Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday December 6

Good Morning. 9:15...that is what time I crawled out of bed this morning. It wasn't that I stayed up late, but had a granddaughter who thought all night she was going to be sick.

I gave up on yuwie yesterday (sorry friends) I was trying to do about 10 things at once and when I would hit back to yuwie I would find I had left it on the page to leave a comment, then when I put the comment in it locked me out on suspicion of fraudulent activity. I guess just because it took me so long to put in the comment. When it happened the 2nd time I just closed yuwie for the day. I will catch up with you all today.

I actually did 6 posts on gather yesterday as well as shared 2 photos. I'm going to share my post of the Game Wave system we got yesterday thru bzz agent. Game Wave Gaming System Came Today From Bzzagent

I updated my cello in the box lens yesterday on gather so I will make that my featured lens for the day. I hope you will take a look, I put in the December specials. My Cello In A Box

No real plans today other than clicking away on the computer. I would like to make a trip to the grocery store at some point too.

Until tomorrow have a glorious day!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday December 5

Good Morning!
I am later getting my blog done today. My daughter or her boyfriend didn't show up to get Allen to school. None of the usual people that my mom call would answer their the secretary of the school came to get him after things settled down for her. I am so tired of this!! My daughter should have just let me homeschool him and we wouldn't be going through this stuff of getting him up early and off to school.

I am also late posting because I started messing with crocheting with the plastic bags. I am starting on making the Barbie dresses for the girls and it's just not going to be as easy as I thought. Once I get them done I will be posting on gather and sharing here.

Today's squidoo lens to share is on Aerosmith. I actually built this one last night. I chose 5 of my favorite songs, put youtube videos as well as the lyrics for each song. I hope you will take a look and enjoy :) Aerosmith Fans

I have a doctor appointment this morning. I have no idea if I have a ride to get there. All I can do is wait and if no one is here to get me by a quarter til then to call and say I don't have transportation and make another appointment. This is why no vehicle sucks!

I think that is all, I will update more tomorrow.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday December 4

Good Morning! When I was outside there wasn't any wind would sure make the day a lot more bearable as far as the cold goes.
My daughters boyfriend is going to Wichita again to have his broken ankle checked. Good thing today is the day the gal that's giving me a ride to work gets off the same time as I do. We already talked to them at math tutoring and told them we probably wouldn't have a way to get Heather there. Mom will have to find a ride to the doctor today.
Mom just really seems to not understand how aggravating it is for her to keep calling and calling for rides places. Then, if the ride isn't here right away she is callng them back. You can't just expect people to jump because you need to go somewhere and it's a LOT to ask for a ride for her to go to her doctor twice a week. (I personally think he is a quack that just takes people's money)
As I said, not having a vehicle wouldn't be near as bad if we weren't coming into the cold and snow and ice season.

Today's squidoo lens to share is Earn With Marsha. This one lists the paid to clicks that I do on a regular basis. I belong to tons, but these are the ones that I do daily. Earn with Marsha

Until tomorrow, have a great day,

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday December 3

Good Morning. It's a cold windy morning here!
Today is my mom's payday and I don't know that she has found a ride to get all her stuff paid. I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night so I tried to go back to bed after we got Allen off to school. Now here it is almost time for me to head to work. 10 more days, I am counting down!

Steve did buy me that sewing machine. That's all he talked about last night wasll the things I can sew now. I do look forward to getting the machine out, setting it up and getting started on something. I have some scraps of material from a friend that I want to start a quilt with. However, I need to finish up things I've started for Christmas gifts before I can start messing with the sewing machine.

Today's squidoo lens to share is about the crafts that I make. Marsha's Crafts

The kids have Awanas this evening after having last week off. I'm hoping my daughter and her boyfriend will get them there. That is one reason I miss the van as I do enjoy getting them there and picking them up. Keep praying that I can get another vehicle really soon.

Have a good day and stay warm!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday December 2

Good Morning! Looks like the high today is supposed to be 60º but tomorrow the high drops back down to 39º. Better enjoy today while we can.
I found a daily ride to work each day this month with another gal that works in the kitchen. I have 11 more days of work this month then I am done!! I turned in my official resignation yesterday. Just doing that took a weight off my shoulders.
I am calling it a giant leap of faith, but I know that God will provide.

I got some of the Christmas gifts wrapped and under the tree last night. I think the only stuff I need to worry about buying yet is some little things from the dollar store for the grandkids. That and a couple more of the $1 rolls of wrapping paper. I'm hoping my wellness360 check will get here this week so that I can get that last shopping done.

Today's featured squidoo lens is Meet Our Pets. It also happens to be a new one that I built Sunday. It's my 36th lens. Meet Our Pets I share several photos here that I hope you will enjoy. Pets are a joy.

In other news, Heather has her math tutoring today, so I am hoping I get no grief from my daughter and her boyfriend on getting her there and back. It might be warm enough to chance taking the van, however, it's not been started since last Wednesday so I'm willing to bet the battery is dead. This evening is also bowling league, something I look forward to each week.

Until tomorrow, have a glorious day!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cyber Monday December 1

Good morning! It snowed last night and stuck. Not much thank goodness. (no, I do not like snow!) Only way I like snow is if I don't have to go out in it at all and all I can do is look at it.

I'm really only going to talk about one thing today and that's Cyber Monday at Come on in for the chat party. Still savings to be had and fun chatting. Prizes yet to be won...with another grand prize to be given away tonight!
Piepoints chat (just put in a username)
Cyber Monday Specials at piepoints
Prizes available at piepoints
I hope you will check it all out. We had a lot of fun on Black Friday and decided to extend it until today.

I guess I will say that I did get more cleaning done yesterday, we did get our Christmas tree up, and I did finish making that rug. All in all it was a great day yesterday.

Until tomorrow, take care,

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday November 30

Here we are to the last day of November. We got our first snow yesterday. It didn't last long, and it didn't stick. I took a short video and uploaded it to gather.
It took me 4 tries before it uploaded and submitted. While I waited I cleaned. In fact, I did a lot of cleaning and organizing yesterday but have a long ways to go until this basement is cleaned and organized the way I want it. I still am not far enough to be able to put up the Christmas tree but I will work on that more today.

After the cleaning I started finishing a rug to put down on one side of Jasmine's bed. I will finish that today too.
We are getting a ride to church today since there is a youth dinner after church. However, my mother is upstairs saying she got the pink eye from Jasmine and shouldn't go. She's not even really been close to Jasmine let alone touched anywhere around her eye. The woman thinks all she has to do is look at someone who is sick and she has it.

I did my weekly mail call post on gather yesterday. I didn't get much the past week but I hope you will take a look. I did get in $50 in paypal from gather. Mail Call! Week of November 23

I've also decided to have a lens of the day in my blog at squidoo. This one I actually built yesterday on Helen Steiner Rice, making my 35th lens. Helen Steiner Rice

Have a very blessed Sunday,
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