Friday, November 26, 2010

Walgreen's--Black Friday Sales and Jingle Cash

(yes, I feel I went overboard, but would have liked to have bought it all!!)

Well....I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to find coupons to match the sales at Walgreen's.  As usual, I didn't find all I wanted to, and some that were printable had already reached their limit.
I made a list.......then realized I didn't have time to go yesterday.  I didn't stick to the list, adding in extras as I seen them.  I couldn't help it knowing how much Jingle Cash I would be getting back.

I woke up this morning and asked Steve to take me.  On the way there I asked him how many of the things I wanted to get did he think they would be out of?  He guessed probably most of them and so did I.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that for a change, they were actually stocked up!  In fact, they had all the free after Jingle Cash (what they are calling the register rewards for the holidays) on one end cap.  The .99 cent items after Jingle Cash were all on another end cap.

Anyway here is what I got:
Gillette Fusion Pro-Series Skin Care--$5.49 with $5.50 back in Jingle Cash (referred to as JC throughout the rest of this post)
Nivea For Men Shave Gel--$2.99 with $3 back in JC  (this is one I couldn't get the coupon for)
A&W Root Beer 2 ltr.  on sale for .99 with .99 back in JC
Old Spice Fresh Collection Body Spray--$3.99 with $4 back in JC  (another one I couldn't find the buy 1 get 1 free coupon they said was out)
Secret Scent Sensations Body Splash--$3.49 with $3.50 back in JC
Scunci Hair Elastics  $1.99 with $2 back in JC
Just for Men 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner--$4.99, used $2 coupon and got back $5 in JC
Gum Eez-Thru Flossers 90 pack (my pack is bonus of 120)  $2.25, used .75 coupon and got back $2.25 in JC
Advil PM 4 ct--.99 and got back .99 JC
Thermacare Heat Wraps--$2.49, used $1 coupon, got back $2.50 in JC
Olay Body Wash--$3.49, used $1 coupon, got back $2.50 in JC
Cover Girl Mascara $3.99, used $1 coupon, got back $2 in JC
Bic Soleil Disposable razors--$2.99, used $2 coupon and got back $2 in JC
Noxema skin care scrub--$3.99, got back $3 in JC
Right Guard Total Defense--$2.99--used buy 1 get 1 free coupon to get an extra one free, got back $2 in JC
I also bought a Nivea for Men Body wash and Nivea for Women Body wash.  I had a rain check from a previous sale of 2 for $5.  I then used a $3 coupon and a $2 coupon making them free.

So....yikes!  My total was $44.87 after using $15.74 in coupons. I use the $10 gift card I had gotten in from mypoints.  I paid the rest of out of my paypal.    $4.52 of my total was sales tax.

I now have a total of 15 Jingle Cash's, totaling a value of $41.23. 
This is going to be a challenge to use these.  Those who use RR's know that the ones from the Proctor and Gamble products don't allow you to use them on P&G products.  Plus, they have to be used by Dec. 10 when they expire.

So, I am now on a mission to get all my coupons cut and filed.  Then I will watch for what is on sale and what I can get the best deals with, hopefully not paying much more than the sales tax, and getting back more to spend later.  When I said back in business with Walgreen's, that is what I be able to keep turning them in to more while getting great deals along the way.

Earlier this week Steve and I went to Walgreen's and bought the 6 ft. Pre-Lit Christmas tree that is on sale for $19.99.  We also bought the wrapping paper on sale buy one roll for $1.99 get 2 rolls free.   I put the tree up today.  It's nice to have a bit of a larger one than the 3 ft one we borrowed last year from his sister.  It's a skinny tree, so I found a corner to fit it in.

P.S.  The majority of what I bought will be included in with Christmas gifts that I give.

"Wow! You Saved How Much?" Review and Giveaway

I've been wanting to read Wow! You Saved How Much?  by Renita Perrone ever since I found out she was writing the book!
I'm excited to be able to do this review and giveaway.

This book is straight forward and realistic on teaching you how you can save hundreds of dollars each month.  Savings not only on groceries, but non-food items as well!
As put to me by the author--she's not added much "fluff" to the book.

