Friday, July 3, 2015

Frugal Friday With Marsha Week in Review


This has been an interesting week. Monday was my middle daughters birthday and I said I would keep the 3 children overnight.
Their 3 plus my oldest daughters 5 meant 8 children overnight. Gluten for punishment that I am, (LOL) I offered to also keep them the next night as well.

Of course I love having them, but they do require a lot of energy, especially that many at once. Food was provided by the parents though. Pork chops, cucumbers, strawberries and bananas for the first nights supper and pizza and watermelon (with popsicles for later) for the next nights supper by one daughter. The other daughter brought Icee treats, fruit snacks,Kool-Aid, 3 boxes of cereal, and milk.

My middle daughter also paid me some dollars for keeping hers a second night which enabled me to buy some lunch and other household items. My oldest daughter put some gas in my van.

All of this adds up to what I posted a couple of weeks ago.....that things work out.
Hubby and I did spend a little on groceries, but under $20. Actually, he let me shop. I chose to buy bologna, cheese slices, bread, potato salad, a bag of chicken fingers, tomatoes, a head of lettuce, mayonnaise, salad dressing, bbq sauce, and a gallon of milk and paid $19.51. I think I did well and didn't even use any coupons.

How was your week?

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Writer's Unite 7/2/15

Can you believe that July is already here?  I can't, but what is even harder for me to believe is that I found yesterday that I hadn't written a blog post since June 19!  I apologize to my regular contributors for not being here.
There will be a week this month that I will miss....the week of July 26th.  It's vacation week and we have a big family camping trip planned.  I will write up a reminder post before then.

Bubblews updated their site since the last time I was here.  Admittedly, I am doing too many other things and not writing there much.  It is fun to write now taking time to use the markdowns and add the emotions to posts too.  I will be adding my latest 2 posts there in the linky this week.

July looks like it will be just as busy with family and other activities away from home.  How is your summer going?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

WIP Wednesday 7/1/15

Well, here we are to July already.  June has been super super super busy. July is looking pretty much the same.  Still asking myself why I always think that once school is out that things will slow down.
I couldn't believe when I opened my blog that I've not written since June 19th??  I had to look 3 times.

July brings our quilt guild quilt show.  I am so unprepared all the way around.  First of all, I am in charge of quilt intake.  I have a huge stack of entry forms and have to get all of the info into a document and then mailed off to the gal who is making the labels.
I have 2 quilts that I want to finish before then.  Yeah right ....not sure I can do it even if I sew every day!

I have been working here and there....very randomly around other life events....on my fractured pineapple quilt.   I'm working now to finish up quilting the rest of the blocks.

I worked some on the color blue for the June color with the soscrappy blog rainbow scrap challenge.
Now it's July.  I will check the color, but honestly have no business worrying about it until my other quilts are done!

Please with me luck on getting the quilts done.  I hope I have a good report for you next week on my progress!


Rectangle quilt
challenge wall hanging
GoodNight Irene quilt/wall hanging
Emerald Island Fusique table runner
Five and Dime quilt
Fractured Pineapple quilt
Charming Stars quilt
Brown half square triangle quilt
5 sets of doll blanket, pillows and rug
Hexagon flower table runner
Wall hanging for quilt guild
Challenge quilt for quilt guild
multiple hexagons that I need to make into projects
yo-yo's that need to be made into projects

2015 Finishes:

Locker Hook Rug
re-do binding on blue and peach patchwork
9 lined fabric bags
yellow crazy quilt lined bag
Pink hexagon table topper
Blue hexagon table topper
Yo-Yo Table runner

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