Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday September 28

Good Morning!
I used to do so well, typing into my blog it's only 2 or 3 times a week...
I've just become so busy these days!

Yesterday was a FULL day. We went to church...after church I got m Walgreens lists and coupons ready to go and then went shopping. Once home we ate some ham and beans....then we headed to my mom's for her birthday cake and ice cream. Right after that we were off to church for youth group meeting. Whew! Run, run, run, and run some more.

This morning started early running my son a few places. Right now I need to be upstairs getting Jasmine up. I really want to get going on her schoolwork for the day and get that done.

I just updated my Our Unschooling Journey 4 squidoo lens. I think I would like to continue these lenses, but we aren't really unschooling so I am thinking on a name change. It's nice for me to keep a running journal of the work that is being done.

I got in my Mail Call! Week of September 20 and my Walgreen's Shopping 9/27/09 posts on gather. I've still been putting in 3 photos a day from the Kansas State Fair. I hope to get in a photo essay today along with 3 more photos, my usual daily post for my group, and a video.

We are to have a yard sale this next Saturday. According to the forecast, as of right now they aren't calling for any rain that day but the high is 64. I will keep watching it. In the meantime I have a box of clothes yet to price...a bag of misc. to price, and 2 small boxes of books to get priced. I do hope the weather holds up and that I can make a few dollars.

I better run and get Jasmine up and her day started. Have a great Monday.
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