Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday April 11

Happy Saturday!
Looks like todays high is to be 64 and tomorrow back down to only 50 for a high.
We are heading out soon to the church where the kids go for Awanas for an Easter egg hunt.
Once home I am starting on our Easter Dinner. We are doing our dinner and egg hunt at home today. Tomorrow the grandkids go with their father right after church is over.

I sure felt like I had a very productive day yesterday. It was a nice feeling after week of feeling like I wasn't getting much done. I don't expect to get much done today or tomorrow except Holiday things, and I am ok with that.

I updated my squidoo lens on my Crafts As Gifts. It really needed to be updated for sure!
I also wrote a couple extra posts on gather...nothing important really, rants mostly. I was feeling frustrated with not smoking, but I made it through. Now, to make it through today, tomorrow and onward. I know each day without smoking will be even better than the day before until my craving is gone.

I got in my Cranenergy drink from gather to try and to review. I will start today to replace my afternoon can of Dr. Pepper with the Cranenergy to see what it does for me.

I won't be posting a blog tomorrow so I will end today by saying:

Glitter Graphics -

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday April 10

Good Morning! It's Good Friday, and I do believe it's going to be a great Friday.
We had lots of rain and wind last night. So much rain that the driveway is flooded. Now they say skies will stay clear until Easter Sunday. If it's going to rain on Sunday I hope it waits until evening like it did last night.

Yesterday was a busy day, today will be a busy will Saturday and Sunday. It's all good, as I've smoked my last cigarette and I am bound and determined to keep it that way!
I've done dishes this morning, put pinto beans and seasoning in the crockpot to freeze portions for refried beans, and I have the eggs boiled for the kids to dye later.
Lots of housework to be done, things to do on the computer, crafts to get completed to mail to customers, the list goes on and on.

I did a bunch of posting on gather yesterday here and there. I am going to direct you to my post home page if you are interested. I wrote about my shopping, Jasmine's vegetarian meal, our walk and a couple of days ago about my Walgreens shopping. Marsha's Gather posts home page

No school for the kids today and I can hear from upstairs that they are already driving my mother insane....if they come down here they know they have to help me pick up their toys...they tend to avoid being down here when they know they have to clean up LOL I am going to get busy now on getting in clean...

Here's to a great start to your Easter weekend!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday April 9

Good Morning!
I got busy this morning with some housework and also looking through coupons for today's shopping trip. When I came over to the computer I couldn't get online. I'm here to tell you that I don't like the automated system that cable has now. I was pretty sure it was the modem or the wireless router but I didn't know what to do about it. It took 45 minutes to finally get to unplug the router, and plug it back in, whic is what got my internet back....sigh....

Jasmine and I will walk to the store today. My mom said when she called time and temp this morning it said 50ยบ that is what the predicted high it for the day. I hope I don't walk outside to find it colder than that!

I am doing a lot of sorting and reorganizing. I really need to get the address cards done and into my file box. I have made myself a big enough box that I can keep my envelopes, cards, stamps, etc also in the box. I'm to all the monthly cleaning items that I put to start in April. It is making a difference in the way the house is looking, so I am happy about that. Yesterday having to go to work put a damper on things, but I am catching up on the cards that I didn't get to.

I didn't seem to do much on the computer at all yesterday...and well, not seeming to get much done today either. It really pays to find the time to keep your coupons cut and organized. I am having to go through what is in my binder, what is in the abc file box cut and ready for the binder as well as stacks of uncut inserts to get ready for my shopping.

I will stop boring you today, maybe I will have something more exciting tomorrow...although I do plan on sleeping in tomorrow since there is no school, and it's my big cleaning in the basement never ends does it?

Have a good Maundy Thursday.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday April 8

Good Morning! Darn me, I just agreed to go in and work my old job for the day. Little did I think about the fact that I am doing so on my first smoke free day...well, maybe that will help me out. I have to walk to work but today's high is 70 so it should be a nice day.

Malachi did get to come home yesterday but he's just not right...his front legs are staying way too far apart when he tries to walk...he can barely get up and down the stairs, well, he can't without falling. The animal shelter claimed he was still goofy from the anesthetic but that doesn't sound right to me.

