Friday, April 8, 2016

Frugal Friday With Marsha--Week in Review

The days just fly by!  It's been a busy week as usual.  Of course, I would go stir crazy if I really had nothing to do.

I've been working more on the rug I wrote about in my WIP Wednesday post.  It's not going to get to 52 inches, but I am going to put these more strips in.  I will then contact the gal and see if she wants it the size it ends up.  If not, it will just go up for sale in my Etsy shop.

I was babysitting at my middle daughters last weekend and took this picture of her table and window of plants.  She is going to try to transplant today.  I gave up right away on my own garden.  I could give you 100 reasons why, but none of them are really good enough....although a lot of it is because my seeds didn't sprout at all.

I'm getting a little smarter.  I always get upset when I cant read at night when hubby is in the bed and I can't turn my light on.  I finally started opening up my Kindle app and reading books that way.   Right now I'm reading Pinch Like You Mean It 101 Ways to Save Right Now.
This one is FREE, so why not download it for yourself?  It's interesting and there are some good tips.  Most I already knew, some I hadn't thought of, and some that don't pertain to me at all, but still worth the read.

I received 2 items in (actually 3) this week for review that I will get written soon.  A children's book and 2 Disney Princess Crochet Kits.   I need to get pictures, and hopefully a start on one of the crochet kits.

I found a website that I hope to share with you in a post as well at a later date.  Just wish me luck there for now please.

Until next week, keep on saving!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

WIP Wednesday --52 Inches

I received a message asking if I could make a rug 52 inches across.  I replied that I could.
Hhmmmm....what was I thinking??  Apparently I wasn't because I didn't wrap my mind around just how big a 52 inch across rug is!

I've worked on nothing else and here it is at just 24 of those 52 inches.

I am going to have to send a message to the gal and back out.  She offered me a price for it, which I thought I could do.  I'm seeing now that it may cost me pretty close to that for shipping alone.
I'm still going to work on this rug more until I get worked in the strips I have in front of me, then it will be listed in my etsy shop.

It's a new month, so I need to head over to the soscrappy blog and see what this month's color is.  Although I'm not linking up there, I am still adding her button to the bottom of this post.

I just got in 2 crochet kits for review, so it looks like crocheting is what I will be doing next before sewing....except for my sewing at sit n' sew this Friday.


Rectangle quilt
challenge wall hanging
Hexagon quilt
Emerald Island Fusique table runner
Five and Dime quilt
Brown half square triangle table runner
3 sets of doll blanket, pillows, bed and rug--plus more to sell
Wall hanging for quilt guild
yo-yo's that need to be made into projects
black and white rail fence quilt
Arkansas Crossroads scrap quilt
T-shirt latchhook rug
Rainbow colored locker hook rug
T-shirt toothbrush rug
Charming Stars quilt
Special crocheted prayer shawl
Fall Squares table topper

2016 Finishes:
Smaller pink 4 patch quilt for charity
Pink 4 patch quilt for charity
Hexagon flower table runner

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WIPs on Wednesdays

Monday, April 4, 2016

March 2016 Online Earnings

Earnings are supposed to be getting better each month, but March was not good at all.  I report as monies are received, not just cashed out.
I do have 4 cash outs that should have been in, but still aren't.

In March I rec'd:

Swagbucks -- $25 paypal and $25 amazon
zubeezone -- $4.95 paypal
apptrailers -- $4.44 paypal (if you sign up, bonus code predictableuranus2 for bonus points)
redstaghits -- $24.59 paypal
clixsense -- $7.85 paypal
lucktastic -- $5 amazon
PerkTV - $5 amazon (if you join, please use my referral code-- 860efbf6 and get 50 bonus points)

This only comes to $101.33, and when you subtract the total of $34.57 that I paid out in site upgrades, it brings my total down to a sad $66.76 for the month.  I need this figure to be about 4 times that amount!

I am doing some things differently now such as getting ads out regularly in the mailers I am doing.
The other thing is that I must get to taking care of my crafts--making them, listing them for sale, and promoting them.

I sold a book last month in and I sold some dishscrubbies in the online craft mall.  Both of those had expense for shipping, but I did not receive payment until this month.
I also sold a rug in my etsy store, however, a lot of my etsy listings re-listed so by the time I paid the shipping for the book and scrubbies, shipping on the rug, and the etsy fees, I only came how with a profit of $4.93 for the month.

Add the $4.93 to the $66.76 and my in pocket earnings for the month were $71.69.  Wish me luck for this figure to be a LOT better in April.
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