Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring is in the Air!

Spring is in the air, it's a beautiful day outside and the Under The Rainbow Spring Celebration is under way.
Come on in

I made my trip to the library and came home with all kinds of books. My 11 yr old, Jasmine is really in to reading right now, which is good. She went along and came home with twice as many books as I did!

Today's ebay listing is The Music Book 8

Short and sweet today, I have a party to attend and my other "work" on here.

Have a great Saturday!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Finally getting online!

I guess today would represent what it would be like if I worked full time.
I had staff meetings and trainings 8-3 today at work. I chose not to even turn on my computer before work.
On my lunch break I managed to do a little shopping for cleaning supplies and an area rug that I will put under my kitchen table. I also made a trip to the post office.
If any of you know how to add that I can ship to APO addresses thru paypal, whether its changing setting in ebay or in paypal, please leave a comment and let me know where I go to change that setting.

Tomorrow is the library book sale and I am excited to go buy buy buy books. It's also the start of the Under The Rainbow Celebration. My time to present tomorrow is 2-3 pm central time. Please click the button in the upper left corner for more details. We have a lot of fun, there are a lot of prizes, games and good deals.

Today's ebay listing is The Music Book 5

I figured something out....I can only print 3 times and print all 10 sets of cards with the game show network and then I am out of colored ink. HHHmmmm......I can't afford to pay $20 every few days for colored ink. I love to play bingo though, but wonder what the actual odds are of getting a bingo and winning something.

I'm glad it's Friday and I don't have to get up super early in the morning. I am off to do whatever else I can on this computer to make some money.

Have a glorious evening and a great start to the weekend,

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday, busy, Thursday

It's my mom's payday today. You know what the means?? Run, run, run and run some more....usually takes around 4 hours to take her around paying all her bills and shopping. This is on top of my work hours, Heathers therapist appointment, mom's usual Thursday Dr. appt, and Heathers group therapy.
The only good thing about it is that I have craft time while I wait in the van for mom to come in and out of places. I am still working on putting together all the things I want to send in to be in the Sample Gal boxes.

I didn't have any luck getting a cartridge refilled at Walgreen's yesterday. Seems my cartridges aren't in their system. I just bought my Lexmark all in one machine in February and it takes cartridges 28 and 29....go figure, just my luck. I ended up at Wal-Mart to buy new ones.

Just 2 more days until the Under the Rainbow Spring Celebration starts! Click on the button on the top left for full details. I am presenting on the very first day. I hope to see many of you there.

Today's ebay listing is Book 4 of the Music Book.

Alrighty, off to get my grandson to school. Until tomorrow, have a GREAT day!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hump Day Again

We've made it to another Wednesday. I've been busy this morning getting some music books scanned to be listed on ebay. It may be silly that I only list one item at a time rather than all I have, but I want to keep it going with ebay. I list 1 item per day.

This evening the grandkids are going to their other grandma's for supper and cake and ice cream for her birthday. That means they won't be able to make it to Awanas, but my daughter Jasmine will probably still go.

I'm sitting here using what is left of my printer ink printing out bingo cards for todays Bingo America on Game Show Network. I'm excited to get to play bingo like this where I win or not. Plus while sitting on the couch playing I work on crafts as well.

If you have a Walgreeens near by, this is the day you can take a printer cartridge in for a FREE refill. I am doing one free and paying for the other. The coupon for the free refill in in their weekly flyer or go click this link to print the coupon and find out the info.

Last but not least today, I am starting to list part of a series of Music Books on ebay. Today is Book 3

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

It's bowling night again. Only 3 Tuesdays left in the season plus fun night. I wll sure miss it when its over. We are still in first place!
We have a home visitor scheduled to come out right when I get off work. Then Heather has her group session too.
I got it together and actually have supper planned for tonight...sloppy joes, mac and cheese and applesauce.

Here is something else I finally got caught up on last week. I finally got signed up for the Under The Rainbow forums, and got signed up for the Under The Rainbow Gifts affiliate program. There are some really great items to choose from, and more to come!
Ralyn doesn't have the affiliate linked pages ready yet, so if you do order you will need to put marshaseiberling in the box so I will get credit for the order.
(Piepointers who read my blog, this does count for points since its part of my Gifts Galore and More!)

Today's ebay listing is a book entitled Help! I'm Laughing and I can't Get Up.
Great book, clean real life humor, Christian based.

Once again, the morning is getting away from me and its closing in on time for me to be at work.

Have a Blessed Tuesday!

Monday, March 31, 2008


Here we are to another Monday. The last day of March. Skating was a lot of fun last night. I think I need to skate a lot more often. I felt it in my leg muscles!

Today I need to be up and cleaning my living area. I will have to bust a move after work before the home visitor comes this afternoon. Other plans include taking my mom to the dr. this afternoon. Other than than, I am really excited. starting this evening you can print out cards and play bingo on game show network each evening. I have 3 sets printed out and my 2 older daughters still need to log in to their account and print out a couple sets each too. The only other plan is to keep working putting together these little crafts to send to sample gal.

Today's ebay listing is

Educational Psychology A Learning-Centered Approach to Classroom Practice.

This is a classroom teachers resource book.

Time now to head off to work, so everyone please have a safe day.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Good Sunday Morning!

Good Morning to all my friends that read my blog :)

I found myself getting up early enough this morning to actually get a few things done on the computer while everyone else is getting ready for church. Today is youth Sunday so the youth will be doing part of the service as well as hosting fellowship hour after church.

I think I can accomplish a lot this afternoon after church as well. I am still crocheting away on my "curtain" that I want to hang up to separate my "bedroom" here in the basement. I am also still working away on getting what samples and business cards ready that I can to send in the the Sample Gal. If you missed my post yesterday, please read all about Sample Gal.

This evening my brothers church is having a skating party. We are all planning on going to it. Wish me luck not to fall on my tush as I've not skated in about 3 years now.

Today I just relisted the 2 Bars of Burst of Radiance Green Tea Soap
Who will start the bid at .99?? This soap retails for $14.99 for the 2 bars plus shipping!!

I'm off and running, have a Glorious Sunday!


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