Monday, September 14, 2009

Did You Think I Got Lost?

Good Morning! I can't believe it's been over a week since I blogged, but it's been so busy.

Steve was on vacation last week. Even though we really didn't go anywhere, we still stayed plenty busy..
On labor day I started and almost completed a quilt. All I had left was the tieing, which I am working on now.

Steve and my son, Johnathon put in a sidewalk beside the garage during the week. I haven't gotten to posting the photos or videos on gather yet.

The Kansas State fair started Friday, the 11th. We spent ALL day Friday there, and a lot of the day Saturday. My legs ache!! I am going back today with my granddaughters to walk around with Araya's Headstart class. Then, my daughter, Jasmine, will spend her $13 riding rides since it's $1 day.

As far as Squidoo: I updated this morning Our Unschooling Journey 4
I updated Gather--The BEST in Social Networking
And, this weeks Rocketmom's assignment was a fall recipe lens, so I chose to make one on Meatball Subs

In gather I shared my every day featured posts for my own group as well as:
Walgreens Shopping 9/6/09
Happy Labor Day Friends :)
Laboring On Labor Day
Araya's 4th Birthday Photos--August 29, 2009
Mail Call! Week of September 2
Walgreens Shopping 9/13/09
You can see that I love to stay busy on gather. I got my last $25 paypal redemption in Sept 11, and have a goal to cash out again by the 25th.

Guess I will move on for the day before it's time for me to leave...time flies by!
Have a great Monday,
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