Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sample Gal!!

Yesterday I had a really good day online. I got lots of things done on here.
I attended an online party with Faithann. I bought a candle from one lady, and some beauty items from another gal. But, what I did that was really exciting was to join Sample Gal.

This is a really neat site! What a great way to help support and get to know work at home moms (and dads) and their businesses. Buy a box and you will receive samples from several businesses.

Or, sign up as a consultant yourself and receive commissions on boxes that you sell. Sign up is FREE for a limited time!

Or, become a sponsor and send in samples from your own business to be put in to the box. Send in samples and receive points and earn a free sample box.

Or, do both!

I hope you will check it out.

Today's ebay listing is a geometry book.

I am off to work for the day soon. Just doing what I can on the computer before I have to go. I still need to get myself ready, and put the ham and beans in the crockpot for supper tonight.

Have a great Saturday!

Friday, March 28, 2008


Today I can actually say Thanks God It's Friday! Since I am working tomorrow I will spend today as my internet day. I will have to be up and down though helping girls get school work done.

It's still rainy and chilly here. Looking at the 5 day forecast it looks like after today highs in the low 60's....todays high is about 55. Its the cool wind out there that bothers me the most.

I let Elizabeth take the van so she can actually work today. Doesn't bother me a bit....great excuse as to why I can't go anywhere! I am in hopes they don't let her go form the job until she can get her own vehicle.

I went ahead and listed another lot of 2 of the Tupperware Super Cereal Storers on ebay today.
There are several watchers on the other lot of 2, but this is the last that I have of these.

I removed the movie that I listed yesterday. Sorry about that, but I guess its the one that my daughters boyfriend is missing from his collection so he wanted to just buy it from me. Works for me, but I hope I didn't make anyone didn't show any watchers.

I need to get busy finding more things to list.

I can't get internet explorer to open for some reason this morning. I always play my netwinner in it. Seems when I play in firefox everything about comes to a complete stop. I am going to have to restart my computer then I can really get busy with my money making things on here.

Have a glorious Friday!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


What is Thursday going to bring? I'm thinking other than work the only thing in my planner is to take my 16 yr old, Heather, to her group session. However, my mom just came downstairs telling me she is going to try to get a dentist appt. this afternoon. Oh joy. She just doesn't seem to understand the importance of 1-3 PM. That's the time I need to have some real school work time with the girls before it's time to go pick up my grandson from school.

Elizabeth, my oldest daughter, and Jasmine, my 11 yr old ended up working 6 hours on that community service project. Jasmine came home covered in red paint from painting fire hydrants, but very proud of herself for the work she did. I felt good for her too.

Today's ebay listing is The Bourne Identity on DVD

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

Busy seems to have become my middle name.
Todays plans include getting my daughters over to Headstart in the next 15 minutes. While I am at work today they are taking part in the DOC program. DOC stands for day of care and is something we are doing with Headstart this year with the parents. Our way of paying back the community with volunteer work. Today they are going to the town of Haven to paint benches, bleachers etc in the city park.

Then, this afternoon we have Heathers appointments and her math tutoring. This evening is Family Fun Night at our church, and the younger kids will go to Awanas at another church.

So, real quick, todays ebay list is another Lot of 4 Rocket Readers, these are Level 2 and 3.

Shot, I even volunteered to work 7 hours this Saturday at Headstart doing child care while they offer a parenting class. I can't believe I am giving up my Saturday. Saturday is the ONLY day where I virtually have the whole day for the internet, but, I need the money worse on my paycheck.

Gotta run,

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Busy Tuesday

Here it is another Tuesday....a busy Tuesday.
I have to be at work soon. Hopefully after work I have enough time before 3 pm to get some good school work done with the girls. The family therepist comes out at 3 pm.
At least I know what up for supper tonight...Shepards Pie. Then its off to bowling. Well, with taking Heather to her group in between too.

I won't have too long of a post today. I got delayed on getting on here with my granddaughter Araya this morning. She is scared of my mom. So, mom went to work and I had to stay with her and get her breakfast and get her dressed. Thank goodness daddy is here to entertain her right now hehe.

Today's ebay posting is a DVD U-571

Thanks for taking a look today.


Monday, March 24, 2008


Back to school, back to work. I don't think we have any more days off of school until early May now......then the end of the school year towards the end of May. A day I am waiting for. I am anxious to see just what I can do on this computer over the summer.

My oldest daughter started her job today, but she took my van to work with. She is working for a rental company and needs transportation to get from property to property to work. I don't like the idea, but until she can get her own vehicle we have to do what we can. This means that her boyfriend is going to get me to work and back as well as pick up my grandson from school. She is supposed to be buying herself a car on the 1st.

Today's ebay listing is a lot of 4 Rocket Readers Level Pre-Level 1.

I'm not really sure what my other plans are for today other than a trip to the grocery store this evening and working with the girls on their school work this afternoon. I have no plans once again on what to fix for supper.....I really need to sit down and make out my menus, its so much easier that way.

Have a great Monday,

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter to all!!
We started the day with breakfast at our church, then an easter egg hunt for the kids. We didn't stay for the services at our own church as my niece was being baptizes at my brothers church.
It was a nice service and a nice change (we are Lutheran, he is Baptist).

I have our Easter dinner cooking, so it's my time on the internet now.

I am disappointed with eBay. They have changed their scripting and now individual auction pages break frames in traffic exchanges. I'm deciding what I swhould do, but for now I am keeping with my goal of listing a new item each day.
Today I listed a lot of 2 Tupperware Super Cereal Storers.

And hey! I actually got the washcloths made, got pictures and got them on my table page. I also added in the rainbow colored crocheted rag rug that I made. You can find my table site at
You will please need to click Specials from the top menu to see the page.

To everyone, have a most blessed Easter!

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