Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday January 10

Good Morning! I didn't realize until supper time last night that I didn't get my post done here before heading to work yesterday morning.
Thank goodness the week is over! Yes, I will enjoy that little paycheck in February, but it was such a frustrating week for me having to work when I thought I was done with it.
The weather was great all week. It took a turn with a cold front last night. It was great while it lasted.

I still haven't gotten my coupons done like I wanted. I will work on those today as well as getting bags ready to start crocheting a 3rd shopping bag. That along with my clicking on the computer.

Today I want to share the squidoo lens that I made for my son. It's all about Legos. I have some cool photos of things made with Legos, along with a couple of cute videos as well. Legos for Johnathon

Until tomorrow I hope your Saturday is a great and productive one.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday January 8

Good morning.
It's off to work I go again this morning. And, they asked if I can work Friday if needed as well. I sure will be glad when this week is over.
Thankfully, the weather has been great for winter this week...I'm in a frustrated enough mood already LOL
Despite working I've pretty well stayed on track with my goals and plans here on the computer. I've still managed to get through all my paid to clicks, listed an item on blujay, worked in gather, worked in squidoo, etc. For that I am grateful.

I tried having the van jump started yesterday thinking that since the weather isn't freezing I would just put water in the radiator and drive it. Well, the battery didn't even stay up for 2 hours before it was totally dead again. So much for that plan.

I have to do grocery shopping today. I wish I could get out to Aldi's. I also have groceries that I want to get at Wal-Mart as well. Hopefully I can get to both of those places before the weekend is up. In the meantime, I have my list ready and my coupons ready for Dillon's today.

Today's squidoo lens to share is one that I built for Heather on Tweety Bird. It's really cute, I hope you will take a look. Tweety Bird for Heather

Until tomorrow, have a great day!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday January 7

good morning!
I got called in to work you recall, I quit with my last day being December 18 right before the Christmas/New Year's break. So much for that, they begged. gggrrrrr I need to learn how to say no! Needless to say I didn't remember until I was in bed last night that I didn't do a post here once I was home from work. I am about to head out for work today, but did want to post.

In case you are wondering, my computer did go completely down due to that Rogue fake anti virus virus. I lost everything. I am currently using my son's computer, which is wonderful of him to let me do so that I can continue to earn! I can't figure out why it won't let me upload photos on gather. Hopefully they can help me figure it out.

Nothing else much going on. I was still able to get quite a bit done on the computer in between work and bowling last night, but sure didn't get much email done. I sure hope they don't think they can just call me all the time, that is definately not in my plans! If I wanted to work I wouldn't have quit in the first place!

Here is a squidoo lens to share for today....this is a fun one on Betty Boop that I built for my oldest daughter, Elizabeth. I hope you enjoy it. Betty Boop for Liz

Off to find myself a ride to work. Have a good day!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday January 5

I want to say good morning, but it's not a good morning.
I thought things were great. Hey, I got up so much earlier that my morning housework was done by the time I had been getting out of bed the past 2 weeks. Then....I came to sit at my computer only to find all kinds of things wrong here. Rather than type it all out again, I ask that you go read it all on my gather post please. Please Pray for my Computer!

Why not go ahead and share a squidoo lens while I am typing too. This is my lens about homeschoolbuy. Homeschoolbuy It needs a little updating, but still is accurate.

I did manage to work on the plarn shopping bag yesterday, got all my coupons cut out and got the rest of my books pictured and file written out so they are ready to post. Today I want to get the coupons in to my big book and finish the shopping bag. And, get rid of this Rogue virus on here!!

Have a good day all,

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday January 4

Good Morning!
It's a blustery day today but according to the forecast it's going to get a little warmer each day over the next 4 days. That's always a good thing for me.

My friend brought me a lot of plastic bags yesterday. Enough to finish making the shopping bag I am working no then enough to make a little gift bag that I want to try next.
I want to get my books pictured today so that I can start getting them listed on blujay. I have a lot of coupons that I also want to get cut out today. I would like to get the coupons back into my alphabetical book. It's so much easier to see them there as well as easier to take out the ones that have expired.

Here is my gather post yesterday on my Mail Call. I didn't post it last week so it's 2 weeks combined. I'm doing better at sending for things this past week than I have been and I have to keep it up so I have good mail days. Mail Call! Weeks of December 21 and 28

I also made another squidoo lens yesterday, marking my 41st one built. This one will be updated weekly and is entitled Our Unschooling Journey. Jasmine has been pushing to be unschooled. I am going to keep track weekly of what I observe her learning or what I help her with and journal about it in this blogging type lens. Our Unschooling Journeyl

I better get moving on today's project. Have a blessed Sunday!
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