Friday, December 29, 2017

Frugal Friday With Marsha -- I Have a Plan

I have a nice start on next Christmas, yes, thinking way ahead.    I'm also hoping that I can keep up the way I'm already going and fill my tote where I stash gifts.  Some will be used for birthday gifts throughout the year as well.

I started off Christmas Eve by crocheting myself a headband to keep my ears warm in this cold weather.  This prompted me to think that I can make these for the women and girls for next Christmas.  Finding a stash of fancy yarn that I had bought at a yard sale (and had totally forgotten about) was a blessing to help me work on this project.  I can pull this out at various times to work on.

While shopping at Wal-Mart for my gift exchange gift for our family gathering, there was a couple buying pocket knives for stocking stuffers.  I was surprised to see they were only $1.97.  They left just one on the shelf, and I bought it.  My plan is to pick one up whenever I can throughout the year as these will be great to have with the gifts for the guys and the older grandsons.

I also have a plan to try to pick up something at Dollar Tree each time I shop there to add to my gift stash.

The other thing that I already started doing is to look at Snagshout on a regular basis to see what I can get for $3 or less that will make a good gift.  I've already ordered a $14.97 BBQ utensil set for $3.  It should come in today.  You never know what I might find there throughout the year and as of now, I have 7 more Snags that I can use.  This will also help me make better use of the free shipping with my Amazon Prime membership as well!

I think I have a really nice start and fully intend to keep it up!

How was your Christmas?  Are you ready for the New Year?  What plans do you have for saving in the new year?

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

WIP Wednesday -- Actually Have Been Working!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and now I wish you all also a Happy New Year too!

I finished up the covered composition notebooks and got them all wrapped.  I have 7 left to give to my guild to put in the boutique for sale at the Wichita quilt show in June.

I was told that a lady wants to buy 2 of the double towel scarves from me soon, so I went ahead and got a start on making with the 4 towels that I had on hand.  It ended up that my daughter also brought home a towel from work that she wanted me to make into one of the scarves for her for Christmas too.  I made that one, finished one of the other 4 and have 3 left to just sew up.  I will buy a towel each time I'm out and continue to make these all year least that is my plan.

Amelia will turn 1 on January 14.  I have made each of the grandchildren the jingle bell blocks for either their 1st birthday or first Christmas for years now.  I went to my room and gathered my supplies and have a good start on getting her blocks done.   I intend to make as many as I can and start getting them put into my Etsy shop as well.  I have one set of 2 in there now, but I am going to change it to a set of 3. 

I've been missing my headband to keep my ears warm with it getting so cold outside.  I ran across some fancy yarn in my sewing/craft room, so sat Christmas Eve afternoon and crocheted myself a headband before the evening church service.   Yes, an idea as well to make more for Christmas presents last year.  While in my room yesterday I found more of the fancy yarn, so I am on a roll to getting more made!

Last, but not least, I was finally able to get to the quilt shop and use part of my gift card to buy some 505 spray.  I got this little baby quilt basted......of course now I'm anxious to try to start machine quilting it, but it must wait until I get the towels done.....and I won't be home again until late Thursday night. 

I did not do well at all with the challenge of completing 17 UFO's in 2017, as you can see on the sidebar that I only finished a few of my 17.   I think I will edit that and add 2018, and add more of my UFO's to the list!

Our family Christmas party was awesome as usual.  A little stressful with work schedules and things, but we finally were all together.  Unfortunately I didn't think to take any pictures until after the gifts were opened.  Here are the few shots where I attempted to get in everyone who was there.

Hoping beyond hope to be able to continue crafting and sewing as I have been this past week every week!

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