Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday June 18

Oh my! I didn't realize until late last night that I didn't get my blog post done in the morning! The Past Two Days Have Been a Whirlwind! (click to read my gather post if interested...I've included a few photos with it)

It's another busy day today! I am getting my coupons worked on while out and about. I will get to work on those more while the girls are at the dentist this afternoon.

It's been so stinking hot with yesterday hitting the triple digits. Not pleasant when you are out in it all day. The morning shower does NO good except to keep you from not stinking the very first place you go! We've been having storms that seem to come in from nowhere...come and go leaving a mess behind.

gather is making some changes to the way you earn points...not that anyone had it figured out before, but now it's more confusing than ever. Seems you will earn the most now by bringing in views from people that are NOT members of gather. They outright do tell us that you will earn very little for viewing others content now. I just hope I can keep posting and earning!

I think I better go take a nap before taking the girls to the dentist. If I don't I will be falling asleep while they are in there!

Have a good Thursday,
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