Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday September 19

Good Morning!
I am not past my disappointment and all about the refund, but all I can do for now is move on and pray it works out and I still get it.

Time to share what I've shared on gather since last posted here as well as things I've done on squidoo.

I just finished updating Our Unschooling Journey 4
I added another blanket done on my Blankets for Christmas lens.
This week's assignment with Rocketmoms was to build a lens around Travel the World with the Rocketmoms. I built mine on Dillon's Nature Center--Hutchinson, KS

Flower Photo Essay--Last One This Season
Two More Blankets/Quilts Complete
We Got a New Kitchen Table
and 36 Odd Things About Me
I'm also sharing 3 photos a day taken at the state fair in an album Kansas State Fair 2009

In other news...I survived the week. I'm feeling really tired but I made it. My son is still staying with us. We are working on getting the swimming pool emptied and taken down for the season. We got in trouble with the city for emptying it onto the street. They say it's human contamination and against the law. It had to be emptied into a sewer, and that didn't mean the grates in the street either.
I got my middle daughter to the dentist for her partial impression, now we wait for them to call and say they are done.
Tomorrow is the first day of Sunday school at church so I am keeping all the grandkids overnight tonight. I actually look forward to it....just hope I can get to sleep at a decent time.

I think that's it for now. Have yourself an awesome Saturday.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday September 18

Good Morning...although so far it's not.
I had to start out early running....then the mail comes and I get a card from the Kraft $20 rebate saying I didn't submit proof of purchases from 20 valid items frm the offer. It doesn't tell me what I am missing though, or how many. It says I can resubmit by Oct 2 with what I need. It gives me a toll-free number but it's not valid.
So...I'm on the phone with Nabisco and this gal can't tell me anything...or give me a valid toll free number to call. Yes, I am upset...I NEED that $20!! I didn't buy all those Oreo Cakesters, etc, Capri Sun pouches, etc because I wanted them. I bought them to get the $20 rebate.

Anyone have any idea what I would have done wrong?? The post card just states that I did not include proof of purchase of at least 20 valid Kraft products. It tells me to submit the missing/valid items by Oct. 2 to the address on the top of card, and include the card with my submission. However, how can I do that if I don't know what was missing. It gives me a toll free number to call for questions but the number tells me it's not valid.

I called a toll free number from the website of the offer. This gal is telling me that I needed to send in the UPC's. I read her what the offer form says which is Send: original, store-identified cash register receipts dates between 7/1/09 and 12/31/09 with dates and prices of all 20 items from the participating products circled. She then read that too online and told me she didn't know what to say then. All she can do it forward it with my phone number to the promotions department and they will call me within 7 to 10 business days.

If they make it the 10 business days that will put me past the Oct. 2 deadline so either way I am screwed.

I had taken all the UPC's off the products, but then read the form and didn't mail them in with the cash tape. The really sad part is, if that is what is missing, I cleaned my desk off a few days ago, throwing away the UPC's...and the trash has already been taken.

If anyone has any advice, please let me know. I really was counting on getting that $20...and as I said, I need it!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Did You Think I Got Lost?

Good Morning! I can't believe it's been over a week since I blogged, but it's been so busy.

Steve was on vacation last week. Even though we really didn't go anywhere, we still stayed plenty busy..
On labor day I started and almost completed a quilt. All I had left was the tieing, which I am working on now.

Steve and my son, Johnathon put in a sidewalk beside the garage during the week. I haven't gotten to posting the photos or videos on gather yet.

The Kansas State fair started Friday, the 11th. We spent ALL day Friday there, and a lot of the day Saturday. My legs ache!! I am going back today with my granddaughters to walk around with Araya's Headstart class. Then, my daughter, Jasmine, will spend her $13 riding rides since it's $1 day.

As far as Squidoo: I updated this morning Our Unschooling Journey 4
I updated Gather--The BEST in Social Networking
And, this weeks Rocketmom's assignment was a fall recipe lens, so I chose to make one on Meatball Subs

In gather I shared my every day featured posts for my own group as well as:
Walgreens Shopping 9/6/09
Happy Labor Day Friends :)
Laboring On Labor Day
Araya's 4th Birthday Photos--August 29, 2009
Mail Call! Week of September 2
Walgreens Shopping 9/13/09
You can see that I love to stay busy on gather. I got my last $25 paypal redemption in Sept 11, and have a goal to cash out again by the 25th.

Guess I will move on for the day before it's time for me to leave...time flies by!
Have a great Monday,
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