Saturday, June 14, 2008


Good morning!
Busy Saturday coming right up. I am about to head out the door to go to sewing club at church. That goes all morning.
This evening is the block party for our neighborhood. It's always a lot of fun, and a lot of good food. Only $2 admission gets all you can eat, a band, a parade, moonwalks and other things like that for the kids etc. Pretty neat how they block off a 3 block area to do it.

Triple points has ended on Gather. I came up about 500 pts short of my goal but I will keep working at it. I see storage containers from Home Depot with my gift card.

Here is the article I want to share with you from associated content:
How To Alleviate Separation Anxiety

Here is a page I ran across at ebay that I didn't know existed....I haven't messed with it much except to put in my picture.
My Ebay World

Have a fine day!


Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Friday!

It's Friday, and I have NO plans outside the house other than we are meeting my boyfriend, Steve, and his mother at Long John Silvers this evening for supper.

Woo Hoo! They extended the triple points at Gather until Midnight tonight so I can finally have a mostly full day to work on getting points.
I just wrote an article about my cat if you would like to check it out.
Meet My Friend Ichygo

I also found out that we now get performance pay at associated content, meaning pay per view of our articles. (where have I been??) After receiving a nice surprise of paypal pay into my account, and I've done virtually nothing on the site, I am going to work a bit to get my articles seen there. I don't know that I will write anything new, but will share the 7 articles here with you over the next week. They were all written 3 years ago.
Best Places to Camp In Kansas

And finally for today....I have listed a lot of 3 Duplicating Masters workbooks on ebay. Please read the description for full details.
Duplicating Masters Workbooks-Grade 5-Lot of 3--See Details

Thanks so much...see you tomorrow!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Good morning. Looks like rain most of this day. We didn't get much last night and the storms didn't hit here, but the wind was so high we had trouble with the lights flickering.

I have to take my mom to pick up her commodities food this morning, then head over to church and unload the boxes I have in the van. Come home and put whatever more boxes I can get off the front porch in to the van.
This afternoon I am busy taking Heather to her group and my mom to her doctor appointment. I also want to get my Walgreens rebate shopping done as well.
This evening I have council meeting at church.
So.....any time in between that I am home I will be working as much as I can at for this last day of the triple points.

I ask again that you please take a look at my whole listings at ebay.
I'm at a stand still, so to speak, on what to list, but have duplicates of some books still to list. Making a decision on what to do from here as far as ebay goes....relisting some of the ended items that are different is my next option.

Thanks so much!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I have to say Good Afternoon, instead of good morning today. I got up and started playing games at msn live since they are offering double points today only.

Nothing written in my planner today, but I just read in the paper that Goody's at the mall is closing. Jasmine had gotten a $10 Goody's gift card for Christmas that she's never used. We are going to grab some lunch and head out there to use it. I need to also stop in at Hobby Lobby and pick up some plastic canvas, and go to Home Depot to get tomato cages.

Today I ask that you look at my whole list of what I have on ebay please.
For the moment I am not relisting, but listing what I have duplicates of.

That's it for today, haven't even opened Gather or Boomertowne yet today.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Boy, was I off yesterday! It was Monday....Heathers groups are Tuesdays and Thursdays! LOL Not long after I posted, they called and changed her appointment to this afternoon too. All I ended up doing away from home was child care at work and taking my mom to the dr.
Today, Heather will go to her appointment and to her group. Also today....MAJOR Wal Mart shopping for me!!!! I got my stimulus check in the mail yesterday and I need ink for my printer, craft supplies, mailing supplies etc. This is my time to stock up on these items while I do have the money.

I was able to cash out again yesterday at boomertowne, this time for $50 in Target gift cards. I'm still working all I can in Gather during triple point time to work towards enough to get a $25 Home Depot card by the end of Thursday.

Today on ebay I have listed 2 young adult readers....When Science Fails and God's Leader for a Nation Abraham Lincoln, both excellent books.

Have a glorious day!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Busy Monday!

Another busy day...I can't believe this for summer!
Heather has an appointment this morning. I go to work at 12:15 to do child care for the policy council meeting. As soon as I get home from work I need to get in to the UTR Birthday Celebration (join us today by clicking the button at the don't want to miss out seeing who wins the Grand prize!)
Then, I will have to miss the first drawing of the party to take Heather to her group therepy and take my mom to her dr appt. I will be presenting at the party from 6-7 pm cst.
I don't think that I will find time for a nap today LOL

Today's ebay listing is a lot of 4 Stars reproducible workbooks. These are very interesting, I hope you will take a look.

Have a great day, and take a nap for me ;)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Miss me?

Did you miss me posting yesterday? We had our yard sale. I had intended on spending some time on the computer and letting others watch the sale. Instead I ended up staying out there the entire time. I finished up a couple of hotpads I was crocheting. Then I finished the prayer shawl that I was crocheting for church. Then, I got the rest of my coupons sorted into my box, and culled out expired coupons from letter A-L.
I still would have made more sitting here on the computer than I made at the sale sitting here in front of the computer. Not to mention I would have stayed a whole lot cooler.

I wrote an article at Gather about the yard sale if you would like to check it out.
Gather is offering triple point June 6-12th so I am spending as much time as I can there around what seems to be a very busy schedule outside of home.

Today's ebay listing is a relist of the Reading Street 6 Grammar and Writing workbook.

Here's to a restful Sunday!

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