I got to do my Walgreens shopping last night. I will post on gather about that sometime later today. I got so busy yesterday that I didn't get any of my gather groups done, I will have to do double today. I posted a couple photos of Malachi and a post about him being home, and I did another post on Jasmine being vegetarian.

I only just updated my mycoolcontests squidoo lens as I won another prize on mycoolcontests yesterday. I only put in enough modules to show 15 prizes, but I'm thinking now that I will just keep adding more as I win more prizes.

No other news here, I will be taking a LONG nap after work because I barely slept at all last night.
Have a good day,

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday April 7

Good Morning. All I really wanted to do this morning was stay in bed, warm under my covers. I am so tired of being cold and wearing all these extra clothes in my attempt to be warm. High today is supposed to be 64, and about the same tomorrow, but then it drops to the 50's. I can sure hope and pray that changes and it warms up for Easter weekend.

Malachi, our dog is supposed to come home today!! He stayed a day longer at the shelter because the kids decided to go ahead and have him neutered while we was there. They say they have the money to pick him up and I sure hope they are telling the truth. I miss that little guy.

The online party went pretty well yesterday despite the fact that we didn't have that many in the party room. I'm sure what helped me was that they got double entries for ordering from me. I ended up getting 4 orders! Pretty great for me. I have a total of 8 dish scrubbies to get made, the rest of the items are already made. I should be busy with that.

I did get busy yesterday and updated my business squidoo lenses. Here they are if you choose to visit them. Sample Gal Jerky Direct Cello In A Box and Under The Rainbow Gifts Whew, that kept me busy a good part of the afternoon, but I am glad they are done.

In other news, this is our last night for the bowling season. I'm sad to see it over as it really does me good to get out once a week and have some fun away from home! Plus, honestly it's about the only time I see my boyfriend, but I guess he and I are the only ones that can make a change there. I have my Walgreens list and coupons ready for my shopping there on the way to the bowling alley.

Until tomorrow, have a great day!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday April 6

Good Morning!
I am alternating between cleaning and working on the computer this morning as I have the online party starting at Noon CST. My turn to present this evening and all day anyone who orders from me gets 2 prize entries instead of just 1. I hope that works out for me. I need orders!

I didn't make my goal of getting all the books listed yesterday, but I did get the ones listed that I wanted on blujay. I will work off and on getting what I can listed to homeschoolbuy today.

I woke up this morning realizing its the 6th and I have yet to update my Under the Rainbow gifts, Sample Gal, and Cello In A Box squidoo lenses. Well, I did update the Sample Gal earlier with a great special. I believe that ended yesterday so I need to take that off and change products around for this month. Maybe I can get all 3 done today around being in the party. Only time will tell at this point...can't predict the future for sure.

I got a post in on gather yesterday about my shopping on Saturday as well as my Budget Sunday Dinner post in. I've got to get better again about sharing links here to both my gather posts and my squidoo pages. It just seems that my days are so crazy with me trying to get everything in that I want to accomplish. I don't see any way to slow down though.

I am going to leave you with the link to the Under the Rainbow Spring Fling. This is the final day with extra prize drawings today as well as the grand prize drawing at the very end of the day. I truly hope some of you will pop in and at least chat for a bit today.
Under The Rainbow Spring Fling!

Have a great start to your week!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday April 5

Good Morning. I wanted to get my blog written before heading out to church. I am on altar guild this month. I am having Steve get me there this week. Next week for Easter we will ask church members to get the whole gang there.
I woke up, went upstairs, looked out the back door, and what did I see? It's snowing! shoot....
I hadn't done my grocery shopping for the week. Last night I got to thinking about how today's high was only to be 40 so at 7 pm last night I gathered up a few coupons and Jasmine, Allen and I walked to the store and back. I spent more than usual, although I did have a plan for meals in my head.

I didn't get as many books at the sale yesterday as I usually get, but I have 2 piles to finish getting photos of and then get listed. I want to try to get them all listed between today and tomorrow evening before I do my online party. Then, of course, hope that we can get some people in to the party.

I updated Our Unschooling Journey 2 squidoo lens yesterday. I also updated my Traffic Galore lens.

I have a daughter not getting up and around for church, so I am going to close for now. Have a very blessed Sunday.
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