Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday August 16

My morning started out with a little time on the computer. I posted my 2 daily articles on gather and played my 4 games at msn live. Then Heather, Jasmine, Elizabeth and I headed to our church to help paint the basement. Little did I know it was going to take so long. There were 15 of us there working and 4 hours later we were still not done. We did have donuts for breakfast and pizza for lunch.

Willo's birthday went well yesterday. I just posted a photo essay on it. Willo's 1st Birthday--Photo Essay

I don't have a whole lot of time online yet today so I am going to move on and see how much I can make today :)

Have a glorious rest of your weekend,

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday August 15

It's an exciting day. Willo turns 1 today!
I will have to get upstairs soon and do some cleaning in both the living room and the kitchen to get ready for her party.

I finally figured out how to take video off of my camera. Sheesh, took me long enough. Here is my very first video on gather

Today is also the last day of the invite a thon over at gather. If you have thought of joining, please click the button to the left and join me. It's a lot of fun and a great site! I just got in my 2nd $25 Home Depot card in the mail yesterday and a few days ago cashed in for my first $25 Amazon.

Here's wishing everyone a happy day!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday August 14

Don't you just hate it when you misplace something?? I seem to have misplaced the answer key to Jasmine's math. There are only a few places I would have put it and it's in none of those places. Good thing I just typed this, it made me realize (after looking everywhere else) that I put it in with her health study!

Yesterday was Ariel's 4th birthday and I took pictures and made them in to a photo essay on gather.Ariel's 4th Birthday Photo Essay

Looks like the weather is going to stay on the cool side for the next week. I mean under 80 degrees. It's a shame really as we have our swimming party and picnic for church on Sunday. I don't think many will be swimming.

I have to take Heather to her math tutoring soon. I've already taken my mom and my oldest daughter,Elizabeth, to commodities. This evening I have church council meetng. Can we say crazy?? I don't know how I am going to keep a hold of my sanity once I am working every day and trying to fit in everyone else's activities, the home schooling and the time I want on the computer. How about you all day a prayer for me!

Until tomorrow,

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday August 13

I didn't have time to post on here yesterday, it was such a busy day.
I started the morning with about an hour of internet time before heading to work. I got my 2 daily posts done on gather. After work I grabbed a small lunch before it was time to take Heather to her math tutoring. When she was done with that my son had some places and things that he needed to take care of. Once home, I chatted with Steve on the phone for about 10 minutes, then took a nap. Up from my nap I fixed sweet and sour chicken and a peach cobbler for supper. As soon as we were done with supper it was time for me to head to an anniversary meeting at church. Once home from there I did spend some time on the computer before bed, mostly trying to go through items posted to my own group on gather. Whew! is all I have to say about yesterday.

I did complete Ariels birthday present while I was out and about. I posted about it with a picture of the completed project on gather. I hope you will take a look. Barbie Furniture for Ariel's Birthday

We are about to head out now to a funeral. One of the matriarchs of our church passed away. It's always a sad day, but we know that she is now in Heaven and at peace and no longer in pain.

Have a blessed day,

Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday August 11

Here it is after supper time and I am just getting some time on the least I hope so!
The meeting at work was pretty interesting. The guest speaker was Dr. George Mckenna. He used to be a principal at a high school in Los Angeles. The school was full of gangs and he turned the school around. They made a movie about him and the school starring Denzel Washington. Now I am on the lookout for the movie so I can watch it.

I don't really have a gather post of interest to share today. However, the invite a thon is still on through Friday. If you haven't signed up, you should click my button to the left and give it a try. It's a lot of fun at gather.

Guess I will take off out of this one...waiting on the dryer to get done so I can get my bath. I have tons of emails to go through and haven't hardly done any of my other websites for the day.

Have a good evening!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday August 10

Busy day today! Of course church this morning. After church I tried to do the best shopping I could between the sales and coupons. This evening is Bible study and it's me and Heathers turn to take the snacks. I did get lazy on that and just bought some breads and spreadable cream cheese.

It's still cool outside, which sure is great after the triple digits. They announced that next Sunday evening we are having swimming and a church picnic, so I am hoping for warmer weather next Sunday.

Yesterday I did my weekly article on the Freebies I'd rec'd on gather. I hope you will take a look. Getting these things is another way that I make the internet pay for itself. Freebies--Week of August 3

Take care and count your blessings each and every day!
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