Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shop Hop Saturday!! 2/12/11

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I've been asked to talk a little about Jerky Direct. I've been with JD since Oct. 2008. I've always had a great time with it. My children, and grandchildren just love the jerky!! They wait in anticipation each month for my autoship to come in, and then, well, it's gone about the same day!

The cost for Jerky Direct is $13.97 each month. For that price you get 2 bags of your choice of jerky as well as a web storefront. Any purchases you make past the 2 bags in the autoship you get at the wholesale pricing.

You can join Jerky Direct as a business, or you can choose to join as personal, just to get the 2 bags of jerky auto sent to you each month. I've actually had a couple of sign ups do just that. They weren't interested in the business side, they wanted the jerky each month as a great snack, being diabetics.

However, I would suggest you would take the business side of doesn't hurt anything, or change anything for you to have the store front. You then have the possibility of getting retail orders and earning some money, or at least money off of your auto ship.

I'm very fortunate that it's been a long time since I've had to put out any money for my auto ship. My downline has more than covered the cost for me. If you do have a downline, or retail sales, those are held back and deducted from the monthly shipment cost. Once you have more than $10 total over the autoship price, you are sent a check. This month I rec'd a check for $18.96.

I want to once again direct you to my Jerky Direct Squidoo lens. All details are there as well as a video and such. Jerky Direct Business Opportunity.

Now let's move on to my crafting. I put 4 more items in my etsy store this past week. I already have 3 more items for next week plus I should have no reason to not get the table runner completed to list as well.
My new items are:

Soft Pink Kitty Fabric Bag

Washcloth/Dish Scrubbie Set in Yellow

Washcloth/Dish Scrubbie Set in Spring Colors

Washcloth/Dish Scrubbie Set in Pink and Purple

It's back to work I go!

Shop Hop Saturday with abitosunshine

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Squidoo Blog Hop Introduction

Welcome to the first week of my Squidoo Blog Hop!

If you do blog posts that are squidoo related, this is the place for you.  Share any blog posts in the weekly linky that you have written pertaining to squidoo.

I look forward to reading your blogs, seeing your lenses, and seeing any tips and tricks that you post as well.

For my first week, I would like to highlight the 2 lenses that are at the bottom of my list.  Both are getting too close to going over the 500,000 in rank and need a boost if you would.

The first one is Our Unschooling Journey Part 4--This was a series I did when my daughter insisted that she wanted to be unschooled.  It's in weekly journal form as to what I was observing her doing that was educational, as well as what I was doing with her.  The whole unschooling concept didn't really work out for me as I want to see textbooks used, worksheets done etc.  You will figure that out just by reading some of the things we did.  You will figure out fast which of the things on the weekly lists were MY choice and not hers.

The second one is one of my newer book review lenses--The Last Apprentice-Clash of the Demons--I am taking part in a 52 Books in 52 Weeks blog challenge, so expect to see a lot of book review lenses coming up.  The sad part--I'm already behind in making my book reviews in to lenses.

p.s.  If you would like to know more about the reading challenge, click the link in my index.  
Also click the link in my index if you need more info about the Squidoo blog hop as well.

Have fun and good reading!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Drugstore Bootstrap Challenge Week 2

Week 2 of the Drugstore Bootstrap Challenge put on by Frugal Follies. You can find her challenge information here.

You can find my week 1 post here.

Here are the "rules" I am trying to follow:
1. I can spend no more than $10 out of pocket the whole month.
2. Sales tax does not count in the $10 total.
3. I can start with the $5 in register rewards that I have on hand.
4. I can use any coupons that I can, and they also do not count in the total, as the total is just out of pocket.

My total spent out of pocket last week was $2.76

Today was not a very well planned trip. I had started figuring a list Sunday morning at church. Unfortunately I discovered this morning that I must have left my Sunday paper (coupons and all...youch!) at church, under my pew.
I searched blogs trying to see what was on sale and the deals. I made a list of just 3 items.
Once at the store I changed my mind and this is what I ended up with:

Veripur Hand Sanitizer, on sale for $3.99...$4 back in RR.

Right Gueard Total Defense 5 Body Wash, on sale for $3.99, had $1 peelie coupon on the bottle and I got back $3 in RR.

2-All laundry detergent--on sale buy one for $6.99, get 1 free. I used $1 coupon.(this came about because this is Steve's favorite laundry soap, so it replaced the Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice that I did have on my list.)

I then also used the $9 in RR's that I had from last week.

I paid $3.97 OOP (not including sales tax) and I came home with $7 in RR's for next time.

This brings my running total for the challenge to $6.73. If I'm going to meet the challenge and not spend more than $10 OOP, it's really going to be a challenge over the next 2 weeks.

WIP Wednesday 2/9/11

Welcome to WIP Wednesday, where we share our works in progress. Please click the button at the bottom of my post to join in the fun with Everyday Crochet.

Yay! I got both the top done on the table runner and on the strip quilt. A couple of my lines are off on the quilt and I'm not sure what to do about that. Still deciding if I'm going to rip out and try to make them right.

I also started on another toothbrush rug. This one is being made out of t-shirts. I'm trying something different. Instead of doing rounds, I am mixing the colors up.

In other news, the house buying is still a WIP in progress too. He found that he didn't qualify for the VA loan and now is going for an FHA loan. Say prayers that he qualifies so we can get the house and have a house of our own please.

