Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday August 1

Good Morning!
It's been kind of a whirlwind week with the company here all week. They leave tomorrow afternoon.
I've thought about my blog then got busy with other things.

It's been harder to keep up with the housework with the extra 2 nephews here plus keeping my grandson for the week as well.
We've also been busy entertaining them...suppers...going to the Cosmosphere and the nature center.
We haven't been able to swim much this week due to rains and cooler weather. Sure is strange to only see highs in the 80's in July.
I've also had extra running over the usual with extra dr. appts this week. I'm tired!!

I was able to cash out a couple of days ago for another $25 paypal on gather. I've been able to share the rest of the Bible school videos on gather and now working on getting in all the videos I took at the Bible camp. I have lots of photos to share both individually and in photo essays. I should get on that.
I have been doing what I can each day at clixsense so will have a check from there this month.
I need to get all my paperwork in order for July to see just what I earned. It was a fairly good month though.

I stopped on my quilt for now since I'm not sure how exactly to pin it and stuff. I figure I am better off to wait until the 11th when we will have sewing club at church again and let those lady's show me how it's done. I should be working on cutting out squares for my next one but with such a busy week I've just not found the extra time.

I better stop boring you now, just wanted to get something written so you know what is up with me.

Have a good weekend,
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