I printed out the ebook and now have it in a folder.  The book includes pages at the end to take notes on.

The book is not only about how to make the most out of using coupons and sales, but also many other ways to save money.  There are pages of many little things that you can do to save money.  Little changes that mean a lot to your pocketbook.

If you are new to using coupons, I recommend this book!  If you are a seasoned coupon user, I still highly recommend this book.  It will motivate you to keep going! 

I started using coupons, and doing refunds in 1982.  That was the year I got married.  My mom was highly into coupons and refunds.  She set me up with a box of coupons as well as refund forms.  She even included proofs of purchase I needed to get started with the refunding.  I've been hooked every since.  

With today's economy, are you doing all you can to save?

Renita is allowing me to give away a copy of her ebook to one of my lucky blog readers.  See below for details on how you can win.  ******Just in!!******  Renita has decided to allow me to give away one hard copy of "Wow! You Saved How Much?" AND 2 copies of the ebook.  Three winners!  Woo hoo!!   First chosen will receive the hard copy, second and third chosen will receive the ebooks.

Giveaway rules:  This giveaway starts Friday November 26, and will end Friday December 10, 2010 at 9 pm CST.

Winner will be chosen using   Winner will have 48 hours to contact me, or another winner will be chosen.   Make sure that at least one of your comments has a way for me to contact you if you win.

Mandatory entry:   Visit back and tell me something you learned, or a coupon story of your own.

Bonus entries:  (leave one comment for each extra entry)

1.  Visit Renita's blog The Savings Habit AND subscribe while you are there.  Leave her a message that you were sent over by Marsha's Spot.

2.  Follow my blog publicly with google friend connect.

3.  Post this giveaway on twitter, facebook, your own blog, social networking sites, etc.  This can be done up to 4 times throughout the giveaway for up to 4 entries.  Please leave link to each one you post to.

4.  Visit My Coupon/Refund Story squidoo lens.  Leave a comment there to let me know you were there.  Please note that comments won't show up until I accept them.

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this review and giveaway.  I was sent the Wow!  You saved How Much? ebook to read for the purpose of this review and giveaway.

Online Black Friday Party!!

I'm currently in an online Black Friday party.  I invite you to join us!

Some of us sponsors are offering good deals as well as there are links to numerous merchants for great deals.

And hey, with each purchase, you are put in to the drawing to win prizes!!  If you remember, last year I ended up winning the grand prize from this party, which was worth about $150!

Join us in the chatroom here:

Click here to find out more about us sponsors as well as prizes available to win:

and, this page will show you alphabetically all the great deals that are offered online right now!

I hope you will at least pop in and chat for a bit throughout the day.  That's always fun.  You don't need to be a member of piepoints to participate in the party...(but if you are, you do earn points per dollar on purchases)  you will still get entries in for the prize drawings with purchase.
Hope to see you there!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Welcome to WIP Wednesday, hosted by Every Day Crochet.  Please click the button at the end of my post to join in on the fun.  Share your own works in progress, or go check out what others are working on.

Busy has become my middle name as they say.  Mostly busy away from home taking others around.
I did finish reading the Capablanca Variation and have my book review here if you would like to take a look.

I finished up my friends order for dish scrubbies, which she picked up last night.  I finished the washcloth and dish scrubbie order and got it mailed out.  And, I've worked on the other craft order for fabric bags, washclothes and dish scrubbies.  I didn't get the order finished, but just have the dish scrubbies to finish up.  Below is a photo of one of the 5 fabric bags I made for the order.  I also listed them in my etsy store on a will make as ordered basis.
 Life's been crazy since my oldest daughter got a full time job.  I now ride to work with her so that I can keep her car for the day and get children to and from school as well as run other's around....and add that to the things I was already doing.  I'm having a hard time coping with the getting up so early in the morning, and winter is setting in, which isn't helping.
I'm finishing up reading another book--How To Organize Your Life (not sure of exact title since it's in my tote in the car).  Last night's chapter was on organizing your time.  It was quite interesting.  I need to take it to heart...especially the part of saying no to some so that I can have the time I need for things that I want and need to get done.

