Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday August 15

What happened?? I have not found the time to post for just over a week now. It's been such a busy, crazy, hectic week!!

My mom had extra dr. appts, Avon to deliver etc. My son left his girlfriend so I had to go help him get his stuff. Ariel turned 5. Willo is 2 today.
Heather got into the dentist again. We bowled again on Sunday. I had my grandson come stay over a couple of nights. We tried to stay up and watch the meteor shower. My daughter, Heather, has been over a lot. I had sewing club at church.
I'm just hoping that I get to stay home today!! Ok, I know I don't as my 12 yr old, Jasmine, is begging to go to the store for blueberry Pop Tarts. If I go to the store then I will want to shop. Yesterday I shopped just for the items on the Nabisco $20 rebate.

I have tried to keep busy with both squidoo and gather.
I was invited to join Rocketmoms at squidoo, so I'm excited about that. Otherwise.... I got the Our Unschooling Journey 4 lens started. I updated My First Quilt lens. I updated Our Unschooling Journey 2 lens, I updated the Dora the Explorer lens, Gather--The Best in Social Networking to add the latest I've gotten. Whew! I did more than I thought!

On gather I added 3 videos this week....I put in 5 photos, including my new icon I posted 14 posts this past week including Raving About Covergirl Outlast Lipstain! Mail Call! Week of August 2
Ritz Crackerfuls Review

So, I was busy off the computer, but also on the computer, just didn't get the blog written due to a lot of the things had me leaving in the AM when I usually post it.

I am off for now, and hopefully it won't be another week before I get a chance to blog again :)
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