Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday April 25

Good morning! I've been booking along this morning working on all kinds of things...realized it's 11 am and I hadn't typed my blog yet!
I had so much fun last night at the dinner theater!! I really do need to get out and do more fun things like that.
That's one of the things I've been doing this morning is preparing my photos and videos from the trip to share on gather. Those and some from the night before at my grandson's Spring program.

Today is yet another short internet day as we've promised Steve to go spend the evening at his house. Not sure what we will do, probably bbq and watch a movie.

I've still working this morning yet on getting my blujay items in rotation on reallysmartdeals. I'm almost done!

I came home late last night but check wordlinx as I was so close to payout. Clicked the ads then got instant payout to paypal. This is another of the really good and reliable paid to clicks. If you aren't a member I hope you will check it out.
WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

I'm going to close for now. I won't be on the computer tomorrow until the afternoon after church.
Have a great Saturday!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday April 24

Good Morning. I'm slacking on getting my blog written as early as I should. I keep jumping back and forth between cleaning and computering. I was really wishing the kids would get up and do my cleaning for me today for my birthday but no such luck. I would put it off until tomorrow, but it's a wreck down here and I have plans for tomorrow evening too.

I had forgotten about my grandson's program at school until after Jasmine and I got back from our walk to do the shopping for the week. Here is my shopping trip post Shopping Trip 4/23/09 I got lots of video from his program now to share on gather. I got in all the Easter videos in to gather yesterday finally...those and 2 of the kittens!

This evening I am going to the Wichita Crown Uptown Theater with a group from church. We are taking a bus. It should be lots of fun, I just need to let myself have a good time and not stress over the computer time I am missing!

I'm still busy getting my blujay items rotating in reallysmartdeals. I'm just over halfway there so I imagine I will have to finish it up tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, here's to a great start to your weekend!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday April 23

Good Morning! I did it again, only this morning I didn't get out of bed until 9 am! Once again I couldn't sleep last night. I finished reading one book and started reading another one.
Tomorrow is my birthday, and also my heavier cleaning day of the basement. I'm thinking I should do all the cleaning today. Tomorrow I am going with a group from church to Wichita for the evening to the Crown Uptown Dinner Theater. I want to be able to spend what time I am home tomorrow on the computer not cleaning. Besides, who wants to clean on their birthday?

Today is shopping day. I printed out the sales list but haven't even looked at it to see if there are any things I can match coupons to. I just have some things that I want to buy and ingredients for a recipe I want to try.

I'm busy getting my blujay items back in to rotation at reallysmartdeals. I am still so very glad that blujay came back!

Hey! I just got another payment from matrixmails. It's one of the great paid to click type programs that I do.
MatrixMails - Get paid

Well, off to get a bunch of other things done for today. Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday April 22

Good Morning! I slept in this morning. I wasn't feeling well overnight so didn't sleep much.
The weather today is supposed to be even better than yesterday, which is aweseome. From the looks of the forecast I think I can safely say that Spring is finally here to stay.

We went in to do child care for that meeting last night only to find out that the meeting is this evening. We will go back this evening. Since we didn't have to do the child care I had Liz drive us over so that Jasmine could see Steve's basement place. We then ended up being invited to stay to bbq. On the way home we stopped at the grocery store. I wanted to stock up some on the .67 tv dinners. Those are sure nice to have for our lunches while the kids are at school during the week.
When I got home I came to my blog and seen that my blujay button was intact again. I clicked on it and sure enough blujay is back! Praise the Lord! I was really stressing over having to get new photos and write descriptions all over for over 100 items. I was also then able to see my invoice and get that order out in today's mail too.

I signed up for clickbank and chose some products. Today I hope to get figured out how to add the products to my squidoo lenses that are of the same subject. I will get this figured out!
This morning I've been going through the pointsandprizes sponsors getting point words. I am in hopes that by the end of May I will have enough points to get something that I really want or need with my points.

Nothing else exciting really. We have some companies coming out today to give estimates on fixing mom's bathroom. Jasmine won't be able to go to work with me this evening since tonight is Awanas. I can't believe next week is the last week of Awanas, they usually go on into May closer to when the school year ends.

I better quit boring you for this day and get on to my "online ventures" and the rest of my housecleaning.
Have a good Wednesday,

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday April 21

Good Morning!
It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day today...sunny skies and a high of 72.

I got my Walgreens shopping done yesterday. I am happy with what I got and my savings. I then headed to Target to use my 3 $2 off Dry Idea coupons only to find that they were totally out of the Dry Idea that they had marked down to $2. Darn it! Here is my gather post on my Walgreen's Shopping 4/20/09
I also got in my Ocean Spray Cranergy Drink Review It's good stuff!

You know how I am having such a hard time keeping up with my gmail with so much coming in each day?? well, last night I got an email from a gal saying she was concerned about her order with me through blujay. OH OH! I went back in email and found her invoice and her payment on April 15! It's missing things like this that really upsets me about not being able to keep up with my email. I can not see what she ordered as it's on the invoice. Her concern on emailing me was the fact that blujay went down shortly after she had ordered. I had NO clue!! I've emailed a couple of people through squidoo on their thoughts but I think it's not coming back. I guess support hasn't answered questions for months now.
Does anyone know of another free site to list my crafts and other items?? It's not going to be easy work either since I have to retype everything in....and half of the photos were on my computer that crashed so those will also have to be redone.

I am working child care this evening for Early Headstart. Other than that I have no real plans for the day. I will just close today by saying Happy Tuesday :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday April 20

Good Morning!
I pretty much just relaxed yesterday not worrying what I got done and what I didn't get done.
One of the church ladies (a real hoarder) had donated 5 large boxes of yarn to the church. I brought home a medium box full to make some prayers shawls. The prayer shawls is one of the outreach programs we do at our church. I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening crocheting.
Also at church I was given a ticket to the Crown Uptown Theater this Friday. They said someone at church bought it for me. I'm excited, I think it will be fun, and Friday is my birthday too.
My son ended up wanting us to come to his house for dinner. He bbq'd pork chops then they fixed lots of other foods. My oldest daughter provided the food, my son and his girlfriend did all the cooking and clean up. It was pretty nice to have the famiy time even though we didn't get home until bedtime.

No real plans for today, nothing outside the house anyway. Just the normal housework and computer clicking LOL I went to bed last night and woke up this morning with my left palm itching...I'm being superstitious and expecting money today he he.

Sorry nothing too exciting today, just my life. Hope your week is starting off great!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday April 19

Good Morning. I slept later than I wanted to, but still up in time to get a few things done before church.
It's been pretty rainy here the last couple of much again that once again the driveway is flooded half way up. I can't begin to tell you how thankful that the roof is done and we no longer have to worry about those leaks!

I think I will just relax mostly is my "free day" in my basic weekly plan. I have a review for gather that I need to get done. Yesterday I think I did 5 posts! One of them was my Mail Call! Week of April 12 Another was my t-shirt win on mycoolcontests
I also did a photo essay on how the kitten have grown. I really love the last photo that I took! Kittens As They've Grown--Photo Essay

I stayed busy yesterday for sure. I had roasts in the crockpot for supper. Steve didn't call me. I suppose I will call him just to see what is up since today marks 2 weeks since we've even talked to each other. For now I better close for the day, still have children to get ready.

Have a very blessed Sunday,
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