Some good news on my end is that my laptop is back!!!!  Such a Godsend that all it needed was the keyboard replaced, and that we have a friend that is a computer tech.  He not only was able to get the keyboard cheap with his discount, but did all the work for me without charging me anything.  I need to make sure to make him some of my treats at Christmas time.

I can't wait to see what next week will bring on getting things done with the Christmas season starting.  Busy Busy Busy....oh yeah, just call me Marsha Busy Seiberling  LOL

Signing out for now.  I hope you will hop over and enter my Old El Paso Family Taco Night Review and Giveaway if you haven't already.  It ends Dec. 2.  I have another giveaway I hope to get posted Friday as well as another one coming soon.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giveaways Linky Tuesday

Having a giveaway?  Share it here!  Linky is posted each Tuesday and you can add to it until the following Tuesday when the new linky is listed.

Please post giveaway name and ending date.  Link directly to the giveaway post, not to your blog home.

Thanks, good luck, and have fun!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Jello Sugar Free Mousse Temptations Review

I was excited when I rec'd an email from Stephanie at saying that I had been chosen to do a review for Kraft products.  Part of the review included trying Jello Sugar Free Mousse Temptations.

I rec'd my package in the mail today and went to the store right away.  I had a real interest in doing these reviews because my boyfriend is hyperglycemic and can not have sugar.  He does buy the Sugar Free Jello pudding on a regular basis for himself.  He's never tried the Mousse Sensation.
At the store I found 3 flavors available: Chocolate Mint, Dark Chocolate Decadence, and Chocolate Indulgence.  I now know there is also Caramel Creme available.  I wanted to get the Chocolate Mint, but my daughter wasn't sure if my boyfriend would like that since he usually gets just chocolate.   So, I chose the Chocolate Indulgence.

We all had a cup with our supper for dessert.  I didn't have any complaints at all.  My boyfriends first comment was "It's fluffy" to which I replied that mousse is supposed to be fluffy.   I like the fluff.

I normally want nothing to do with sugar free at all.  In the past I've had a problem with after taste is sugar free products.  I do not notice an after taste with these.

Other information you need to know:  There are just 60 calories per cup.  There are 0 grams of trans fat.   There is 6 grams of sugar alcohol.

I've also decided that I do need to be more health conscious.  You can go to and sign up for tips, stories and recipes.   I went in and found that I was already a member.  I looked around and find the recipes to look wonderful!  I look forward to trying many of them in the future.

After trying the Mousse Temptations, I would buy them in the future.  I would like to try the other flavors.  My boyfriend says they were good, as chocolate is always good, but he would prefer to stick with the sugar free Jello pudding his is used to.  He didn't care for the fluff.

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this review.  The opinions are my own.  I received a free coupon for the Sugar Free Mousse Temptations as part of a package from gather and Kraft for the purpose of this review.  See the original post asking for reviewers here:

Mailbox Monday's

Good Monday Morning!  Time to share the freebies that came in the mail last week.  In conjunction with, please click the button at the bottom of my post and join in the fun, or check out what others have gotten free.

I had a good mail week!
I rec'd:
Tom's of Maine trial size toothpaste
Sports Illustrated magazine
Dove Ultimate deoderant trial size
coupon train
Newsweek magazine (Jasmine gets this free)
Adopted Ed book from One2One Network to read and review
Postcard from Connecticut
Postcard from Delaware
Tide with acti-lift sample with $1 Target coupon
Glad Odor Shield tall kitchen bag sample with $1 Target coupon
Forbes magazine (another Jasmine gets free)
2 Time magazines
Entertainment Weekly magazine
2 other pieces of hausernet mail
cash for a craft order
$10 Walgreen's gift card from mypoints

In my email:
$20 paypal from gather
$7.32 paypal from squidoo
$3.94 paypal from neobux
payment for a craft order to paypal

I forgot some of the items in my photo.

Frugal Friend
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