Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday July 24

Good Morning.
Since I no longer work it's hard for me to say Thank God It's Friday. (I didn't use to work on Friday's)
Today's plans include taking my middle daughter to an appt at the health dept....taking my son to work this afternoon....eating out with Steve and his family this evening...then taking my son's girlfriend to work....and picking my son up from work shortly after that.
In between I will do a little housework...not much to do today other than clean inthe kitchen. I will be working on my dish scrubbie orders, and I want to work on my quilt to get all my squares pinned to sew tomorrow. I will, of course, be on the computer too.

I got a Bible School Photo Essay put in to gather yesterday. I did my last Investing for the Future post on gather yesterday and I woke up this morning with this feeling of what next. I've been in gather working in my friend feed and then working on post from my group. I'm a little less than 300 points away from my next $25 paypal cash out.
I also updated my Homeschooling lens on squidoo.
I worked on updating my homeschoolbuy auctions.
I even got more of my blujay auctions in rotation at reallysmartdeals.
So...I did do some actual work on this computer yesterday!!

I'm off for today. Here's to an awesome start to your weekend!
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