Friday, September 22, 2017

Frugal Friday With Marsha -- Little of This, Little of That

Last week was tremendously more busy than what my life usually is, and I didn't get a Frugal Friday post written up.  This past week has also been busy!

Frugally in my own life, I'm not sure what's gone on really.

Dillon's (Kroger) has had a catalina deal going that for every $15 you spend in Pet Pride products you get a coupon that is good for $2 off your next shopping order.  It's good through October 7th.  When I seen that a month ago, I stopped ordering my cat food from amazon with earned amazon codes and started buying the cat food at Dillon's.
Honestly, it's cheaper to buy it at the store anyway as it's $9.99 for 16 lbs.

Here are a couple of good blogs to follow to keep up with the current Catalina deals:
TheCentsableShoppin and

October 7th will be here too soon when the offer ends though.  This morning I used my most recent $2 off any purchase coupon and was able to only pay 50 cents for a gallon of milk.

Funny story when I was buying the milk......there was a lady in the store also buying milk.  She asked me if I had heard about the kidnapping.  Here I thought she was being serious until she then told me it turned out ok because he woke up.  LOL!
Her next joke was to ask me why seagulls live by the sea.  Well, if they lived by the bay they would be baygulls (bagels).
It was pretty early for my brain to be processing jokes  hehe.  They were both cute jokes though.

Laugh Own Jokes Funny Quote Postcard

Laugh Own Jokes Funny Quote Postcard

by EnvyClothing

The Kansas State Fair had it's last day this past Sunday.  I love going to the fair and just walking around, but it sure is a hard thing to do without money!  I had my 6 gate passes that I got for just $3 each for entering items in to the fair and hubby got 2 free gate passes from work.  
We found that we could go take an agriculture test and get a coupon for a free ice cream cone at the Dairy Bar.  We did that twice.
We took our own food and drinks in with us, which we always do.  It's a really rare occasion that we actually buy any food inside the fair----as good as it is, it's so expensive (and unhealthy).
You walk through the buildings and pick up free items---notepads, pens, pencils, clips, toothpicks, emery boards, books, and more.  There are also all the dips and soups and other foods that you get to sample as well.
We couldn't afford to go to a concert so we just stood outside the grandstand and watched it for free on the big screen as we listened to the music.  It was Charlie Daniels that I wanted to hear this year.
Here is one of the pictures I took that night of a ferris wheel, and one that I took at the free acrobat show as well.

I think I will end this post with some sweepstakes you might want to enter:

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

WIP Wednesday--State Fair is Over

As I suspected, I didn't do a post last week. Of course, being so busy with the state fair and going there so much as well as 5 days of a fundraiser at church, and a celebration of life for my friends daughter, I did no sewing whatsoever that week.

On a good note, I was so surprised to get 2 white, 3rd place ribbons out of the 4 items I entered into the state fair.  I'm still surprised, in fact.    I wasn't expecting to win anything, just wanted to enter items for the first time ever.
I got white ribbons on my yo-yo table runner and my selvage rug.

This past week I've put in a little sewing time.  I am trying to have this baby blanket done by Monday, but the other WIP going on in my family is my daughter having her baby!  In and out of labor and delivery and they just keep sending her back home.  It is getting ridiculous, as she says, and quite annoying  LOL
They are doing a showing at guild on Monday of quilts made with Eleanor Burns' patterns.  This is the one and only one I have.

While I had my cutting mat out, I got a start on getting microwave hotpads started as well.   It sure was nice to have my sewing machine out again!!

Wish me luck on getting things done---most especially getting the yo-yo projects out that must be done by the end of October at the very latest!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

$200 Million by the numbers

The digital rewards Swagbucks just hit a major milestone – they have given their members over $200 million in cash and free gift cards since 2008! 

I use Swagbucks all the time to get free gift cards doing stuff I already do online, like shopping, answering surveys, watching videos, discovering great deals, and searching the web. 

To demonstrate how big a number 200 million really is, here are some fun facts:

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