Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday June 4

Good Morning!
Short and sweet as I need to run out the door soon and take baby Jacob to the pediatrician. When we took him for his 2 day newborn check at the hospital they had a little concern over the weight loss and jaundice so scheduled him in to the doctor this morning.

After that appointment I should be able to stay home the rest of the day. I sure hope so! I have 2 more shelves of books to look through and then I want to start getting toys looked through. The sale is Saturday so I'm really running out of time.

I didn't do much on the computer yesterday. I did find some internet connection as I drove my mom around but she was never in any one place long enough for me to earn more than a few cents here and there. If no connection then I entertained myself playing solitaire.

I've put my sewing machine away. Sunday at church I was telling the lady's of sewing club that I am having trouble putting my quilt squares together so they got together and set up June 16 for a sewing club. I will wait until then and get some instructions from those who know what they are doing!

I better run...don't want that baby to be late :) Have a great Thursday!
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