Friday, May 3, 2013

Frugal Friday With Marsha ---Link Up!

Another week has passed us by and we are now in to May.
Spring left us again the past couple of days. We had lows below freezing the past couple of nights and even seen some snow yesterday morning.
I had to go out Wednesday morning and cover the plants. I do hope they survive!

This week has just sped on by me. I've stayed busy as usual.
I did make one shopping trip this week. An online friend sent me some free coupons and I used those as well as bought a few other things.
One thing that I bought is a gallon of white vinegar. I am now using it for fabric softener. I'm really liking it! Plus, it's cheap and natural.
I did get a couple loads of laundry done on Monday and Tuesday that I was able to hang out on the line to dry.

I've been working a lot this week on cutting out my coupons and getting them into my binder. I have a long ways to go! I will be working more on that today. If I can just work a little each day I could maybe keep them caught up. I have a pile of expired coupons to turn in for the military families.

I need to run along, another busy day away from home for me, but I do look forward to the posts you will link up this week!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Squidoo Hopping--How Has Your Week Been?

I was mistaken when I thought that Spring was finally here in Kansas.  It's currently snowing again--blah!    My daughter and I planted a garden last week.  I even started a new lens for this season on our garden.  I am sharing that link in the linky this week.
I had to go out yesterday morning and cover the plants again.  I do hope they survive!  The high here today and tomorrow is only 40.

Other than getting the new lens built, I'm ashamed to say that I've not spent much time in squidoo at all.  One of my other regular sites went down for server change and I've found myself lost writing in bubblews.
Are any of you also on bubblews?  If so, I would love to connect.  Are you writing and including links to your lenses?  So far I've only put in one link to one of my lenses.  I'm a little leery not knowing for sure if it's ok to link drop?   I know one gal constantly puts in photos of craft items along with a link to find it in her etsy shop.  Another gal is putting in bits of her hubpages writing with the link to read the full story.
This is the link to my profile page if you would like to connect with me over there. 

As far as any sort of theme for this week's blog hop, I don't have one.  Share any lens that you would like to.  Also link up any blog posts you have done regarding squidoo as well.

It seems that the updating and flagging thing has been worked out.  I need to get in to the facebook groups to see what all is going on.  I will do that today as I go in to share the link to my blog.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Swagbucks Double Stuffed!!

Before April ends Swagbucks is giving you another opportunity to earn big! This Tuesday, April 30th Swagbucks is holding another Double Stuffed Swagbucks. If you missed the first one, here's how it works:          Double Stuffed Swagbucks means you'll get DOUBLE the SB amount in many of the ways to earn: Shop & Earn (in countries where available!), the Daily Poll, NOSO, the Toolbar, Games (aka Play) & on SBTV (aka Watch)!                 In addition to Double the SB-earning fun, there will be 35 Swag Bucks worth of Swag Codes given throughout the day in each country of the Swag Nation.              If you haven't joined Swagbucks yet, now is the time. It's your chance to earn Swag Bucks twice as fast on Tuesday -- which means more free prizes like gift cards to Amazon, Target, Walmart & Paypal! Use the sign-up code 70DOUBLESTUFF for an extra 70 SB bonus when you sign up here.                  
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