Saturday, October 18, 2014

Introducing New Purex Crystals Aromatherapy (giveaway included)

Purex has done it again!  This time they are enticing us with a New Purex Crystals product.
It's Aromatherapy and it comes in 3 great scents......Energy, Well Being, and Serenity.

Express your mood with each unique aroma.
Each one has that energizing and long lasting scent infusion that we've come to love in the Crystals.
They are citrus and floral scents blended with essential oils.

Stimulate your life with the peaceful bliss and boundless spirit of each soothing aroma of the New Purex Crystals Aromatherapy.

I received the Well Being Scent.

Just pour a capful into your laundry and enjoy.

I hang my clothes on the line to dry.  It was as they claim..peaceful and blissful to take the clothes off the line and have the scent wafting in the air.

I gave my grandson his washed socks, smelling them the whole time I was bringing them to him.  Aahhh   such a fresh scent.
My husband came in dressed for work and in wafted that wonderful aroma.

Three (3) lucky Marsha's Spot readers will each win a free coupon to have the chance to try the New Purex Crystals Aromatherapy for themselves.  Just enter using the rafflecopter form below.

Disclaimer:  The Purex brand provided me with a bottle of Purex Crystals Aromatherapy in exchange for this review.  They also provided me with the coupons to send to the winners.  However, all opinions are my own.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Frugal Friday with Marsha 10/17/14 More Crafts as Gifts

This is fun, and motivating.
If you've been following me for very long then you remember it was the either 2011 or 2012 when I added the page here on my blog with the ongoing linky for handmade type link ups.  Boy does time fly.  When I added it, it was for inspiration and motivation because I had hoped to have an all hamdmade Christmas that year.  Since then I had decided to always keep the linky open.

Here are some more of the things that I have made over the years and have given as gifts.

My husbands nephew was a big My Little Pony fan so my daughter had me crochet him this My Little Pony for Christmas.   I never have been one to crochet many stuffed animals, so this was a little challenging for me, but he loved it.

Staying along the lines of crochet, I made this cute little bee for my granddaughter, Willo for her birthday one year.  I think it was a free pattern that I had picked up at Walmart.
Speaking of frugal, nothing beats free.  Be sure to look for the free patterns hanging around in the craft areas of any store.

Here we have a crocheted Minni Mouse hat that I made for Zelda when she was a newborn.  Unfortunately, it barely fit her when she was born.  It was so darn cute though!

I got on a hair tie kick for awhile.  Gosh, I made these for everyone, and I mean everyone....well, ok, just the females.  I made so many that I donated a bunch of them to different charities at Christmas time too.   I didn't have a pattern, just kept crocheting around until they were the size that I wanted.

I actually have bee asked to crochet some little dolls from a book......I wonder what I did with those patterns.....hhhmmm.  I just ran across them the other day, but of course I don't know where I put them now.  If I find them I will share the book with you in another post.

For now, how about some of the supplies you will need for crocheting?

Don't forget to share any type of frugal related post you have put up this past week :)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Writer's Unite 10/16/14

I think it's been a good writing week for me.   I still have a few posts to get up to get caught up on my reviews, plus series that I hope to get started, but I feel like I am getting there.
I put up 2 giveaways this week, those I will share in this week's linky.

There's been a lot of negativity surrounding the changes on bubblews.  I am sticking around.
I have always wondered just how they could possibly be getting in enough revenue to pay us a penny for each view, like, and comment since I started writing there back in April of 2013.
I feel very blessed that they paid that much for so long!   Even with a drop in what we earn, it will still be the highest earning website that I do.
There is my little take on it.

I have some decisions to make on the jobs that I am currently doing outside of the home.  I am in hopes of seeing more earnings from the computer so that I can pass those jobs on to someone else and relieve myself of so much stress.   I guess wish my luck with my endeavors.

I really look forward to you sharing some of what you have written over this past week!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Bandana Fun from wholesaleforeveryone! Giveaway included! has a great variety of Halloween-Themed Bandanas to choose from.

How fun!

Here is an excellent DIY craft for Halloween with the Halloween bandanas.....make your own Trick-Or-Treat bags. 

Each bags uses 2 bandanas and they are easy to make.  Very economical, and can be used from year to year.
Be sure to check out the Halloween-Themed Bandanas as most all of them are on sale for just $10 a dozen, so less than $1 each.

I have 10 grandchildren who are going to love using these bags, not only this Halloween, but also Halloweens for years to come as well.

The directions for creating the Halloween Bandana Tote are here. offers many prints and plain colors of bandanas, but they also offer back packs, doo rags, flags, and more.  Be sure to check them out.

Wholesaleforeveryone has graciously offered a prize package of 2 dozen Halloween bandanas to one lucky Marsha's Spot reader.
Just enter using the rafflecopter form below.

Disclaimer:  I was supplied with 2 dozen Halloween bandanas by wholesaleforeveryone for the purpose of making the trick-or-treat bags and writing this post.  I was not compensated in any other way, and all opinions are my own.


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WIP Wednesday 10/15/14

I've still been in my sewing groove this week.  I didn't finish a thing, but at least I am working  LOL

Let's start with my 'design wall'.  I went and bought a vinyl tablecloth.  I didn't realize that the backing isn't the same as it used to be.  It's not working as well as I would like, but will work until I can get something different.
On my wall is my progress with the Charming Stars quilt with Terry's Treasures sewalong. (see button to the right)
Friday was sit n' sew at the local quilt shop.  I worked on making the lined Christmas bags that I am making for gifts this year.   I completed 7, so just 18 more to go.
I had hoped to finish the hot pads.   I did work on them and really hope to finish them this week.
Well, I took a picture, but apparently I didn't save it with a name before deleting.   I would take another picture but my camera is broken so it's hard to get the memory card in and out.

so...moving on...  I have a book to get a review done on.   I made the first project in the book, which is an envelope style pillow cover.  This is the first time I've made one and now I'm wondering why!

