's huge flakes but they aren't sticking to anything. Neat to look at even if I don't like the cold.
I am heading out to the store. I need to get a few things to help with the lunch at church tomorrow that the youth are hosting and get eye drops for Jasmine. She's somehow gotten pink eye.

The online party went well enough yesterday, several came in and out throughout the day. I got 3 orders. Specials are extended through Cyber Monday when we will also be having another chat party. When I know the hours for that I will post them. More prizes will be given away. I hope to get in a few more orders. It was a lot of fun to be online and working on the orders at the same time. All 3 orders are in the mail today.

Here is one of my photo posts from gather yesterday. Thanksgiving at my son's house. I didn't end up getting everyone pictured but still got some good shots. Thanksgiving at My Son's House with Photos

It's back to work clicking on here for to earn that van! I am in hopes with income tax refund and what I can earn between now and then that I will have a vehicle by the end of February.

Have a great day!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday (and an invitation)

Good Morning. It's a wet morning here. It started raining last night about the time we were done at my son's house. It's not freezing out though thank goodness.

I am sitting in the piepoints chatroom and would like to invite you all to join us. It's the annual Piepoints Black Friday online chat party and sales! Come on in and support some of those that work from home (including me) I've been a sponsor with piepoints for several years. Just choose a username and come on it. It started at 6 am est and goes until midnight est.

That's about it for this day too. I will be in and out of the chatroom while I do some of my other earning things online today. I hope to see some of you popping in.

Have a great day after Thanksgiving that is still filled with thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We are eating at a church this morning. Since the van is down they are sending a bus to pick us up. I would rather skip it since we are eating at my son's this evening, but it's a sentimental thing for my mother to eat at this church. She went each year with her significant other and since his passing has still wanted to go.
My daughter and I bought all the food for my son's house and they are doing all the cooking. All of it except a pumpkin pie in the crockpot recipe I am going to try over traditional pies. That has to be put in yet this morning.

I won't get much time on here today but that's ok, this is a day of thanks and a day to spend with family.

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday November 26

Good morning! Almost afternoon...
The weather is beautiful today, sunny and no wind to chill the air.

I slept in until 8:15. I spun some over at winster before starting anything. I then did my 2 daily posts on gather and then built a squidoo lens all about gather that I hope you will check out. Gather The BEST in Social Networking

I don't have any real plans today, just to do all I can on the computer which includes all the paid to clicks that I can, working in my gmail on gather notifications, catching up on my yuwie comments.
I started working on organizing the board games last night and putting them on a shelf. I plan to finish that today and other housework.
I need to get ahold of my son to come pick up the roaster, the turkey and other foods for tomorrow.

I wish the best day to all of you!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday November 25

Good Morning.
They didn't show up to take Allen to school...oh my gosh, couldn't even make it just 2 days this week. This really upsets me, he has to be late again to wait for another ride and soon we will get that letter about how being late so many times is also truancy and will be turned in to child services...just what we don't need is a visit from them!
They did show up and take me to work and pick me up from work yesterday...guess if they don't show up today I will just take the van.

It's going to be a strange Tuesday without all the normal appts. All I have today is work and bowling. And, after bowling I can stay up as late as I like on here since there is no school or work tomorrow...that will be a great change.

I've already warned the kids that we will be cleaning tomorrow. We need to decide if we are putting the Christmas tree down here in the basement or cleaning a corner upstairs in the living room for it. Either way I don't expect to work alone.

I built a new squidoo lens yesterday, one that I think you will really enjoy. It's dedicated to my mom and all about Elvis. Elvis Presley

Thanks to all for reading and have a glorious Tuesday,

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday November 24

Good Morning!
My daughters boyfriend did show up this morning to get Allen to school. I doubt they will be back to take me to work. I will take the van. It's not so cold this frozen water on the porch and no frost on the van.
Praying, Praying to find a way to get another vehicle soon!!! Thankful that because of Thanksgiving this week we only have 2 days of work and school to worry about. And, there is no Awanas this week, nor does Heather have her math tutoring either.
My son did call and would like us to have Thanksgiving dinner at his house he evening of Thanksgiving. That should be nice, we just need to figure on what all foods everyone is bringing.

I have a gal buying 13 different auctions at homeschoolbuy...I got her books all together last night in 2 boxes...38 lbs of books total! Another lady contacted me back and paid for her books, she apologized as they thought she had already paid.

I think that's it for today...better get to clicking what I can before I have to head to work.

Happy Monday to all,

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday November 23

Good morning. It's a gray dreary day out today. I need lots of lights on in the house so that I won't feel so tired.
I am late getting this written as I chose to spin my winster spins first thing. I am just going to have to get up to the 1,100,000 pts for another $5 amazon and stop wasting my time there. The lag was bad enough as a paid member but as a free member, those videos that play on the side really do my computer in.

I posted my weekly mail call post on gather yesterday. Mail Call! Week of November 16

I did more messing in squidoo looking at others lenses than anything else yesterday. Today I want to mostly work in my email account.

We are going to have to figure something out on the transportation. I was laying in bed last night and realized that the kids need to be making it to Sunday school as they will be practicing for the Christmas program now. Allen was disappointed to find we weren't going to church today since he can now take communion.

Guess I better get to work on that money making so I will leave you today saying to have a very blessed Sunday.

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