Friday, March 18, 2016

Frugal Friday with Marsha-- Gardening on a Shoestring-- Book Review

So far my few gardening attempts this year are failing.  My seedlings never did sprout.   I rec'd the book Gardening on a Shoestring- 100 Fun Upcycled Garden Projects in and knew it would fit perfectly for this weeks Frugal Friday post.

Gardening on a Shoestring is exactly what we need around here!
This book is just pretty awesome.  Not only is it full of cool ideas, it also has sections with great gardening tips.

Chapters include:
How to be a Shoestring Gardener
Pots for a Pittance
Style on a Shoestring
Grow Food for Peanuts
How to Make New Plants for Free
How Not to Waste Money on Gardening Supplies
Keep Your Garden Healthy for (Almost) Nothing

I can't wait to read this book cover to cover, take notes, and most of all give some of these things a try.
What stands out to me right now is how to make starter pots with toilet paper rolls and newspapers.  I love those ideas!  Another idea in the book that I see that I know I will use is making raised beds from bricks.  I already have the black roll that you lay on the ground to help prevent weeds, and we have stacks of bricks in our garage just waiting to be used.

The tips alone throughout the book should really help me to know what I'm doing.   My dad was such an awesome gardener, and he gardened on a shoestring.  He grew up very poor, living with 5 brothers and a sister in a  tiny shack in a field in Missouri.  He learned hands on.  I wish I had paid more attention.  I see in this book how I can make my dream come true of gardening like my dad did.
I also hope to make use of several of the landscaping ideas in the book as well.

If you are a gardener, or like me, and want to be one, I highly recommend this book!

Disclosure:  I rec'd this book in exchange for my honest review.  I was not compensated in any other way and any opinions are my own.  This post does include affiliate links.

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