Homemade in 2012 and Beyond!! (linky)

I read on someone's blog where they were vowing to make next Christmas all homemade...whether made by her, or bought homemade from someone else.  I loved the idea! (I apologize for not remembering which blog I read it on)

I am creating this page with a linky for all to share homemade.  I am NOT making this blog post exclusive.  Please share posts from anywhere!  If you write posts on hubpages, etc with instructions on hand made gifts, link it.   If you build squidoo lenses with instructions on homemade gifts, link it.  If you write them on gather, link them.   You may link directly to your stores with hand made items such as at etsy, zibbet, and other.   Also, as you make hand made gifts and post about them, link those as well.

Let's make this a successful linky!  I want to come in and find lots of great ideas all throughout the year.  I am starting NOW on gifts for 2012.  Please refer others too as you see these types of posts throughout the year.


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