Friday, March 12, 2010

Resolutions Journal Week 6--March 6--March 12

After keeping track on gather for 5 weeks on my resolutions, I've decided to continue to keep track of what I am accomplishing each week here in my blog. (I did win a box of 100 calorie snacks for doing the resolutions journal entries on gather)

As a reminder, here are my "resolutions" for the year:
1. Using the exercise equipment we have on a regular basis.

2. Reading whenever I get a chance so that I can do more book reviews and in turn turn those book reviews into squidoo lenses.

3. Getting back to my online business. As a whole I call it Gifts Galore and More, but includes everything that I do online to earn money.
I will be updating or building a new squidoo lens each day, working on getting crafts made and listed for sale, getting more books listed for sale, etc.

4. Getting my blog back going again.

Week 6: March 6-March 12 accomplishments:

Updated homeschoolbuy auctions

Updated Crash, online parties, and REO Speedwagon squidoo lenses

Cut t-shirts to crochet with and made another t-shirt hand bag. I made a second bag for an order from a lady at church.

Worked on plastic canvas baby blocks and cross magnets, but didn't finish any.

Finished reading Hollywood Crows and got my book review written on gather.

Listed the newest t-shirt handbag in my blujay store.

As you can see, I'm not doing well with the exercising. I'm finding myself so into doing my crafts that I'm not wanting to take even a few minutes out each day on the equipment. I do want to change that as I know it will help my well as the way I look.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Program From the Owner of Clixsense!!

I wanted to get this announced right away as if it's from the owners of Clixsense you know it's going to be good and reliable!!

$10 in your account just for joining.

Please click the banner and check it out...and join of course :)

If you aren't a member of Clixsense, you can find my banner for it at the bottom of my blog.

Thanks my friends!
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