Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday June 19

Good Afternoon!
Oops, just realized I never got to my blog post this morning.
I started out the day doing a bit online before taking Heather back to the doctor. They put her on anti-biotics for a UT infection, but also said her blood tests showed signs of strep....they were dumbfounded when she told them she's not had a sore throat recently at all.

I am sitting at Wendy's right now on the laptop while I wait for my son to get off work. Places that offer the open wireless internet are awesome!!

Nothing much else going on. I am in hopes of staying up later tonight to work on the almost 13,000 emails in my gmail. I don't have any place to be early tomorrow morning so I can sleep in.

I'm still working here and there on getting the basement cleaned and reorganized. It's so humid hot down there you can't do much at one time. The grandkids are only allowed down there for now if they are going to be helping put all the toys back in their appropiate places.

I'm still trying to click away and earn what I can by Monday to pay on the cable bill. I know they won't work with me too much with as much as I owe.

Speaking of that I better get back to things on here while I can.

Have a good day!
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