Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday June 9

Good Morning!
I am back on my original computer. My son got it reformatted and came to pick his up. There is nothing but the basics on here so I have a lot to get it back. I am having a problem with the screen though. The words are blurry and I can't seem to figure out how to adjust my monitor to change that. Weird how it can be fine...hook something else up and it's not. So, if I mistype, excuse me....

In other news, I've decided this is the day to get back into my regular routine! I've neglected my card file box for well over a week while we got ready for a yard sale, and had a new baby. It's time to get my act back together.

I have my coupons out in the car and got a lot of them cut out yesterday. I will work more on that this afternoon when I take my mom to the dr. I am spending the evening at Steve's....not sure what any plans are there. Jasmine is at camp again this week so it will just be us (and his sister) at the house unless Liz decides to come with her kids for awhile to visit too.

Nothing much else going on right now...not like me trying to get back in to routine isn't enough! LOL

I will try to get my blog back in to order too...which means getting busy doing the things I need to do online to earn.

Thanks to all of you that read my postings :) Have one awesome day!
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