Just FYI  this is the book.  I will be getting the full review of it done soon.

I've been working on the brown, black, and gray hexagons for the soscrappy color challenge.  (See button at the bottom of my post)

Finally, yesterday was our monthly sewing club meeting at church where we sew for charity.
I actually ended up having enough time to sew the rows together after I took the picture.  Now the other ladies will sandwich and finish it when they have time.

Now for that UFO list.
 Rectangle quilt
challenge wall hanging
GoodNight Irene quilt/wall hanging
Yo-Yo Table runner
Emerald Island Fusique table runner
Five and Dime quilt
40 Hot Pads (22 done)
Christmas bags (total of at least 25) (9 done)
Charming Stars quilt
Brown half square triangle quilt
? sets of doll blanket, pillows and rug

I am linking up with the following blogs:
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Monday, October 13, 2014

All Business Monday--Jerky Direct Customer Reviews, Reminders, and a Giveaway!

Marsha's Jerky Direct Store
Here in Part 4 I want to share customer reviews of Jerky Direct and the products:

I can’t believe how good this stuff is! OMGosh is all I can say. My daughter opened the bag and the smell was amazing! Even the regular slab type is soft enough for me to chew. And it tastes great! WOOHOO! Great taste, soft enough to eat AND none of the regular crap in Jerky! LIFE IS GOOD IN JERKY LAND! –Lorian Rivers, Florida

Just wanted to let you know that the Fruit Stix arrived yesterday and our family had a lot of fun trying them all out. I love that they are all fruit and come in an awesome size and shape. This morning my two year old wanted a snack so I gave him a choice between a chocolate chip cookie and the berry blend Fruit Stix. He chose the Fruit Stix and dropped the cookie on the floor!!! What a recommendation! Thanks, Bethany PS My kids LOVE getting their check every month!! –Bethany Loosli – Chester, ID

“I had to send a check to my sponsor to get enrolled because I only had a Discover card and my wife would not let me use her Visa to set up a network marketing business. She didn’t want me to do them any more. One day last month I got home from rattle snake huntin’ and Sharon said to me “You got something in the mail today”. I had already seen my case of jerky on floor by the office door and I said “I know... I saw the box”. Then she smiled and handed me my first check from Jerky Direct. It was almost as much as my monthly order. Then she handed me her Visa card and told me to go ahead and use it for this business. Ain’t it funny how money gets a gal’s attention. Now we’re cookin’ with butter!” –Dennie Ray “Snake” Braswell, Texas

I just had these beef steak sticks today and they are the best thing I’ve had since bacon bits. I just wanted to say that they’re totally awesome, and to keep on doing what you’re doing. This business has helped me finally feel confident about something, thanks. –Garrett Clark, Texas

“This is the most user-friendly, straight forward direct sales type of business that I have seen in 23 years in this industry. I love it.” –Jim Remy, Texas

“Just wanted to say thanks to everyone at Jerky Direct for what you do to make this business what I believe to be the best opportunity in America today! My friend called me and said, “I sent you an email. Click on my website and check it out, it’s just 12 bucks!” I was looking for a home and I’ve found it with Jerky Direct. Finally… a product worth the money, a company you can believe in and the greatest people in America to work with to have fun and make money. It just gets Better! Thanks!” –Rolly Mylius, Las Vegas, NV

This is the most user-friendly, straight forward direct sales type of business that I have seen in 23 years in this industry. I love it.
-Jim Remy – Texas

I just had these beef steak sticks today and they are the best thing I’ve had since bacon bits. I just wanted to say that they’re totally awesome, and to keep on doing what you’re doing. This business has helped me finally feel confident about something, thanks.
-Garret Clark – Texas

If You Join......
You will want to make sure to also click the Super6 link at the top of the page. The Super6 is the best support you will receive in the Jerky Direct business.
Let’s look at what you get as a member of Jerky Direct…..but also the added benefits of being part of the Super6 team:

Take a look at what is ALREADY given to your new signups:

Freebies for Jerky Direct Distributors

- Business ecommerce website – $24.97/mo
(back office, account manager, credit card processing, downline tracker)
- Editable business card template – $9.97
- Toll free Customer Support (live during business hours or email)
- Flat $1.97 shipping charge for any size autoship

Total value of all ‘freebies’ from Jerky Direct – $10 + $25/mo
(with a minimum $12/mo purchase of great jerky!)

Extra Freebies for Registering with Super6Power
==”F.U.S.S. Marketing System”==

-Personalized Lead Capture page – $9.97/mo
-Editable flyers, catalog, brochures – $19.97
-Membership site access – $29.97/mo
(training materials, weekly newsletters, weekly conference calls,
24/7 voicemail and email support)

Total value of ‘extra freebies’ from Super6Power – $20 + $40/mo

Total value of ALL ‘freebies’ – $30 + $65/mo
(All with a minimum $12/mo purchase of great jerky!)

My personal special is always free shipping if you email your order to me at
Visit my store at  to make your order selections.

Keep in mind that for the same price each month you can also own your own Jerky Direct Store Front.
Your autoship of 2 bags each month is just $12.30 plus $2.95 shipping and also includes your store front website as well as the back office where you can print your own business cards, letterhead, and more!

Marsha's Jerky Direct Store

Now for the fun part!   Just enter below for your chance to win one of 2 bags of Original Beef Jerky.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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