Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday June 16

Good Morning!
Last night I was playing at winster.com and had 4 spins left and had just spun the last winnie I needed for a jackpot when the tornado sirens went off. I unplugged the laptop from the power, cashed in my jackpot, and spun my last 4 spins....then we lost electricity. Good thing for the light of the laptop as we searched all around for any candles we could find. We didn't get power back until after midnight...and I wasn't smart enough to turn off the light switches, so about the time I was finally able to get to sleep.....BAM! all the lights come on LOL

I am about to head out to sewing club. I must remember to grab my camera on the way out the door to get some photos.

Looks like now possibly they will start the work on mom's bathroom tomorrow...I sure hope so! I'm glad it wasn't today since I will be 10-3 at sewing club and no one else was comfortable about staying at Starla and Steve's without me there (well, other than Jasmine)

I better run and get a few more things done before leaving (can't take the laptop with me, already tried twice and no wireless connections available from my church at all)

Have a good day!
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