Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday June 2

Good Morning! I wanted to get a post in today before another long day starts.

Yesterday was a big day! Up early to take my daughter to the hospital to have the baby. I have the following post and videos on gather so far and more to share today. 11:05 am 8 lb 12 oz New Born Jacob Alexander 6/1/09 and Newborn Jacob with Mommy.

I'm heading up now to take my bath, then I need to take my son to Wendy's to talk to his boss. After that it's back to the hospital to be with Elizabeth and Jacob. I think Chris was going back to work today. They are doing the circumcision today..probably it's already done.

I miss Jasmine terribly while she is at camp!! And, I'm sad to think she is also going next year. Yes, I need to let go and let her be a kid, make more friends and have a good time. I'm hoping Steve and I can go to the movies tonight. I have 2 free passes and I want to see the new Night at the Museum at the Smithsonian.

I better be off and running. I should be able to be home most of tomorrow and on through the rest of the week, but we have very few days left to get more things found and prices for the yard sale coming up this Saturday.

Have a good day!
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