Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday September 23

Good Morning!
I got up early due to my son calling and needing to get in for his jacket and clean clothes, but that was ok. It means I've gotten some things done.

I've worked on a lot of commenting in gather. My latest post (other than my daily one) is Putting In A Sidewalk--Photo EssayI can make my goal today too of another $25 paypal redemption!

I haven't looked to see what this weeks Rocketmom's assignment is for squidoo, I need to do that today. Yesterday I updated Blankets For Christmas with another finished quilt.

I've spent 2 hours sewing on another quilt today. Including the one I am working on I have 4 more to make to make my goal of one for all my children and grandchildren for Christmas. Think I can get them done by then?

Bowling was fun last night. We won't know if we won or lost since the opposing team has to make up the games.
Tonight is choir practice for Jasmine. I'm not going to forget to take her this week!! I am working on making placemats, coasters and hotpads for our new table. I will work on those while she practices.

No other real plans for the day :) I like it!
Have a great Wednesday,
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