Friday, June 6, 2008


We made it to Thursday. The sky is a beautiful blue this morning after the storms that blew through yesterday.
Mom and I got caught in the first storm. It was really scary for me to try to get home with golf ball sized hail pelting my van. And, it was raining so hard in the heavy rain that you could barely see. We made it safely.

I am starting to get boxes out to the porch for the yard sale tomorrow. The only appointment to go to today is Heathers doctor appointment this morning.

Don't forget to click the button at the top here and visit us today for the Under The Rainbow Birthday Celebration. 5 years old! Parties start at Noon central time!

Today's ebay listing is another set of Reading Street 5 Language Arts workbooks.

Thanks everyone!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Good Morning.
It looks like we are in for storms today, but so far it is still showing mostly sunny with highs in the low 90's for Friday and Saturday.
I worked all day yesterday looking through things and pricing for the yard sale.

Today is a busy day of appointment. Heather has a doctor appt. this morning. This afternoon we have our home visitor. Later in the afternoon Heather has her group therepy and my mom her doctor appt. Then this evening I have an online party where I am presenting.

Here is your invitation to join me at Regina's Shops and More online vendor fair.
Parties start at 6 pm EST and end at 10 pm EST. I am presenting at 9 pm EST with my website, Gifts Galore and More.
I hope to see you there!

And, don't forget that the Under The Rainbow Birthday Celebration Starts tomorrow, June 6. Please click the button in the upper left corner here for more information. I present tomorrow 3-4 pm CST.
Want a preview of my table site? Just go to then click on specials from there.

Last but not least today is today's ebay listing. It's another copy of the Language Skills Practice Book Level D.

Have a glorious day,

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Get your YuwieBling Graphics!

Here's to Wednesday.
I need to get as much as I can looked through and priced for our yard sale this weekend. We have a full day's schedule tomorrow and Friday I will be working to get all the boxes and tables outside.
No outside plans today except Heather's math tutoring. They gave her last week off.

I love picking the kitty bling. One of my mom's cats had kittens awhile back. We assumed none had survived as she was on the porch a lot. However, yesterday morning she brought one to the porch. We then assumed it was the only surviving kitten, and what a cutie it is! But....later she brought another, and after bedtime she brought a 3rd kitten up!

Today's ebay is Language Skills Practice Book Level C again, but this time it includes the Teachers Guide Book and the Language Skills Handbook as well.

Have a very blessed day,

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Busy Tuesday

Actually I have a pretty full schedule outside of home this whole week. Today is my mom's payday so I will spend the bulk of the day running her around to pay bills and such.

I got up early this morning. I got started right away on my online things as well as getting my crafts organized to put out at the yard sale. I do have 2 online shows this week, so hopefully some of the crafts will sell at those as well.
I took and printed out all my pricing and I have boxes and baskets for all my crafts.
Now would also be a good time to really think about selling at the Farmer's Market...if it wasn't for the $15 joiners fee on top of the space fee.

I finished reading Empty Promises last night, and will try to find time today to write up a book review on it in

Today's ebay listing is Every Day Counts Calendar Math 6th grade Teachers Guide.

Stay safe,

Monday, June 2, 2008


I actually woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday. I will probably have this problem all summer. LOL

I don't really have any plans today other than taking my mom to the doctor this afternoon. I am in hopes of receiving my check from viewpoint so that I can buy a few groceries.

Looking at the weather forecast this morning I see they are showing chances of storms thru Thursday. Praying for a nice Friday and Saturday for our yard sale. We will set everything out Friday evening to be ready for Saturday morning. I will get out to the garage today to start looking thru the boxes out there.

I'm anxious to get on to my boomertowne today as I will get enough points to cash out for another $25 gift card today.

Today's ebay listing is Write Source 2000 Sourcebook Student Workshopd, Activites and Strategies.

Have a great day,

Sunday, June 1, 2008

First Day of June

Good afternoon!
I think I did well this morning. I did NOT turn on my computer until after church.
Today we had a baptism and baby shower (with carry in dinner) for a little baby boy. He was born very premature, not even weighing 2 lbs. He is almost 5 months old now and doing well. It was a very nice morning.

I'm not sure that I will do much preparing for the yard sale today. I mostly feel like just sitting and enjoying the day. We also have our Bible study this evening.

Today's ebay listing is a Reading Street 6 Grammar and Writing Practice Book.

Many blessings to you all today,

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