Thursday, October 29, 2009

Grocery Shopping 10/28/09--Savings 72%, Spent $15.26

I only had a little to spend, in fact, I came so close to what I had that I came home with .26 left in my pocket!

The store (Kroger) is having the special of when you buy 10 of the certain products you get an additional $5 off your grocery bill. I did this twice today (plus bought 1 1/2 gallons of milk)

I used coupons on every item (except the milk) I am going to list the sale price, then the price minus the .50 for the bonus, and then the price after coupons. My store doubles coupon up to $1 in value, meaning a .50 coupon is $1 off, coupons over that are taken up to the $1.

4-Brown N' Serve sausage, on sale for $1.39 making them .89 each, I used 4-.35 coupons making them just .19 each!

2-Tombstone Pizzas, on sale $2.99 each, making them $2.49 each. I used $1.50/2 coupon making them $1.74 each. And, I have 2 of the 17 UPC's I need for the Help Pay Your Bills mail in offer.

4-Chex Mix at $2.19 each, 1.69 after discount. I used 4-.50 coupons making them .69 each bag.

3-Keebler cookies on sale for $1.49 each, .99 after discount. I used 1 coupon for $2/2 packages and 1 .55 off one. Making them just .49 each!!

4-Sunny Delight, on sale for $1.49 making them .99 after discount. I used 4-.25 coupons making them just .49 each! (we need the vitamin c right now!)

3-Betty Crocker boxed potatoes on sale for $1.49, making them .99 after discount. I used 1- .40 coupon and 2-.25 coupons, making them .19 and .49 each!

Milk is not on sale and has risen some in price. Gallons now are $2.69 and half gallons are $1.79

I saved $15.10 with coupons, plus the additional $10 off for buying the 20 products.

My receipt shows that I saved $12.76 on sale prices for a total of 72% saved :)

I am very happy with today's shopping!

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