Friday, June 27, 2014

Frugal Friday With Marsha 6/27/14

Last Friday I was at my quilt retreat having a blast sewing away and socializing with other quilters. Also eating good food.
Speaking of that food, one meal we had catered in there was lots of food left over. They said for us all to bring containers from home the next day.
It was a good thing. I ended up being able to serve myself, hubby and daughter smothered steak, scalloped potatoes, green beans and dinner rolls for supper after coming home Saturday evening.
Can't beat free food on the frugal side.

One gal sent me home with the rest of the box of Nilla Wafers she had brought to share and another gal sent me home with the rest of the bag of Twizzlers that she had brought. Free snacks too.

I can't really say that otherwise this last week has been too awfully frugal on my part.
I've been away from home a lot for various reasons.
I think I only did one load of laundry this week, which hung on the line to dry. That was in between rain.

The rain has been great this past week, saving on our water bill not having to water the garden.
Speaking of the garden, we did finally get 1 red tomato and we ate a few strawberries. I need to go harvest more of the lettuce.
I will be taking a couple of the onions to my daughter. I need to check if any cucumbers are growing yet.
The plants that I bought that had a label saying there were bell peppers, aren't. Instead they are some other type of pepper, I am guessing jalapeno.
I picked quite a few snap peas. I think they are done now though. If I can remember where I put the seeds I will plant more.

I've been doing a lot of redeeming this month both on the computer and with the apps on my phone. I think I will try to include reports of that monthly, starting next Friday.

I hope I have a lot more frugal living to report next Friday. Until then, I do hope you will share posts this week and motivate me!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Squidoo Hopping 6/26/14

I sure can't report this week that I've not done much with squidoo!
I've been updating all over the place working towards getting lenses out of WIP status.

One lens I gave a whole overhaul and another one I am working daily on a complete overhaul. The second one was a train wreck. It was one of my earliest lenses and it was total copy and paste and way too much of it too. I did find that the website that I did site for getting the information from isn't even a website anymore. That lens is climbing the ranks with each update and I can't wait to get it done and see what it does.

I didn't do any updates yesterday due to my daughter having surgery. I didn't take my handy dandy 3 ring binder with my pages of lenses and such in it with me.
I did take my laptop, but that was only to work on while she was in surgery. We thought it was an in and out surgery. It ended up being more complicated and now includes a 2 or 3 day stay at least. I do have my notebook packed for today----and need to get this typed up and get up there with her.

I am sitting at 44 WIP's as of today. I started with 50, got a few out, only to find 55 the next day. Lots of updating has me at the 44. Let's hope this is worth it!

I'm going to share the 2 lenses today that are at the bottom of my ranks just above the WIP's.....which I'm sure both of those can use updating too.
One of them is music and I know I at least has the itunes module in it.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you share this week.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WIP Wednesday--Quilt Retreat Report--Edited to Add One More Photo!

First off my daughter is in a WIP progress right now.  I'm sitting at the hospital in the waiting room while she is in surgery have a cyst removed.
I'm thankful for free wifi so that I can have my computer to keep me company!

Now for the quilt retreat.  It was a blast!!
I have several pictures to share of projects that I worked on over the weekend.
I didn't complete a thing though.   I have a terrible time staying on task with just one project.  I tend to get bored and want to move on to something else.

I completed one whole hexagon flower.  No, I didn't work on these much.
The pins are my 'prizes'  Night owl for being one of the last 3 to leave Friday night.  Early bird for being one of the first 3 to come back Saturday morning.

My top for the Goodnight Irene sewalong.  It's now caught up and the sew along is over.  It didn't continue to finish the quilt.  I wonder when I will finish it?  A friend who attended the retreat gave me fabric for my backing.

I guess this was a completed project, but not one that I took to the retreat.  These are 2 lined bags.  They were kitted to be made and we got an extra entry in for the grand prize basket for each one we made.  Our quilt show is July 2015 and members are making these.  They will be for sale at the door at the quilt show for $3.

My scrappy rectangle quilt now waits for binding.  The strip of fabric on the side there is what I have ready to make into binding.

My sunflower table runner and 4 placemats also just wait now for their binding.  I will be using the green that is in the picture.
These are panels that I bought months ago.   I actually really want to finish these as I look forward to having them on the table.

I guess you can sort of call these finishes.  The first one is our block of the month for June.  The other one is May's block that I didn't get done in time.

Last but not least I spent a little bit of time on my yo-yo table runner.  I added one more row.  Just 2 more rows to sew on and it will be the size I want for the center of my coffee table.

Now here are a few pictures from the retreat itself.
The door prize table, lunch time, and a shot of a few of my fellow quilters.  (I am the guild historian so I have lots of pictures, these are just a few of them.)

  Since my post is so long with photos I'm going to skip putting in my UFO and NewFO lists.

I am editing this on Friday because I forgot to add in my photo of my yellow hexagon 'project'.
This month over on the blog the scrappy challenge for June has been the color yellow.
I pulled out all of the yellow pieces from my hexagon box.  I had hoped to get them ALL done by the end of the month but didn't make it.
Below is the picture of the progress that I did make.    I look forward to seeing what the color will be for July.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

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