Friday, June 10, 2016

Mission Trip to Immanuel Mission

Just a note to my readers that I will be gone on a mission trip.  We leave on the train early tomorrow (June 11th) about 2 am and will return about the same time on Saturday the 18th.
The we is myself, my grandson Allen and Hanna from our church.  We are traveling with a group from Emmanuel Lutheran.

We are going to Immanuel Mission in Arizona.  I have included a video at the top.  If you would like to see or learn more, please visit

We will be building houses during the day.  The last we've heard we will be putting up sheet rock, mudding, and painting, and if time, we will even be digging a foundation for a new home.
During the evenings the youth will be hosting Bible school.

We will have very limited cell phone access if any at all while there as well as no internet.  It's going to be good for me to be away from technology and serving the Lord.

See you when I return with lots of pictures!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Online Earnings May 2016

I am up in earnings from what April was, and June will be interesting to add up since I will be gone on the mission trip with no mobile data or internet while I'm gone.  Yep, it's going to be interesting!

I'm still waiting payment on 3 of the 4 websites that I noted about in last months post.  It might just be a lost cause at this point and time to stop surfing those.    I will do some heavy thinking and soul searching while on the mission trip away from technology.

In May I was paid by:
Apptrailers-- $2.43 paypal  (if you sign up, bonus code predictableuranus2 for bonus points)

zubeezone $3.10

swagbucks-- $25 amazon and $25 paypal
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redstaghits-- $11.86 paypal

mylot--$1.82 paypal

magicaljourneydownlinebuilder--  $7.95 paypal

TESufSocial -- $14.71 paypal

squirlytraffic-- $5.37 paypal

postmanhits -- $9.45 paypal

redstagmailer-- $13.70 paypal

lucktastic -- $5 amazon

These come to a total of $125.39.  After subtracting $36.39 that I paid in upgrades my total comes to $89.00.

Can I top $89 in June even though I am gone for 8 days?  It's a personal challenge to myself to do so!

Until next month, Happy Earning!

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