Friday, August 9, 2013

Back To School Collector's Bills with Swagbucks Starting Monday!

Swagbucks has just announced they're launching their latest set of Collector's Bills starting on Monday, Aug 12th. For the first time, they're running 3 sets consecutively -- that means triple the chances for BONUS SBs. For each set you complete (winnable only through Search) you get an automatic 10 Swag Buck Bonus:

Collectively they are Back to School Collector's Bills!

Elementary Bills - Start: Monday 8/12 00:00 Expire: Sunday 8/18 23:59
High School Bills - Start: Monday 8/19 00:00 Expire: Sunday 8/25 23:59
University Bills - Start: Monday 8/26 00:00 Expire: Sunday 9/1 23:59

You can see how many you have by checking the "My Swag Bucks" area of your Account Info. Swagbucks Collector's Bills are always fun to try and get, and if you haven't starting earning free gift cards using Swagbucks, this is a great time to start! Just click this link and start earning with me today!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Seaper Powers by Kim Cameron and John DePatie--Review and Giveaway!

Introducing Seaper Powers

Written by Kim Cameron and John DePatie, Seaper Powers is a magical tale about a little girl named Emma who uncovers a special power to talk to fish! With her new found ability, Emma searches for buried treasure with the help of two sea creatures. It is a perfect adventure story for children ages 3-9.

I was sent the audio version of Seaper Powers.
Such a delightful story.
The audio is about 60 minutes long.  There is music in between each chapter.
I've not had a chance to let my grandchildren hear the story yet, but I know they will really enjoy it.  I enjoyed it as as adult.
The last chapter was a surprise to me...and no, I will not spoil it  :)
Having the audio book with the songs is a real treat and adds more to the story.

Official Bio:

Kim Cameron began her career on KHAT TV as a small town reporter after DJ'ing on KRNU. With a journalism degree in hand, she moved to the Washington DC area writing for the Smithsonian Institute.  Her career took numerous twists and turns through corporate ladders and organizations, but telling stories was always a passion.  She is a proven lyricists with a song catalog of over 65, including a few children's songs.  She wrote her first musical in 2012 while writing for the National Examiner and providing the voice over character for an Asian animation movie.

Kim is a true believer in inspiring and nurturing kids.  She teaches vocal lessons to students at the School of Rock and volunteers at the Children's Hospital, singing at their bedsides.
While on tour in the Caribbean, she met a 12 year old who had a fascination with octopi.  This brief encounter inspired the creation of Mr. Octopus, a children's tune featuring a 7 year old that Kim recently signed to her record label. After completing the song, her co-writer and guitarist, John DePatie, encouraged her to take the song to next level by writing a children's book using the song as the impetus.

After the story was written, John and Kim thought it would be better told using a live narrator and the incorporation of the song.  After months of production, narration, editing, the creation of original musical score and sound effects, the audiobook was completed.  

While Kim has had many accomplishments, she and John consider this their biggest feat.  Seaper Powers is the first of a series that Kim and John have committed to write and produce.

Photographer Credit: Jason Albert and Rebekah Phillips
Disclosure:  Information photos and a copy of the audio book were provided to me for the purpose of this review by LaFamos. I was not compensated and as always, all opinions are my own.
Prizes are being provided by the sponsor.

 Enter to win a physical copy or audio copy of Seaper Powers by entering using the rafflecopter form below.

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