Friday, April 1, 2016

Frugal Friday with Marsha --More on Menu Planning

Last week I wrote about my daughter making up a menu plan, then shopping for all of the foods on the plan.
This week I went down and made a list of all the foods in the deep freeze and I meal planned from there.

Interestingly enough, this morning when I opened my kindle app to do some reading in one of the books I've shared with you before, I seen a title on the bottom row that interested me enough to click on it.  The ebook costs $2.99, but I downloaded the sample to read.

It's called Six Dollar Family and it's by Stacy Barr and is how she went from being a homeless mom with $6 in her pocket to where she is now.  
I want the whole book, but being my thrifty self, I don't like to spend more than 99 cents for an ebook.  I will highlight it at the bottom of this post for anyone interested.

In just the sample that I downloaded, she talks about the difference between a thrifty person and a frugal person, yes, including meal planning.  I want to share those 2 excerpts with you today:

"The thrifty person may know what tomorrow's dinner is, but they don't plan their meals or their grocery shopping.  Instead, they often wing it with boxed or packaged meals they picked up on sale, wander through the store buying "what looks good" and often give in to wasteful impulse buys."

"A frugal person menu plans regularly using what they already have in their home first and grocery shopping second.  They often cook meals from scratch and know the "true" cost of boxed meals doesn't always mean just a monetary value."

I fall in the frugal category here, and is exactly what I've done this week----and hope to continue to do. Once the stock of what we have on hand goes down, we can go from there, shopping the sales only on meats and other foods.  I just need to stick with it and give the grocery lists to my daughter.

Stacy Barr has a blog as well that I have checked out this morning.  I see so many posts I can't wait to read and I'm sure you will too.  Check it out!!  Six Dollar Family   From there you can also follow her on on the social media as well.

Here is the link to her book on amazon.  I encourage you, if nothing else to do as I did, and download the sample.  I'm getting a lot out of what I am reading.  So much, in fact, that I'm sure I will go ahead and buy the entire ebook.  On the amazon page where it says customers who bought this also bought these, I see 3 more ebooks right there that I want!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Coupons to Print

For each coupon, click the banner, or the link to access them  :)

Sign up for a free Atkins quick-start kit, including a carb counter and a printable BOGO coupon to get any Atkins product of equal or lesser value for free.

Click and print coupon to save $.50 on any ONE SUPERPRETZEL Soft Pretzel Product.

Don't forget to print out your $1 coupon for Dole Fruitocracy. You can find my full blog post about it HERE, or you can just click HERE to print your coupon. (2 prints per computer allowed)
Here are pictures of my granddaughters Araya and Willo enjoying their Fruitocracy. It is very good, and good for you with 20% of the daily Vitamin C in each pouch.

Don't forget to check each of these sites on a regular basis as coupons change frequently!

Happy Saving!!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Family Fun Magazine Suggests These Toys for Your April Fool's Jokes

FamilyFun Magazine is preparing for April Fool’s Day on April 1st with the below list of hilarious tricks and gags. From faux bugs and tricky jelly beans to noise putty and fake teeth, FamilyFun’s list will have everyone in the friendly pranking mood!

From mind-reading tricks to faux-gum pranks, your child will learn dozens of ways to fake out his friends with this book of tricks. Ages 8 and up, $13;

You better watch where you sit come April 1! The iconic balloon trick never fails. Ages 3 and up, $7 for 12;

What are you looking at? These oversize eyeball specs wiggle and jiggle as your child moves his head around. Ages 14 and up, $9;

Think before you shake on that April Fools’ Day truce. With this wind-up, wearable buzzer, your partner in crime could give you quite the shock when your hands meet. Ages 6 and up, $4;

Eat this candy only if you dare! (Or, of course, if you’re tricked.) Is that flavor berry blue or toothpaste? Chocolate pudding or dog food? You won’t know until you take a bite. Ages 6 and up, $2.50;

Does somebody need a bathroom pass? Push the putty to create a symphony of hilariously embarrassing bodily noises. Ages 5 and up, $4 each;

This trick is what nightmares are made of—a giant cockroach that kids can wind and send scurrying into a room. Ages 6 and up, $25 for a set of 4 bugs;

Smile! That family pic is more fun when a squirt of water replaces the camera flash. (But photographer, beware: A switch of a button directs the stream back on you.) Ages 8 and up, $7;

Whether it’s the sound of a doorbell ring or glass breaking, this pocket-size noise machine will up your child’s prank game.Ages 6 and up, $14;

Quick, schedule an emergency dentist appointment! Kids will get a rise out of teachers or other parents with any one of these four sets of fake teeth. Ages 5 and up, $4;

Disclosure:  Family Fun Magazine sent me the list to share with my readers.  I was not compensated for sharing the list, and none of the links are associated to me.
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