Earn Money Online

These are websites that I do in my spare time devote my days to, to help me earn money online.
The majority of them I have been in for a long time and can attest to the fact that they are legitimate and that they do pay.

I enjoy my time online and the money that I earn.  I hope you will join me in some of these.

If you have any questions on any of them, please feel free to email me at marsha.seiberling@gmail.com  or contacting me through facebook will get a quicker response-- https://www.facebook.com/marsha.seiberling


You can see my post and reviews of Traffic Dynamite HERE.

I do a lot of other different traffic exchanges as well and keep adding more.  There are thousands of them out there!  These are the ones that I am currently taking part in and enjoy all of them for their own reasons.

ProTrafficShop - Tune-Up Your Traffic

GladiatorHits - Traffic That Defies The Competition

(CoopMG is a true Co-Op for your websites.  Many of the traffic exchanges you surf and as your surf you come across Top Surfer Award pages.  These are with CoopMG and you earn extra points for upgrades and more at CoopMG while surfing the other exchanges.  Really cool!  I've already gotten referrals due to the Co-Op.  However, it's also a surf traffic exchange as well if you choose to do it that way, or you can just rotate your CoopMG URL in other exchanges for credits as well)

ArkHits.com -  An Unstoppable Flood of Traffic and Cash!

The Best Traffic Exchange


This one is a TE, but several of the TE's that I do you also see icons to collect credits and cash at TE Marathon while you are surfing.  These are collected once a month.  Participates in VTG, has surf your opponent twice a week, game of the goose, and a tic tac toe game while surfing too.

Yes!  I surf most all of these each and every day.  It's been a whole lot easier since I started using trafficbrowser.  It's a browser made specifically for surfing traffic exchanges.  As a free member you can surf up to 7 at once.  Turn on power surfing and tab surfing and go go go.  Click and it automatically tabs to the next TE that is ready to be clicked on.  Super slick!  For just $2 a month you can surf up to 10 at a time.
Mascot 5 Touching Logo 468X60

The following websites go along with many of the traffic exchanges that I do and are items collected on pages as you surf:

I collect zubees at Arkhits, TrafficFlying, Traffic4webmasters, TrafficRoyal, TrafficMagician, Wildhogmailer, and CoopMG and more!  Zubees are an online currency which is then traded for cash or other options.

I admit to not knowing much at all about CTP---I just collect experience points from Arkhits, Trafficmagician, and Traffic Royal and hopefully some day will take the time to go through their days worth of video training to understand it more.

These pages come up as I surf Trafficflying, TrafficRoyal, TrafficMagician, and CoopMG and you either win 1 or 2 cents, or an entry into the monthly $5 prize.  What's really cool about the downline builder is that you can set up your own page with up to 10 different banners for websites that you want to promote...and then rotate that page in the traffic exchanges that you are doing!

Get Stuck On Stickers!
I only surf 2 traffic exchanges right now where I collect 'stickers', TrafficRoyal and TrafficMagician.  These are then points that can be traded in for advertising on various sites, or for things such as a Walmart gift card all the way up to an Ipad!  Fun.

This is CoopMarketingGroup that I talk about above.  I currently collect Top Surfer reward points at TrafficFlying, Traffic4webmasters, TrafficRoyal, TrafficMagician, and CoopMG and others.  Top earner each week wins cash, but as you collect you earn points that can be traded for upgrades and such as well as extra website, banner, and link credits and sometimes even cash.

These icons show up on several of the TE's that I do and are worth 1 to 4 cents each.  You can collect each one each week and cash out is $5.

This is very addictive.  Watch for the icon to appear while surfing.  Capture the princes, defeat other players, collect magic items.  You earn cash and credits at the TE you click over from as well as have a chance to win on VTG too.  Good advertising source as well as fun.

Mailers:  mailers are a lot like traffic exchanges, but the ads (sites) of others come in your email instead of you surfing.  You may also read the emails from the site instead of your email box too.  I've had some really good luck running ads in the mailers!
Each one also has earnings for paid to clicks,  email click rewards, surf4cash, zubeezone, VTG games, and collecting icons.




There are also a lot of paid to click (PTC) and paid to do type sites out there as well.  These are the ones that I currently do, most of which I have been doing for many years.

I've been doing Clixsense since they started. Payout is $8 minimum for free members and $6 for upgraded members. Ads are worth up to 2 cents each. Check in often as ads come and go all day. Optional upgrade of $14.95 per year will give you a LOT more ads to click. There is also a clixgrid game you can play for a chance to win cash as well.   I am able to cash in monthly. I also use the optional toolbar so that I see right away when ads are available.

Linkgrand pays out at $5. It's a little slower because each ad is worth just 1/3 of a cent, but it's a long standing paying website. They offer an upgraded membership that I've not tried yet. There is also links to click for a chance to win $50.


Hits4Pay is a good program. It's been around for a long time and is trusted. Payout is $25. You start with $5 in your account. Each ad is worth 2 cents. They've been having a lot more ads lately.

Neobux is a another good one that's been around for a long time. Payouts are a little backwards in my opinion as minimum is $2 first cash out, $3 second cashout on up to $10. Ads range from 1/10th of a cent to 1 1/2 cents.

Inboxdollars pays out at $30. They start you with $5 in your account. 2 cents for each email, up to $2 for each survey you qualify for, play games, do offers, print coupons (10 cents for each one that you print and use at the store!) and search (4 valid searches per day to earn 2 or 3 cents and sweepstakes entry). 

Wordlinx I have also been a member of for a few years. Payout is at $10. Ads vary from 1/10 of a cent to 2 cents. Optional upgrade of $10 a year. I am not currently upgraded, but I have been in the past and you do get more ads when you are upgraded.

JillsClickCorner is not a new website, but it's the newest that I have signed up for.  Many ways to earn, although I have only done the paid to click section.  Minimum payout is just $1!

Adpaid is a paid to click that I have belonged to for years.  Low minimum payout of $3.  Earn by clicking links in paid emails as well as clicks on the website.  Other ways to earn as well on the website.  Don't overlook earning points as they are converted to cash each month.  I've seen points converted to as much as 10 cents each over the years!

AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program
Traffic Monsoon is a great way to earn.  Clicks for cash.  Surf others sites to earn credits for your sites to be earned,  Surf 10 sites every 24 hours to be paid penny for penny for what your referrals earn.  Low minimum payout to start of only $2.  Adpacks are available to purchase and you earn back more than you spend.

Here is a list of the apps that I currently earn from:

PerkTV  Use my code 860efbf6 and get 50 bonus points
Receipthog  use flend875 for the referral code for bonus spins
Apptrailers  bonus code predictableuranus2 for bonus points
Checkpoints use code marsha32 for bonus points

I also earn a little for writing and socializing on bubblews.com.
Another traffic exchange that I do is Topsurfer.com

Then there is also TSU---which is a lot of socializing on facebook only you get paid for it!

And then there is chatabout.  Just as it says, get paid to chat about topics that interest you.  Thousands of topics to choose from.  There are also offers, videos, daily poll, etc to earn from as well.  I've been paid several times within 24 hours of redeeming.



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