I want to start a blog hop of my own here on my blog. It will be posted on Thursdays and is going to be a Squidoo Hop. So, if you are a lensmaster, be on the lookout so you can link in your own posts about squidoo.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mailbox Monday 2/7/2011

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I think I had a  good mail week this past week, especially after a few very slow weeks.:
Car & Driver
Bloomsberg Businessweek
Time (not pictured)
People (not pictured)
Sports Illustrated
Entertainment Weekly

Other mail:
money order for a craft magazines sale in my blujay store
free coupon for Purina One beyOnd cat or dog food (from a kind blog owner that I follow)
Envelope of great coupons from a gather member (thanks!)
free coupon for a cup of Yoplait
Proxy papers to sign for paypal
Postcard that came in with a club offer
Kat McGivern cd to listen to and review (I thought this was great because the company actually contacted me saying they likes some of my other album reviews and wanted to know if they could send me one to listen to and review!)(review here)
Yoplait Smoothie myblogspark package ( giveaway here!)

In my email:  $5 amazon from swagbucks  and $20 paypal from gather.

Frugal Friend

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yoplait Smoothie review and Giveaway

When I was contacted by myblogspark to try and review Yoplait Smoothies, I clicked in fast.
For one thing, Yoplait is my favorite yogurt.  For another thing, my teen is wanting to try a diet.  Part of that diet includes a smoothie each day.  We couldn't wait to try Yoplait Smoothies, as both of us have been wanting to.

Yoplait Smoothies come in 4 flavors:  Strawberry Mango Pineapple, Strawberry Banana, Blueberry Pomegranate and Triple Berry.  We chose Strawberry Banana to try.  It was wonderful!  So easy to fix, just add 1 cup of milk in the blender with the package and in seconds you have 2 full servings. We both look forward to try each of the 4 flavors.

We got so excited the day the Yoplait prize pack came and and rushed to the store to use the free coupon.  We couldn't wait to try it....and forgot to take any photos!

Including Yoplait Frozen Smoothies in your diet is a quick and easy way to help you get important nutrients, like vitamin C or calcium your body needs. And with seven out of every ten Americans not eating the recommended two to four servings of fruit per day, Yoplait Frozen Smoothies could help you reach that goal.

Each package of Yoplait Frozen Smoothies contains one full serving of fruit (1/2 cup) and 110 to 120 calories per serving. Not only does Yoplait yogurt contain live and active cultures, but when prepared with skim milk and made according to package directions, Yoplait Frozen Smoothies are a good source of calcium. So raise your smoothie glass and toast to a new you!

Found in the frozen fruit aisle of your local grocery store, Yoplait Frozen Smoothies come in four delicious flavors. Be sure to check out the newest flavor, Blueberry Pomegranate, along with other favorites like Triple Berry, Strawberry Banana, and Strawberry Mango Pineapple.

Don't forget to visit Yoplait Frozen Smoothie on Facebook to download a great coupon! And follow Yoplait Frozen Smoothie on Twitter to keep up with their latest and greatest products!

Now for the fun!  One of my lucky readers (sorry, open only to US residents) will receive the prize pack shown below:

Prize pack includes a cool water bottle, diet & fitness journal, free coupon for Yoplait Smoothies and a nylon bag.

Giveaway starts Sunday February 6, 2011 and ends Thursday February 17, 2010 at 9 pm CST.  Winner will be chosen through   Winner will have 48 hours to contact me or another winner will be chosen.

How to enter:

Mandatory entry:  Comment below telling me how you plan to incorporate Yoplait Smoothies into your menu plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  (make sure I have a way to contact you if you win as well.)

Extra entries:  (leave a separate comment for each entry)

1.  Follow my blog.

2.  Subscribe to my blog by email.

3.  Tweet this giveaway.  You can use the share link at the top of this post.  Please include the status url to your tweet, and use the hashtag #myblogspark

4.  Vote for me On the Fence.

5.  Post this giveaway, including the URL to this post on your own blog, on facebook, in gather, or any other website that allows you to share.  (you can do this on more than one website for 1 entry for each one)

Good Luck!!

Disclaimer:  The product, prize pack and giveaway were given to me by Yoplait® through MyBlogSpark.

Kat McGivern--My Kamikaze Heart Album Review

Kat McGivern's newest album, My Kamikaze Heart, was released November 23, 2010.

I was given the opportunity to review the album and I love it!  There are 7 songs on the album
and I loved them all.

1. Kamikaze Heart
2. Dance with the Devil
3. Label Me
4. We're Just Keystrokes
5. Fall to Pieces
6. Decorated
7. Napoleon

Kamikaze Heart has reached the Top 10 on FMQB's AC Top 40 chart.   I can sure believe this as I
find myself humming it all day long.

Kat McGiven is not afraid to tell you what she thinks, and you'll definitely want to listen. 
This is included in my info sheet that came with the album.  I do believe this is true by
listening to the lyrics on the album.  I love a line in the song "We're Just Keystrokes" that
says "forget it boy, this bootie don't call".

Kat McGivern says, "I see myself as a bohemian Judy Jetson with a bad attitude."  In a sea of
cookie-cutter pop stars, this is one girl who's not afraid to stand out.  (as I stated before,
I can see just how true this is by the lyrics of the songs on this album)

Here are some places you will find Kat McGivern online:  (join the mailing list to listen to tracks free!)  (submit email to get the full version of the song Kamikaze
Heart)  (here you can listen to the song
"Label Me" as well as find lyrics to some of her other song.  Well worth the look see and to

I will close by saying again how much I enjoyed listening to this album.  I've listened to it
several times, in fact, over the past few days.  And, I will have it as a regular cd to listen
to.  I've not seen this before, but when I play the CD in my car, it shows the title of each
song before it starts playing.  I thought this was cool, and it may not be new, but I've not
seen that it before with any other cd's I've played.
The beat to the songs is great.  If you like pop music, I highly recommend this album.

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of Kat McGivern's album, My Kamikaze Heart, from LAFAMOS PR & BRANDING for the purpose of the review.  Any opinions of the album are my own.
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