Saturday, May 3, 2008

Trip Day

It's Saturday. Later we (Heather, Jasmine and I) will be heading to Kansas City with my boyfriend, Steve, and his mom. We are going to stay at his sisters house overnight. Then tomorrow we get to meet his brother and family from North Carolina. I will say that I am a bit nervous about the trip. Not so much meeting some of his family as the actual road trip. Keep our safe travel in your prayers please.

Today's ebay listing is a Sociology: A Global Perspective.

We will home tomorrow evening sometime, so I will do my ebay and my blog post late, but will get them done. Plus I will tell you how the trip went too.

Here's to a safe weekend!

Friday, May 2, 2008


Today is Friday and I am off work, but it can't be the usual Friday of loads of time on here and to do schoolwork with the girls. Why? Because it's my moms payday so I will spend hours running her around today. UGH!! is all I will say about that LOL
I have the girls school work in piles on the table though and they will ride along and we will work while my mom is in her stops. Have to do whatever works, this is what we do on this day each month!

I got my box in the mail yesterday from Sample Gal! I will say that I am very impressed. The packaging is simple but elegant...very nicely done. Inside the box I found 15 different samples from work at homers. I did get one of my own samples hehe....I will just put that in my next box to send in.
I got some bath scrub, a tea light, a tart melt, Avon sample, Cello samples, a pair of earrings, ball markers, Arbonne diet samples and so much more! I should have the box right here in front of me and list it all, but each box is different depending on who has sent samples in. I really enjoyed looking through it and will enjoy using what I got and can't wait to get another box in later.

Today's ebay listing is an English Lessons book printed by the State of Kansas in 1927.

Guess I better get to clicking before its time to start running.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

Today's high has changed to 81. It's windy outside with thunderstorms expected later today. So far they say the high is only 61 for tomorrow.
It's park day at Headstart. I am taking my 11 yr old Jasmine and my 2 and 3 yr old granddaughters, Ariel and Araya to work with me. Jasmine will take them over to walk around the zoo while I fix the sack lunches for the Headstart kids. Should be fun for all.

Heather has her group this afternoon and my mom her usual doctor appointment.
Jasmine and I had a good school work afternoon yesterday. We sat out on the front porch to do work since it was so nice outside. I am in hopes of doing the same today.
Only 3 weeks left of public school.

Today's ebay listing is the Blair Reading by Prentice Hall
I only have 2 more things listed in my word document to list so I need to get busy finding more to keep up my one a day listing.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Happy Hump Day! Looks like the high today is supposed to be 82, but its pretty windy out. I sent my grandson to school in shorts. Tomorrow the high is showing as 74, then only in the 60's for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. One of these days it really will warm up enough for me to not be cold.
This evening in the last night for Awanas, so there is one thing that will be gone out of my planner until August. Maybe the days will get better soon where I can have more time at home to concentrate on my computer ventures.

I can't get word to open for me this morning, keeps giving me errors. I'm sure I could correct it by restarting my computer but I am too lazy for that LOL
Instead, I had a 2nd copy of Introduction to Psychology, so I listed it on ebay for today.

I got in my other prize from Under The Rainbow's last Celebration. A set of Starlight Tea Light Trio from Signature Home Styles. The set only sells for $10 and $1 of every sale goes to support the troops.
You can check it out by going to then click to see online catalog. They are on page 34. They look really nice on the top of the girls computer desk.

Have a glorious day,


Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The first Tuesday in 33 weeks that I haven't bowled. I will say that I will miss it over the summer.
Today's plans include the usual getting Allen to school and back and me to work and back. Then, the usual clicking to earn. Heather has her group therapy this afternoon. She has 3 weeks left including this week. Then, that will be one less thing on the planner!

I need to make an announcement that goes with my Sample Gal announcement from yesterday. They have LOWERED the price of the boxes from $14.99 to $9.99 a box plus shipping. Also, they are no longer having campaigns. Starting now they will always have boxes for sale. This way samples can be put in to boxes as soon as they are received. I do plan on sending in another 75 samples, but it will probably be after our neighborhood yard sales. Unless I really get busy and get lots and lots of coasters, cross magnets, scrubbies and the Little Girls Bracelets made before then. LOL Here is my link again if you would like to check out Sample Gal either to send in your own samples, buy a box, or become a Sample Gal Consultant.
I got notice in my email that my free sample box for sending in the 75 samples was mailed yesterday. I can't wait to get it and see what all is in it. Once I get it, I will give a report here.

Today's ebay listing is Language Arts Content and Teaching Strategies. This is a book for teachers on how to teach Language arts to elementary students.

Off now...I hope to get my mompack auctions relisted before I have to head out to work.

Have a great day!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed

Heck, I went to bed in a bad mood last night....and woke up the same way this morning. Just one of those days. The grandkids would not stop playing and go to sleep last night...and I know how much stuff I want to get done on this computer before work this morning.

On a good is the 28th. It's my son's birthday, he is 25 now. But, not only that, it's the start of Campaign 4 with Sample Gal. I have 75 samples in this campaign. They sell 150 boxes each campaign. I am hoping it brings me in some more craft orders to keep my hands busy.
You can check it out at

Today's ebay listing is Patterns Plus, A Short Prose Reader

Here's hoping for a better rest of the day!


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Late Sunday

Hi everyone! I am late to get on the computer again this Sunday. Steve and I bowled in the Hutchinson News Bowler of the year tournament, which we had to get to right after church. Unfortunately neither of us bowled well enough to make it to the finals, but it's always worth a shot. It was fun.
Right after bowling I had to make a grocery shopping trip. Then, well.....I took a nap!
Time now to get supper, then I am off to church for Bible study.
Not much online time today, but it's probably good to actually have a few days with very little time.

Today's ebay listing is another textbook, this one entitled Adolescence.

It's a much cooler day today and downpours of rain yesterday. It was still under 50 degrees at noon. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60's. I sure hope so, then it's looking even nicer for the remainder of the week. I'm really starting to think that I won't be warm again.

See you in the morning...


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