Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday June 11

Good Morning. I still can't get the monitor right on my old computer. Why would it be fine on one system and whack on another? No matter what I put it on the screen is too light and the words are blurry. I've messed with every monitor setting and the setting on the screen settings.

I'm installing my printer to it right now, but thinking I also wish I knew how to network the printer to work from here on the laptop.

I cashed out at linkgrand yesterday again. The money was in my paypal yesterday too! I love the reliable paying sites like this.

I got a couple more of the Kansas highway videos put in to gather yesterday evening, but didn't get any updating done in squidoo.

I'm in hopes that taking my mom to the dr. this afternoon is the only place I need to go. Well, I would like to go to Walgreens as I have a $1 register rewards taht expires today. I need to grocery shop but my coupons are just in a mess! Hopefully I can get a list of the good deals at the store today and go through coupons this evening to shop tomorrow. I also really want to get busy on getting the basement reorganized too. Wish me luck on all this!

Off I go...have a great Thursday.
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