Friday, April 18, 2014

Frugal Friday With Marsha--Special Offer from OwnZones

Good Friday to all...and it really is Good Friday.   I hope this Good Friday is leading you up to a good Easter.
We will have the children and grandchildren over after church for a ham dinner and an Easter egg hunt.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Squidoo Hopping 4/17/14

The Best Of lenses....something new and something that sounds pretty good.
I opened my dashboard yesterday and seen the blue icons.  I clicked then read the HQ post on it.

I have to say that I'm pretty well still in shock that they would pick any of my lenses to be best of.
However, the four that are chosen are all with the news lenslet formats.
Now I am wondering if they will all be just made with those?  I don't recall reading that, but have a feeling that's how it is.

I will share 2 of mine in the linky today.  If you have any, please do share those this week......along with any blog posts you may have done about squidoo.

I did update one lens this week.  I'm glad that I did.  It was a prompting by the owner of the the Online Craft Mall to get my act together with my items there.  Sometimes I need that push to get me around to the things that I have been putting off.

I hope to see lots of shares this week and I wish you all a Happy Easter coming up!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WIP Wednesday 4/16/14

Good Morning!

I think I have been pretty productive with my crafts this week.....but not so much anywhere else.

I took one evening and got out my cut up t-shirts and fabric strips etc.
I have them divided up to make rugs.
I know that in bags somewhere I have strips that I have yet to cut for rugs.....somewhere.....hhmmm.

Here is what I am working on now.  It's a rug with wider strips of t-shirts:

I finished up the set of 6 hexagon flowers.
They are now listed for sale as a set in my Etsy Shop.
I also worked on my items in the Online Craft Mall.   I updated items....took out a couple of things that I don't make anymore, and added a few things.  I added the hexagon flowers in sets of 6.  I will continue to work on the hexagon flowers here and there.  It will be years before I get them done  LOL
Last Friday evening was sit n' sew at the quilt shop.  
I took my Goodnight Irene blocks to work on.   I didn't get near as far as I thought I could!
I wanted to show a picture, just to 'prove' that I really am working on it.
You can click the button on the right for more information on the project.
I am behind.  I should be getting row 4 put on to the quilt this month.  I'm still building the blocks for rows 3 and 4.

Now let's get to the UFO's and NewFO's.   You can click the button to the right to also find out about this challenge.  
I've not even put up a finished post yet to link up with the challenge.
The rugs I am making are not on this list as I only list sewing projects.
Plus, I have added some things to the list since I made the list at the first of the year.
Plus, there are still a few projects in my craft room that didn't make the list!
Maybe some day I will actually get it together.

Log Cabin quilt
Log Cabin wall hanging
Log cabin table runner
Rectangle quilt
2 rectangle table runners (one done)
challenge wall hanging
GoodNight Irene quilt/wall hanging
Quilt for sewing club at church
 (Finished) Applique Bunnies quilt
 (Finished) Penny Patch Quilt
Yo-Yo Table runner
Hexagon table topper
(Finished) Spoolin' Around
Emerald Island Fusique table runner

Sunflower table runner and matching placemats
Spiderweb quilt
Easter wall hanging
Cat wall hanging
Christmas bags (total of at least 25)
Braid table runner
Sunflower pillow
Christmas wall hanging

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