Friday, January 25, 2013

Frugal Friday With Marsha 1/25/13

I can't believe we are already to Friday again.
It's been a week of scrimping money-wise because of going out of town, eating out, etc last week during vacation. It was worth it though!

I made one last trip with what money we had for a coupon shopping trip. I spent $16.16. I only saved 63%, but I am happy with what I got for the $16.16:

Here is the photo from my shopping last Friday--Spent $6.99 and a savings of 85%:

Saturday's shopping I spent $21.87 (ouch!) and had a 66% savings:

You can look at the photos though and know that no one was starving here. Steve had brought 4 loaves of bread from work. He also went to the store and bought us fresh fruits for the week and Dr. Pepper. He used my catalina's and the remainder of his gift card to buy the Dr. Pepper. I hate to say what he spent on the fruit, but will say it was wonderful to have fresh fruit on the table all week!

Hubby and I worked together on Saturday on cleaning the house. Mostly I was sending him to the trash or out to the garage or to the basement to put things away. He did get the living room floor cleared and vacuumed for me. It's nice to look behind me and not see this one particular pile of junk that I had been seeing for a few months.
We still have lots of things to look through. We discussed the boxes and drawers that haven't been even looked in since we moved in here almost 2 years ago.

This weekend my main goal is the clutter around my desk.

This week I am sharing ways to use bar soap from the 99 Cent Solutions book:

1. Wash away your door troubles. If you have a wooden door that swells, rub down the edges with a bar of soap. It should then open and close with ease.

2. Fix that zipper. If you have a zipper that's not going up and down easily, rub a bar of soap on the teeth.

3. A run in your pantyhose and no nail polish on hand? You can rub a web bar of soap or a bit of liquid soap on the run. Once it dries the run will stop.

4. Thread tangling in your needle? Run your thread over a bar of soap before sewing and it will make tangles and knots easier to unravel.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Squidoo Hopping--Anything Goes

Coming off of vacation week, I am going to make this an anything goes week on the lenses that you share in the linky.

I am going to share the 2 that are on the bottom of my list.  I have spent very little time in squidoo the past couple of weeks.  I plan on more than making up for that today with small updates to several of my lenses, catching up on comments, and catching up on clicking lenses from these blog posts.  I do also hope to get a new lens built today as well.  Can I do it?

In the comments, if you've learned something new in squidoo over the past 2 weeks, share it.



Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday--Guild Challenge

Hubby was on vacation last week.  We traveled out of town for a few days.
I took along my box of applique bunnies---fully intending to work on them.  I never even opened the box!
In fact, I don't think I worked on any crafts at all.

The previous Friday was sit n' sew at the quilt shop.  I took several UFO's to work on.  I did work on some folded hotpads.  I have 3 of those ready to hand sew the back of the binding.  I worked on plastic bag holders, but only completed one.

I got motivated Sunday afternoon to get started on my challenge for quilt guild.  The challenge is to use Ohio Star, half square triangles, or flying geese---3 different sizes---in a wall hanging or a table runner.   I had these "busy" squares with flowers already cut so I decided to make us a table runner for spring.  The challenges aren't turned in until the end of March afterall.

When I say busy, I'm not kidding!!
I've decided to also make a matching wall hanging.  However, it will be a bit different--at least my plan right now---I am making 4 of the full squares as the middle above, then also doing rows of full squares with the other blocks.  It may end up being what I turn in for the challenge instead of the table runner if the size fits the requirements.

It may be crazy, but I like it.  They will sure brighten up our living room in the spring!
It's such a rare occasion that I actually make something for use.  Most of the time my concern is making things that might sell in my etsy shop.

I don't think I will list my UFO's, but I do need to stay busy on my sewing and get projects done.  I have other projects that I want to move on to.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Homeschool Journal--It Was Vacation Week

 Hubby had a week of his vacation last week, so school work wasn't a priority  :)   In fact, the only book work that she did was a page in her Vocabulary Enrichment workbook and the chapter test in her Earth Science textbook.
We also did attend Bible study at church.

We spent a few days out of town with my middle daughter and her family.  That was such a blessing to be able to make the trip and spend time with them.
We did go bowling while we were there---which yes, is written in our time log for PE.

Here is a couple of pictures of Jasmine bowling:

We've started this week out strong, getting in all of the subjects yesterday.  We are heading out the door now for weekly Bible study at church.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Jantastic Swag Code Extravaganza Coming January 22!

This coming Tuesday Swagbucks is celebrating the month of January with a bunch of Swag Codes - if you can get them all, you'll have an extra 65 Swag Bucks at the end of the day. They'll be happening all throughout the day, so check their blog, Facebook and Twitter for potential clues. Also, if you have the new Toolbar installed you'll be able to check for Swag Codes all day long!

If you haven't joined Swagbucks yet, click this link to join the fun and start earn reward points that you can exchange for free stuff like gift cards! Use the code JANTASTIC during sign up - that way you'll start with 100 Swag Bucks instead of the usual 30. Enter the code exactly as it appears with no spaces.
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