Thursday, October 22, 2009

Walgreens Shopping 10/18/09

This shopping with sales and coupons and trying to get the best deals is, like someone else on gather stated, a full time job.

I spent about 2 hours going over the ad, looking through coupons, reading other's blogs about the deals.....and trying again and again to find the best way to get the best deals. I was reading ways to do it in one gals each transaction she only paid pennies plus tax. However, she was buying items I really had no use for, and apparently had many multiples of coupons, which I don't.

Anyway, I did 3 transactions today. The photo I've done with each transaction items in one group.

First Transaction:

I used my food stamps and bought 2 bags of m&m's on sale 2 for $5 and rec'd a $1 Register Reward (RR). I also bought 2 packages of Trident Layers gum on sale for 2 for $2, used 2-.75 coupons and got $1 RR.

I paid .11 tax and used $5.50 in my food stamps.

Second Transaction:

1-Fusion MVP razor at $8.99, used $4 coupon and got back $6 RR

2-Oral B Cross Action toothbrushes on sale 2 for $6, used 1-.75 coupon, and got back $3 in RR

2 pairs of stretch gloves, used Walgreens coupon to get them 2 for $3

Walgreen 22 ct pantyliners, used Walgreens coupon to get them for .79

1 Aleve 75 ct bonus box, on sale for $4.99, used $1 coupon

2-Sure Deoderants, on sale with Walgreens coupon $1.50 each, used one $1 coupon and 1 $1.50 coupon

1 Halls Refresh on sale for $1, used .50 coupon and got back $1 RR

I also used $7 in RR's I had from last week and the $2 in RR's I got from the first transaction.

I paid $10.98, of which $10 of it was my $10 gift card I earned from

Third Transaction:

Quilted Northern 9 roll pack on sale for $3.99, used $1 coupon

2-Glade Tin refill packs on sale 2 for $5, used $2 coupon and got $1 RR

3-8 1/2 x 11 bubble mailers on sale 3 for $1 with Walgreens coupon

Bic Comfort razors 4 pack, $3.99, used $2 coupon got back $1 in RR

2-Pert Plus shampoos, on sale 2 for $5, used 2-$1 coupons and got $2 in RR

I then used the $10 in RR's I had gotten in the 2nd transaction.

I paid $3.34 and I have the $4 in RR's to use next time around.

In all: I paid a total of $5.50 in food stamps and $14.43 in cash or $19.93 ($9.93 if you subtract the gift card that I used) I saved $16.25 with manufacturer coupons, $7.16 with Walgreens coupons and $20 with register rewards for a total savings on $43.41 not including sale prices.

I would have been happier to have spent less, of course, but all in all I think I got a LOT of stuff for less then $20. There were just some things that we needed this week like the Aleve, the toilet paper, the pantyliners, deoderant, and the gloves (Jasmine and I neither one had gloves for this winter) (some of the items, toothbrushes, men's deoderant, and all the razors are added to my gift tote)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mail Call! Week of October 11

I feel like I had an exceptional week this week, and sure would take this kind of week each week!

I rec'd:

magazines: Elle, Seventeen, soap opera digest and Ladies Home Journal

$10 McDonalds card from videosquares

$10 McDonalds card from gsn

$10 Walgreen card from mypoints

Kashi coupons from vocalpoints

EmergenC samples

Burt's Bees acne sample

letter from my doctor saying my mammogram shows no sign of cancer

Not free I rec'd:

My Jerky Direct autoship

Blockbuster movie Mama Mia

In my email:

$25 paypal from gather

$1.42 paypal from cloudcrowd

If you are not a member of videosquares and would like to join, please contact me, I will gladly send you an invite. It's a lot of fun games and you earn points to cash in for all kinds of prized and/or gift cards. It's free to join!
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