Saturday, September 29, 2012

Progressive #TrySnapshot Final Results

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My 30 days of trying Progressive Snapshot has come to an end. Here are my results:

Time for me to hit that Apply Your Discount button and see just how much we might be able to save over what we are paying for insurance now.

I've enjoyed my time using Snapshot and it was informative all the way around for me. I do hope if you've not clicked over and checked it out, please do so. There is no obligation to click, and also no obligation to give the device a try for 30 days. Just click the picture below or at the top of this post to check it out.

Thanks to those of you who entered my Flo Swag Giveaway and Congrats to Jeannie Gossert
for winning the swag!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Squidoo Hopping--This Week's Theme is Fall

Good Thursday to all!  Since it's now Autumn, or Fall, let's make this week's theme Fall.

Share lenses that have anything to do with the season, colors of the seasons, holidays in the season, activities during this season and more.  Have fun!

Don't forget that if you blog about Squidoo at all please link those posts up.  You may link up older blog posts if you like, and the linky remains open until the following Thursday when I put up a new one.  Linking to blog posts in unlimited, but linking lenses is limited to 2 per week.



Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIP Wednesday--New Sewing Machine!

That's my big announcement for this week.  I got my new sewing machine.  No, it's nothing expensive or fancy.  In fact, with the state fair half price special and 20% off of the 3 extra feet that I ordered it was just $260!

It's a big step up from the little Brother that we bought one Black Friday at Walmart for $60.  I never complained though, and I sewed for over 4 years straight on the cheap Brother.   I will still be sewing on it too, at least if the measurements aren't the same.  I have to check that out, but have the one quilt top that may need to be finished on my old machine.

I'm loving the automatic threader and the thread cutter.  I can't wait to play with all the extra stitches that I now have too.

In other news I've not gotten much done in the craft area.  I sat last night and I wanted to finish my block for sampler but it got too late.  I do have to have it finished before sampler on Saturday, and have worked a bit more on it this morning.

The quilt shop printed out a photo of the square for us since we are using a bit different colors than what the book does.  My first time making the square in a square.  I just finished that and it looks pretty good.  And, the reason the sampler excites me because I will be learning new things.

Otherwise I have crocheted and crocheted granny squares this past week.  I didn't get anymore put on to the blanket as I am trying to see what I can make with what yarn I have left.  Again I am running low on variety of color.  I don't have many colors left now.  I will be adding to the blanket over this next week and then again making more squares.
This is just a picture of the squares I have made at the moment.

That's it for this week.  I do hope, with my new machine that I have a lot more to report next week.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Exclusive Avengers Graphic Novel Giveaway!

The Avengers DVD releases today! So to celebrate, Hobbies on a Budget is doing an Exclusive Avengers Graphic Novel Giveaway! This graphic novel is only available when you buy the BluRay/DVD/Novel Combo at Walmart. How would you like to be the first of your Avenger Friends to own this copy? Not interested for yourself? You could stash it back for a Stocking Stuffer!

Homeschool Journal--Hermit Crabs!

Yes, Jasmine spent some of her money earned at the state fair to buy Hermit Crabs.  She's been wanting them for years.

She is all about learning everything about them.  She is diligently taking care of them.

My question is this---one credit of her high school learning is to be laboratory studies in science.   Will learning about and taking care of her hermit crabs count as part of lab science since it's hands on learning?   We do have a microscope kit with book, but it won't come close to the 120 hours minimum needed to count for a credit.

I'm leaving you with some photos of her and her hermit crabs, as well as a video that I took.  All of these will be added to our squidoo lens as well.


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